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Discover the best fielders of India in cricket history. From legendary names to modern stars, explore the skill and agility that have shaped India's fielding.

It’s not always the batsmen or bowlers who contribute to winning a cricket match. Instead, sometimes fielding makes the difference and helps the team win crucial matches. Fielding is one of the most important aspects of cricket as it might sound small to save one or two runs but those 1 or 2 runs can make a huge difference in the match. It can also make you win the match. To do the fielding, you need to have the best fielders that are well-trained with these skills. India has many cricketers who are the best fielders in India. Their fielding skills contributed to the team’s victory many times. Here we will explore the top 10 best fielders in India. Let’s get started!

Who is The Best Fielder in The Indian Cricket Team Currently

India had produced many cricketers that were the best fielders in cricket history. All of them have left the mark with their folding to win many crucial matches. Currently, the best fielder in the Indian cricket team is all-rounder Sir Ravindra Jadeja. He has been consistently performing brilliantly at his fielding game. Jadeja has taken tough catches, saved runs from unexpected areas, and made a huge contribution to the team’s victory with his brilliant fielding skills.

Complete List of Top 10 All-Time Best Fielders of Indian Cricket Given to The World

1. Ravindra Jadeja

There is no debate in the current Indian team about the best fielder. It is none other than Sir Ravindra Jadeja. He has been performing for so many years consistently and has leveled up his fielding. Jadeja’s fitness, agility, and catch-taking techniques are brilliant. Regardless of the position in the field, Jadeja saves runs, takes difficult catches, and responds with quick reflexes in throwing the ball. His best catch to date is the catch of Jason Roy while standing in the long-on position. The match was between India and England in the ICC World Cup 2019. India won the match and Jadeja was one of the reasons why India led to victory.

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Catches By Ravindra Jadeja

2. Virat Kohli

Another best fielder of India is the greatest player, the Virat Kohli. Everybody is a fan of his fitness all around the world. Despite playing for so many years, Virat Kohli has never led his team down. Whether he contributes with his bat or saves runs and takes catches to make his team win. His ability to quickly throw the ball to run out the players is excellent, he responds to the ball quickly and hence he can save many crucial runs for his team. His best catch is not one but he has always taken the best catches of his career. It is difficult to choose one catch as the best for Virat Kohli. 

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Catches By Virat Kohli

3. Rohit Sharma

The Indian Captain Rohit Sharma is also considered one of the best fielder in India. He has taken 210 catches till now in his career. Rohit has always performed well in fielding and he is supremely good at slips to take crucial catches. His fitness is great even at this age and he never misses a chance to grab a catch or save a boundary. Rohit has taken many best catches at slips in the field. One of his recent outings of catches is the catch of Ollie Pope in the test series between England and India. Rohit pulled his hand at slips to take this stunning catch smoothly.

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Cathches By Rohit Sharma

4. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is at the top of the list of most catches taken by Indian players. No doubt he is on the list of best fielders of India in cricket history. Rahul Dravid, often regarded as the Wall of the Indian cricket team, was brilliant in performing the best in the field. He was known for his catches on slips in the field. His skills and tactics to take smooth catches and save runs for the team have set a bar for the cricketer of India. Rahul Dravid has taken many catches but one of his iconic catches is of Moin Khan. This catch came in the match against Pakistan where he took the catch by diving at square leg off a pull shot hit by Moin Khan. It was the most difficult and best catch of the season taken by Rahul Dravid. 

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Catches By Rahul Dravid

5.  Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina was the best fielder of India especially in the T20 format. His energy to throw a direct hit, grab a catch, or run to save a boundary in the field was outstanding.  Suresh Raina has taken 167 catches in his career. His record of run-outs of players is another notable achievement of his fielding career. 

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Catches By Suresh Raina

6.  Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh was considered one of the best fielders in India in the 2000s. His ability to be active on the field in every position he has fielded is outstanding. He has worked so hard on fielding that he always succeeds in taking difficult catches easily and diving in any direction to save a single run for his team. The best catch taken by Yuvraj Singh was the catch of Jonty Rhodes against South Africa in The 2002 Champions Trophy Semi-Final. Yuvraj was in a short fine-leg position and dived to grab a single-hand catch off Rhodes. 

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Catches By Yuvraj Singh

7. Mohammad Azharuddin

If we talk about the 90s era of best fielders then there is no better than the Former India Captain, Mohammed Azharuddin. He has been an inspiration and set a bar for fielding by working tirelessly on his fielding skills. Azhar was always active on the field and was ready for any dive in any direction in the field to save runs or take catches. Moreover, he made some incredible catches in his career that helped his team lead to victory.

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Catches By Mohammad Azharuddin

8. VVS Laxman

VVS Laxman was known as the best fielder of India at his time. He was known for his quick, smooth catches at any position or situation in the field. Laxman has never disappointed in performing brilliantly for fielding. His best catch to date is the catch of Travis Friend. It was the match between India and Zimbabwe in the 2004 VB series. Laxman was in the slip cordon and he slipped on his right to grab his best catch of the career.  

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Catches By VVS Laxman

9. Ajay Jadeja

Ajay Jadeja is considered one of the best fielders in India of his time. Earlier fielding was not given importance and there were very few players who were good at fielding. Ajay was one of them, he took great catches, fielded in every direction, and saved many boundaries and runs for his team. His direct hit to run out a player was the best highlight in his career. The best catch of Ajay Jadeja is the catch in the 1992 World Cup match against Australia. He was in a long-off position and he dived forward to grab the catch. It was the turning point in the match and was one of the best catches taken by Ajay in his career.

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Catches By Ajay Jadeja

10. Kapil dev

The list of best fielders of India cannot be completed without the inclusion of the greatest former player Kapil Dev. His best catch to date is the catch of Vivian Richards.  Kapil Dev kept running backward to grab his catch in the 1983 World Cup Final. It was one of the crucial moments of the match and it made a huge difference for the match. It is safe to say that this grab by Kapil was the big reason why India lifted the World Cup. Kapil was the only player at that time who was very quick in fielding and he was way ahead of other players in saving boundaries and runs for his team.  

Career SpanNo of Catches
Total Catches By Kapil Dev


As we have seen in the top 10 best fielders of India, there are many other players as well who are great at fielding. With time, Indian cricketers are raising the bar in fielding and performing excellently for their team. Virat Kohli is one the most influential players who has focused on fielding skills and has made a huge difference in fielding skills during his captaincy days. We look forward to many more catches and outstanding displays of fielding in the Indian cricket team in the upcoming future.


Who is India’s No. 1 Fielder?

India has produced many of the best fielders till now. However, currently India’s No 1 fielder is Ravindra Jadeja.

Who is History’s Best Fielder?

Jonty Rhodes is known to be the best fielder in cricket history. He is from South Africa and has been one of the tremendous fielders in cricket history.

Who is The Best Fielder in The India World Cup?

The best fielder in the India World Cup is Virat Kohli. He has been named in the top ten best fielders list in the World Cup edition by ICC.

Who is The No. 1 Fielder in The IPL?

The No. 1 fielder in the IPL is undoubtedly Faf du Plessis from South Africa. He has been playing for 10 years in the IPL. And his records in performing as a fielder are remarkable.

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