Top 10 Fastest Tennis Serve

Serving holds immense significance in determining a player’s success in tennis. The ability to attain remarkable speeds and effectively translate them into aces is a skill mastered by only a select few within the professional circuit.

In this article, we will take a comprehensive exploration into the realm of the top 10 players boasting the swiftest serves in the ATP circuit. While there exist players with recorded rapid serves, our focus remains on those specifically acknowledged and recognized by the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals).

This approach ensures that we delve into the realm of the Fastest Tennis Serve as per the official standards of the ATP.

Below is the list of the Top 10 Fastest Tennis Serve:

Sr NoPlayer NameFastest Tennis Serve
1John Isner253 km/h (157.2 mph)
2Ivo Karlovic251 km/h (156.0 mph)
3Andy Roddick249.4 km/h (155.0 mph)
4Milos Raonic249.4 km/h (155.0 mph)
5Ryan Harrison244.6 km/h (152.0 mph)
6Feliciano Lopez244.6 km/h (152.0 mph)
7Marius Copil244 km/h (151.6 mph)
8Hubert Hurkacz243 km/h (151.0 mph)
9Taylor Dent241.1 km/h (149.8 mph)
10Juan Martin del Potro240 km/h (149.1 mph)

Below are the details of the Top 10 Fastest Tennis Serve:

1. John Isner – 157.2 mph (253 km/h)

No compilation of the top 10 fastest serves in tennis history would be comprehensive without acknowledging John Isner, a player frequently hailed as the epitome of the sport’s swiftest and most reliable servers.

His remarkable height notably contributes to his proficiency in delivering aces. Throughout his career, John Isner has consistently delivered serves surpassing the 150 mph mark. However, his most exceptional feat occurred during the 2016 Davis Cup.

Engaged in a match against Australia, the American athlete unleashed a serve of unparalleled speed, achieving a groundbreaking world record of 253 km/h. This singular achievement firmly secures John Isner’s place in the annals of the Fastest Tennis Serve.

2. Ivo Karlovic – 156.0 mph (251 km/h)

During his prime, Ivo Karlovic emerged as an exceptional server, establishing a remarkable record of approximately 13,000 career aces. He shares the distinction of being the tallest player in the history of professional tennis, a feature that undoubtedly contributed to his ace-delivering prowess.

Karlovic’s pinnacle achievement came to fruition at the 2011 Davis Cup, where he etched his name in history. In a gripping first-round match for Croatia, he surpassed Roddick’s longstanding record for the fastest tennis serve.

Unleashing an astonishingly swift serve clocked at 251 km/h, Karlovic’s thunderous delivery has etched its place among the pantheon of record-breaking serves in the world of tennis.

3. Andy Roddick – 155.0 mph (249.4 km/h)

Undoubtedly, Andy Roddick emerged as the premier American tennis player of his era, clinching the coveted No. 1 world ranking by the conclusion of 2003. Renowned for his explosive ball-striking prowess, Roddick’s game heavily hinged on his formidable serve. Standing tall at an impressive 6’2″, he commanded a notable presence among tennis’ towering figures.

Despite his stature, Roddick swiftly solidified his status as one of the most prolific servers in the sport’s annals, achieving an extraordinary feat that reverberated throughout history. During the Davis Cup semi-final clash against Belarus in 2004, Roddick showcased his serving wizardry by obliterating Rusedski’s world record for the fastest tennis serve.

His delivery was an awe-inspiring spectacle, with the ball hurtling at an astounding velocity of 249.4 km/h (159 mph). This accomplishment stood unchallenged until the year 2011, cementing Andy Roddick’s name in the realm of record-breaking serves.

4. Milos Raonic – 155.0 mph (249.4 km/h)

When Milos Raonic secured victory over Roger Federer, clinching the Brisbane International title in 2014, he effectively showcased the entire spectrum of his abilities on the court. This achievement was mirrored in the Wimbledon semifinals of 2016.

Notably, Raonic achieved the distinction of being the first Canadian player to penetrate the sport’s top ten rankings. His standing in the game is further amplified by his status as one of the most formidable and forceful servers in tennis. In a remarkable display of power, Raonic’s exceptional first serve propelled him to match Andy Roddick’s record at 155 mph during the SAP Open in 2012.

As a result of his consistently poised and impactful serves, he surged to the peak of his career rankings, achieving a remarkable number three position. This ascent was significantly propelled by his remarkable performances in the realm of the Fastest Tennis Serve.

5. Ryan Harrison – 152.0 mph (244.6 km/h)

Ryan Harrison, a prominent American tennis player, achieved a notable feat by clinching the ATP singles championship at the 2017 Memphis Open. Additionally, his prowess extended to doubles, as he secured four ATP doubles titles, including the 2017 French Open.

