Nevertheless, one of the most well-liked and prosperous cricket teams in the world is the England squad. England’s World Championship team features amazing talent.

Ben Stokes, Joe Root, Jonny Bairstow, and numerous other players make up the squad. However, are you aware of the England cricket players salary?

England holds amazing world records and was one of the original members of the game, having joined in 1877. The England team’s business is currently managed by the England Cricket Board (ECB). 

Player contracts and salaries have changed significantly in England cricket over the years. England’s cricket players salary are packages obtaining outstanding, although Indian cricketers have long been recognized for their high incomes.

The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has instituted diverse contract categories to guarantee equitable remuneration and motivate achievement. Learn about the nuances of England cricket players’ pay and the unique contract arrangements that the ECB has instituted.

Different Types of ECB Contracts

The ECB classifies players according to their talent and area of specialization in formats using a clear contract system.

These contracts are essential for giving players financial security and guaranteeing their participation in both domestic and international cricket.

1. Central Contracts: Recognizing Elite Performers

Players who are regular contributors to the Test and 50-over formats are awarded central contracts. These players are vital members of the squad and must be available for national teams and international competitions.

The ECB recognized players’ versatility in 2021 by introducing a consolidated contract list for those who succeed in all formats.

2. Increment Contracts: Nurturing Emerging Talent

Promising players who are rising through the ranks and about to receive central contracts are the target audience for increment contracts.

As they compete internationally, this category provides them with recognition and financial support.

Pace bowling development contracts were implemented by the ECB to provide a strong bench strength of fast bowlers and to address the demanding international schedule. This program helps develop backup pacers who can enter the playing eleven with ease when necessary.

Pay for Cricket Players in England:

The ECB issues contracts every year and assesses them in September, as we have stated. Players under central contracts are kept available by the board; thus, they are not permitted to represent the county or other leagues without the ECB’s approval.

Even though the incremental contract does not place the player under the ECB’s complete jurisdiction:

List of the List Of 10 England Cricket Players Salary (2024)

S.NOCricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
1Ben StokesWhite Ball3.36 million
2Eoin MorganWhite Ball2.4 million
3Jonny BairstowWhite Ball1.88 million
4Jos ButtlerWhite Ball2.6 million
5Jofra ArcherZak Crawley2.56 million
6Chris WoakesTest central & White ball1.6 million
7Jason RoyWhite Ball1.07 million
8Joe RootTest Central+White ball1.81 million
9Sam CurranTest Central1.75 million
10Moeen AliWhite Ball9.4 lakh

England’s Highest-paid Cricketers:

1. Ben Stokes: USD 3.36 million

The English all-rounder Ben Stokes makes an amazing USD 3.36 million, which he commands a high pay in the cricket industry. Stokes, who is renowned for his extraordinary bat and ball skills, has played a crucial role in England’s cricket team’s triumph.

His market value has increased due to his adaptability and game-winning efforts, which have included noteworthy moments in important matches.

This handsome compensation probably reflects his importance in both international cricket and the several T20 tournaments throughout the world.

The number highlights how highly valued players of Stokes’ calibre are, confirming his standing as one of the sport’s highest-paid and most sought-after cricket players.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Ben StokesWhite Ball3.36 million

2. Eoin Morgan: USD 2.4 million

The renowned English cricketer and captain Eoin Morgan earns a considerable USD 2.4 million a year, which is a testament to his leadership abilities and significant on-field accomplishments.

Morgan, who is highly regarded for his aggressive batting style and strategic savvy, has played a significant role in England’s limited-overs success.

In 2019, he led the side to its first-ever Cricket World Cup victory. In addition to making him a sought-after figure in several T20 tournaments, his leadership abilities have also significantly increased his price.

The USD 2.4 million sum highlights Morgan’s position as a well-respected and powerful player in the professional cricket scene.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Eoin MorganWhite Ball2.4 million

3. Jonny Bairstow: USD 1.88 million

The gifted English wicketkeeper-batsman Jonny Bairstow earns USD 1.88 million a year, which is commensurate with his skill at the bat and quickness behind the stumps.

In every format, Bairstow has been a reliable player for England, displaying both his aggressive batting approach and versatility in playing multiple positions within the squad.

His ability to play white-ball cricket has increased his market value, especially in limited-overs formats.

The England cricket players salary of USD 1.88 million sum highlights how highly esteemed Bairstow’s skill set is, making him an invaluable addition to the national side as well as to the lucrative global T20 league scene.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Jonny BairstowWhite Ball1.88 million

4. Jos Buttler: USD 2.6 million

The powerful English wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler earns an astounding USD 2.6 million a year, which is a testament to his explosive batting ability and vital role in the squad.

Buttler, who is well-known for his aggressive style, has been a match-winner because of his capacity to end innings quickly. This is especially true in limited-overs cricket.

