Benefits of kabaddi

Kabaddi is not just a game to enjoy. But there are various benefits of kabaddi attached to playing this sport.

Kabaddi was discovered in ancient times. However, the craze of this game is still alive all over the world. Kabaddi is famously known for its physical and mental benefits.

Earlier kabaddi games were used as a means of training for soldiers in villages. Not only this but kabaddi also plays a vital role in maintaining healthy mental health.

What is Kabaddi? 

Kabaddi is a game in which there are two teams. Each of them consists of seven players. One team sends out a raider to raid the opponent’s team.

There are two halves of about 20 minutes. Each team has to switch sides after one halves. Like one team becomes a raider the other defenser and vice versa for second halves.

A set of officials like referees and umpires are also involved in the game. One successful raid gets the team 2 points. To win a kabaddi match you need to score seven points. 

Here in this article, we will evaluate the benefits of kabaddi in detail. 

Below is the list of Top 11 benefits of Kabaddi:

1) Builds Stamina: 

The first benefits of kabaddi is to have the best stamina. During the whole game of Kabaddi, you need to chant the word ‘kabaddi’ continuously without holding a breath.

This process makes your endurance quite strong, plus increases your breathing capacity. Having control of your breath is an expression of strong yoga.

Along with it, the physical activity involved in the game helps the stamina develop higher. Players who play kabaddi as a sport have stronger stamina compared to other people. 

2) Fastens Speed: 

The whole point of playing the kabaddi game is to have fast speed. If you are not good at making the attack, defence, strategy, and taking quick steps then you will fail in the match.

Hence people who play kabaddi consistently have higher speed levels. In addition, quick decisions during the games also enhance your mental abilities to have better reflex actions in your daily life.

3) Increases Agility:

To play any kabaddi match you must have the skills such as running, kicking, dodging, and feigning. Otherwise, your kabaddi match is not up to winning the game.

With time by playing consistently, kabaddi players master all these skills which makes their muscles strong.

Therefore, your movement becomes more agiler leaving you to increase your agility. Plus, playing kabaddi also improves your flexibility.  

4) Multitasking abilities: 

People tend to do various work simultaneously to increase their productivity rate. However, we often end up being more messy than productive.

In this high-tech era, you need to have a multi-tasking quality to be more effective in the list. Thus to practice multitasking, kabaddi is the best sport to play. 

In this game, you need to attack, defend and make strategies continuously while holding your breath simultaneously. Hence, with the benefits of kabaddi, your brain learns naturally to multitask with better concentration.

5) Better Cardiovascular Health: 

Kabaddi sports require you to perform various physical activities such as running, jumping, or taking fast steps.

All this is somewhere is a great source of cardio exercises for your body. Hence, your lungs and heart health improve with continuous cardio exercises.

This is the most vital benefits of kabaddi in the healthcare section.

6) Help in Burning Calories:

Kabaddi is a sport that requires great energy throughout the match. This energy is the benefits of kabaddi that helps you burn extra calories.

The game consists of constant running, jumping, and active actions which are extremely useful in getting the calories to burn and maintain a healthy fit body.

7) Builds Great Hand-Eye Coordination: 

The base of the Kabaddi game focuses mainly on the eye and hand action. The players have to keep an eye on their opponents to defend or to score a point.

While they have to strategize to take actions with their hands simultaneously. Hence, you must have great hand-eye coordination to play kabaddi games.

In addition, the kabaddi game consists of catching and tagging the opponents which lends you to build great hand-eye coordination with better reaction time.

8) Strengthens presence of mind: 

We just got to know in detail that kabaddi helps you to have multitasking abilities. This multitasking ability in kabaddi games makes your mind proactive.

Which in turn makes you manage the crisis well. Hence, you can strategize effectively for the opponent’s team. This quality is highly useful in daily life.

Hence, these skills developed from the game increase your presence of mind. 

9) Builds Teamwork and Communication Skills: 

Kabaddi is a sport that needs players to play together in a team which makes them communicate with each other all the time.

This requirement in kabaddi makes players have better teamwork and communication skills. Which helps them in other aspects of life to prevail effectively.

Over time players of kabaddi manage to develop strong teamwork and communication skills. 

10) Lessens Stress: 

It is reported that people who play Kabaddi have lower stress levels in their lives.

The reason could be that physical activity in the kabaddi games tends to lessen stress levels in humans and helps overall mental health to improve effectively. 

11) Increases Endurance:

Kabaddi is a high-energy sport in which the players need to maintain a high level of endurance during the game.

Kabaddi consists of a short burst of various physical intense activities followed by several short rest periods. This particular activity helps the players to have better endurance levels.


Kabaddi is a sport that is beneficial for physical as well as mental well-being. In addition, you can also build various skills while playing kabaddi.

Young children should play kabaddi to gain the benefits of kabaddi earlier in their lives.

Moreover, children will be stressed free if they engage in Kabaddi games rather than watching screens for engagement.

Kabaddi should be encouraged in school sports activities to enhance the credibility of students and build teamwork skills in them. Also, kabaddi live sports matches should be encouraged to make people enjoy this engaging game. 

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