It comes as no surprise that Harrison looked up to Roddick as his inspiration, given his relentless dedication to honing his service during his formative years. This diligence paid off substantially. Notably, Harrison etched his name into the annals of records with a lightning-fast serve clocking in at 152 mph during the Western and Southern Open in 2013.

While his journey hasn’t entirely mirrored the heights he aspired to, this 29-year-old athlete remains committed and active on the court, carrying the potential to leave a lasting mark on the sport as his career progresses, particularly in the context of the Fastest Tennis Serve.

6. Feliciano Lopez – 152.0 mph (244.6 km/h)

Feliciano Lopez, a distinguished Spanish tennis player, achieved a notable career pinnacle by securing a ranking as high as 12 in 2015. Given his seasoned presence on the circuit, it appears that the remarkable serving prowess of Feliciano Lopez during his prime has faded from the collective memory.

However, it’s essential to recall that he stood out as an exceptional server in his heyday. An unforgettable moment in his career occurred at the Aegon Championships in 2014, where Lopez showcased his remarkable ability. With a breathtaking display of speed and precision, he delivered one of the fastest serves ever witnessed in tennis history.

During an opening-round match, the Spaniard unleashed a serve with an astonishing velocity of 244.6 km/h (152 mph), firmly establishing his name among the elite echelons of the Fastest Tennis Serve.

7. Marius Copil – 151.6 mph (244 km/h)

Despite never breaking into the top 50 of the world rankings, this Romanian player has consistently showcased some of his finest performances on the court. A testament to his remarkable skill, he concluded the year 2018 as the 57th-ranked player globally, underscoring his potential for a successful career trajectory.

Central to his achievements has been his formidable serve, a cornerstone of his gameplay. His serve has yielded an impressive track record, propelling him forward. One particularly notable instance was during the quarterfinals of the 2016 European Open, where the Romanian athlete’s serve was executed to perfection.

The ball connected with precision, achieving a remarkable speed of 244 km/h (151.6 mph). This impressive feat secures his position at the 7th spot on our prestigious list of the Top 10 Fastest Tennis Serves in history, further highlighting his prowess in the realm of the Fastest Tennis Serve.

8. Hubert Hurkacz – 151.0 mph (243 km/h)

Ranked as the world’s No. 11 player, this towering 6’5″ athlete is a powerhouse on the court, renowned for his ability to unleash exceptionally forceful shots. A cornerstone of his game is his formidable serve, a skill that has significantly contributed to his profile.

At just 25 years old, he may still be poised to reach his prime, hinting at the potential for even greater accomplishments.

While he has secured victories at some Grand Slam events, a breakthrough moment is still on the horizon for him. Notably, during the 2016 Davis Cup, this player achieved a significant milestone.

Despite his team’s challenging defeat in the tournament, he provided his teammates with a reason to celebrate. In a remarkable display of his serving prowess, the Polish athlete sent the ball hurtling across the court, with the speedometer registering an impressive 243 km/h.

This extraordinary feat firmly places him in the spotlight of the Fastest Tennis Serve, demonstrating his capability to leave a mark with his power-packed serves.

9. Taylor Dent – 149.8 mph (241.1 km/h)

During a specific era, Taylor Dent and Andy Roddick were prominently regarded as the two most formidable servers in the tennis world. While Dent didn’t attain the same level of accolades as Roddick, he still managed to reach the fourth round of several Grand Slam events, showcasing his competitive prowess.

Notably, Taylor Dent stands out as the sole player in our Top 10 list who has demonstrated his proficiency on clay courts. Despite grappling with injuries throughout his career, he managed to achieve a career-high ranking of No. 21, a testament to his resilience.

A defining moment occurred in the first round of the 2010 French Open, where the American athlete left the crowd awestruck.

Dent executed an astonishing serve clocking in at 240 km/h (149.1 mph), a remarkable feat that not only set a new benchmark for the tournament’s swiftest serve but also secured him a rightful place on this prestigious list of the Top 10 Fastest Serves in tennis history.

This accomplishment underscores his remarkable ability and propels him into the realm of the Fastest Tennis Serve elite.

10. Juan Martin del Potro – 149.1 mph (240km/h)

It’s no surprise that Juan Martin del Potro, nicknamed ‘The Tower of Tandil’, has rightfully earned a place on this list. Undoubtedly, he stands as the most distinguished Argentine player of his era, securing a significant victory by clinching the US Open title.

Remarkably, among all the players within the top ten, it was del Potro who left an indelible mark by delivering a striking serve during a triumphant final encounter. His triumph at the Stockholm Open in 2017, where he convincingly defeated Grigor Dimitrov in straight sets (6-4, 6-2), showcased his prowess.

During his victory, del Potro unleashed a serve of tremendous velocity, registering an impressive 149.1 mph. This stellar performance earned him the distinguished 10th position on our illustrious list of the Top 10 Fastest Serves in tennis history.

This achievement accentuates his role in the realm of the Fastest Tennis Serve, solidifying his legacy as a force to be reckoned with.

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