He is a highly sought-after asset in elite T20 leagues throughout the world as well as in international cricket due to his versatility and inventiveness.

Buttler’s impact and entertainment value in the fast-paced and profitable world of modern cricket is recognized by the England cricket players salary of USD 2.6 million number, which represents the premium placed on players of his calibre.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Jos ButtlerWhite Ball2.6 million

5. Jofra Archer: USD 2.56 million

England’s speed prodigy Jofra Archer earns USD 2.56 million a year, demonstrating his value as one of the best fast bowlers in world cricket.

Known for his quick pace, flawless accuracy, and bounce-generating skills, Archer has established himself as a vital member of England’s bowling attack in all forms.

His accomplishments, particularly in well-known competitions like the Cricket World Cup, have cemented his standing as a game-changer.

The USD 2.56 million amount indicates that Archer’s ability to destroy alliances and cast powerful spells is acknowledged. It highlights his importance to the national squad as well as to the global T20 league competitive scene.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Jofra ArcherZak Crawley2.56 million
  1. Chris Woakes: USD 1.6 million

The skilled English all-rounder Chris Woakes earns USD 1.6 million a year, which is a testament to his significant contributions with the bat and the ball. Woakes, who is well-known for his consistency and ball-swinging skill, has proven to be an effective player for England on all platforms. He is a flexible asset since he can play significant innings down the order and make significant breakthroughs with the ball. The USD 1.6 million amount indicates that Woakes’s all-around abilities are valued, making him an important member of England cricket players salary. It emphasizes the monetary acknowledgement of his critical function as a multifarious team player.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Chris WoakesTest central & White ball1.6 million

7. Jason Roy: USD 1.07 million

The powerful English opening batsman Jason Roy is paid USD 1.07 million a year, which is a reflection of his value at the top of the limited-overs cricket order.

Roy, who is renowned for his forceful stroke play and capacity to set things up quickly, has been an essential part of England’s success with the white ball. Players around the world are vying for his services in T20 tournaments because of his aggressive style and love of long innings.

Roy’s aggressive batting style and ability to set the tone for an inning and amuse cricket fans with his offensive style of play are recognized by the England cricket players salary of USD 1.07 million number.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Jason RoyWhite Ball1.07 million

8. Joe Root: USD 1.81 million

The fact that Joe Root, an English batsman, and captain, earns USD 1.81 million a year is a testament to his leadership abilities and steady run-scoring.

Root is a key player in England’s batting lineup because of his perseverance, classic stroke play, and ability to steady the innings in any format.

He offers stability and strategic insight as the team’s captain. The USD 1.81 million sum emphasizes how valuable Root is to the team as a leader guiding the group’s path in addition to being a dependable run scorer.

His participation in T20 leagues and international cricket highlights his worth even more.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Joe RootTest Central+White ball1.81 million

9. Sam Curran: USD 1.75 million

Sam Curran is a dynamic English all-rounder who earns USD 1.75 million a year, demonstrating his increasing prominence as a versatile player in international cricket.

Curran, who is well-known for his aggressive lower-order batting and fast left-arm swing bowling, has been an invaluable member of the England team in all formats.

His daring batting combined with his ability to swing the ball both ways and deliver vital breakthroughs makes him a highly sought-after player.

Given Curran’s ability to influence games with both of his skills, the USD 1.75 million prices indicates that England cricket players salary recognizes his potential and wants to have him in their lineup as well as in the competitive T20 circuit.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Sam CurranTest Central1.75 million

10. Moeen Ali: USD 9.4 lakh

The versatile English all-rounder Moeen Ali gets paid USD 9.4 lakh a year, which is indicative of his two-fold skill as a spinning all-rounder.

Moeen has been a reliable player for England across a range of formats. He is well-known for his aggressive middle-order batting and off-spin bowling.

The squad is balanced by his ability to produce with the bat and the ball.

Though it may appear low in comparison to some of his peers, the USD 9.4 lakh amount highlights the appreciation of Moeen’s significant accomplishments.

Teams looking for a talented all-round player may find him appealing due to his price, particularly in T20 tournaments where salaries are limited.

Cricketers NamesContract TypesSalary in (USD)
Moeen AliWhite Ball9.4 lakh


In conclusion, the salaries that are listed provide an insight into the financial status of elite England cricket players salary and demonstrate the respect that is shown for their abilities and contributions in both T20 and international cricket.

The market’s acknowledgement of players’ versatile talents is evident in their pay, which ranges from the considerable figures of Eoin Morgan and Ben Stokes to rising stars like Sam Curran.

Some of the numbers can seem startling, but they reflect the need for skill in different cricket leagues.

The range of incomes demonstrates the distinct qualities that every player offers to the table and the complex way in which skills are valued in the dynamic and profitable world of professional cricket.

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