Asian Football Teams

There are many football teams in Asia. Some of the Asian football teams possess excellent records and recognition in the world. Among the best Asian Football Teams

there are many international accolades, contributions, excellent players, and tactics can be seen. Asia’s wide cultural and remarkable teams have immensely taken the level of football high in the world. 

Here in this article, we will explore the Top 10 Asian Football Teams in detail. 

Below is the list of the Top 10 Asian Football Teams:  

1JapanSamurai Blue
2South KoreaTaeguk Warriors
3IranTeam Melli
4Saudi ArabiaGreen Falcons
5QatarMaroons or Al-Annabi
6IraqLions of Mesopotamia
7UAEAl-Abyad or The Whites
8OmanRed Warriors
9UzbekistanThe White Wolves
10ChinaTeam Dragon or Team Dragon (National Team)

1. Japan (Samurai Blue)

Japan’s national football team, known as the Samurai Blue, is one of the top Asian football teams. They have a strong reputation for playing well in both regional and global competitions.

Japan has won the AFC Asian Cup four times, and they regularly participate in the FIFA World Cup, often reaching the Round of 16.

Their success comes from having a good football system in their country. They produce talented players who do well in both Japan and other countries.

Japan’s style of play involves quick passing, smart movement without the ball, and good defence. Players like Shinji Kagawa, Keisuke Honda, and Yuto Nagatomo have shown that Japan can compete with the world’s best teams.

In simple words, Japan is one of the best Asian football teams, and they have a strong team with talented players who play smart and work well together. They have won many regional titles and do well in the World Cup too.

2. South Korea (Taeguk Warriors)

South Korea, also known as the Taeguk Warriors, is one of the strong national Asian football teams. They have a proud history and are consistently one of the top teams in the continent.

South Korea’s success comes from its passionate fans and well-organized football programs.

This team has achieved remarkable things, like reaching the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup in 2002, which they co-hosted with Japan. They also won the AFC Asian Cup twice in 1956 and 1960.

They regularly participate in the World Cup and often make it to the later stages of the tournament.

The way they play is characterized by their hard work, speed, and skill. They’ve produced great players like Son Heung-min, who’s one of the best Asian footballers and plays in top European leagues. Teamwork and discipline are crucial to their success.

3. Iran (Team Melli) 

Iran’s national football team, called Team Melli, is really good in Asian football teams. They have lots of fans who love football, and Iran has done well in both Asia and the world.

Team Melli has won the AFC Asian Cup three times, which is a big tournament in Asia, in 1968, 1972, and 1976. They also often get to play in the FIFA World Cup, which is a huge international tournament.

Lately, they have been doing well because they have a strong defence and good tactics.

Some Iranian players are famous in top football leagues around the world. People like Ali Daei, who scored the most goals in international matches, and Sardar Azmoun, who is good, have shown how great Iranian players can be.

Iran’s way of playing is known for being very good at defending, being tough, and being good at catching the other team off guard.

With how well they’ve been playing and the talented players they have, Team Melli is still a really strong team in Asian football. They hope to do even better in the future on the world stage.

4. Saudi Arabia (Green Falcons)

The Saudi Arabia national football team, also called the Green Falcons, is good in Asia. They’ve won the AFC Asian Cup three times and have gone to the FIFA World Cup six times.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation takes care of the team. They’ve had some of the best players in the region like Sami Al-Jaber and Yasser Al-Qahtani.

Even though they haven’t gone past the Round of 16 in the World Cup yet, they are still a strong team in Asian football. They have lots of passionate fans who always support them.

5. Qatar ( Maroons or Al-Annabi)

The national football team of Qatar, known as the Maroons or Al-Annabi, has shown remarkable progress in recent years, making them the 5th best Asian football team in Asia.

They have worked hard on improving their football infrastructure and nurturing talented players, which has resulted in success on the international stage.

Qatar had the privilege of hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and this event played a significant role in boosting their footballing growth.

The national team achieved a milestone by winning the AFC Asian Cup in 2019, displaying their talent and potential to the world. Additionally, they have been dominant in the Gulf Cup of Nations, winning it three times.

Their style of play is attractive, featuring a focused approach and quick, precise passing. Qatar places a strong point on developing young talent, and investing heavily in academies and coaching programs.

6. Iraq (Lions of Mesopotamia)

The national football team of Iraq, known as the Lions of Mesopotamia, is considered the 6th best national football team in Asia. They are one of the most successful and beloved teams in the Middle East, boasting a rich history and a passionate fan base.

Over the years, they have achieved significant success, including winning the AFC Asian Cup in 2007 and qualifying for the FIFA World Cup in 1986.

Despite facing challenges coming from political instability and conflict, the Iraq national football team has managed to make its mark on the international stage.

Their most notable achievement came in 2007 when they secured the AFC Asian Cup, a moment of immense pride and unity for the country during difficult times.

The Lions of Mesopotamia have nurtured numerous talented players who have gone on to have successful careers, both domestically and internationally.

Their performances serve as an inspiration to the people of Iraq and underscore the unity power of football for a nation.

7. UAE (Al-Abyad or The Whites)

The UAE national football team is known as Al-Abyad or The Whites. They have become more famous in recent years and have done well as Asian football teams. They’ve played in the AFC Asian Cup many times.

They do well because they play strong attacking football and have skilled players. They’ve also produced good players who have done well in international football. The UAE team is also good at defending, and they have players who are good with the ball.

Because they play so well and more people like them, the UAE national football team is going to keep getting better on the world stage.

8. Oman (Red Warriors)

The national football team of Oman, known as the Red Warriors, has made significant progress in recent years, earning them the title of the 8th-best national football team in Asia.

They have established themselves in Asian football and regularly participate in the AFC Asian Cup. The team is known for their solid defensive tactics and disciplined style of play.

The Red Warriors have a well-balanced squad, with a mixture of experienced players and emerging talents. This blend has contributed to their success in regional competitions.

Their determination and passion on the field make them a powerful opponent for any team they face. The Oman national football team is slowly gaining more attention and they are eager to continue improving in the years ahead.

They qualified for the AFC Asian Cup in 2019 and even reached the knockout stages of the tournament. With a strong emphasis on youth development and the support of passionate fans, Oman’s national football team is on an upward trajectory in international competitions.

9.  Uzbekistan (White Wolves)

Uzbekistan national football team is known as The White Wolves. They have been a strong and consistent team in Asian football teams for a long period.

White Wolves have always performed well in international competitions and have made multiple appearances in the AFC Asian Cup. The team is known for their disciplined and tactical playing style.

Uzbekistan has given many talented players who have achieved recognition in global football sport. The team have a strong foundation and a track record of steady performances. 

Uzbekistan is considered the 9th best football country in Asia. Despite being a relatively young football nation, they have made remarkable progress in recent years.

With a strong focus on developing young talent and an increasing number of players playing in top European leagues, the future looks promising for the Uzbekistan national football team.

10. China (Team Dragon)

The Chinese national football team, known as Team Dragon (National Team), is striving to become a strong force in Asian football teams.

They have made significant investments in improving their football infrastructure and youth development programs to raise the overall standard of the sport in their country.

Although they have faced challenges in international competitions, China has always displayed potential thanks to their talented players and improved performances.

Team Dragon has set its eye on qualifying for major international tournaments and competing against the world’s best teams. 

China is considered among the 10th-best national Asian football teams. Despite being the most popular country globally, their international success has been limited, with only one World Cup appearance in 2002.

However, there is a strong sense of optimism for the team’s future growth and competitiveness as football gains popularity and investment in the sport continues to increase in China.


To sum it up, Asia is a hub of the best football teams with exceptional success. We have collected the top 10 best Asian football teams here. It will be interesting to watch the achievements of all the above teams shortly in the football sport. 

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