Highest Raid Points In Single Match of PKL

The fight for raiding supremacy is an exciting spectacle in the explosive world of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), a sport strongly ingrained in India’s cultural landscape.

The players’ incredible talent, tenacity, and tactical mastery are demonstrated by the highest raid points in single match.

In kabaddi, a raid is a critical offensive action where a lone raider enters the enemy’s territory intending to tag as many defenders as he can before returning safely to his side.

The benchmark of a raider’s ability is the record for the Highest raid points in a single match.

It encompasses the capacity to quickly elude defenders, make use of feints and fakes, and carry out lightning-quick raids to rack up a significant number of raid points.

The player that accumulates the most raid points throughout a game becomes a hero, lauded by both teammates and spectators and applauded for displaying an unwavering spirit and an exceptional level of athleticism.

While expert raiding performances are fascinating to see, occasionally we witness raiders put on exhibitions of attack prowess that overwhelm the opposition. Here, we examine some of the Pro Kabaddi Players with the highest raid points in single match.

List of Top 5 Highest Raid Points In Single Match of PKL:

S.r no.Player NameRaid PointsSeason
1.Pawan Sehrawat39Season 7
2. Pardeep Narwal34Season 7
3. Pardeep Narwal34Season 5
4. Rohit Kumar30Season 5
5.Rishank Devadiga 28 points Season 5

1. Pawan Sehrawat | Pro Kabaddi Season 7

When he walks onto the mat, the Hi-Flyer, Pawan Sehrawat, has always been a raider to watch out for because he understands how to take the game to the opposition.

Pawan Sehrawat collected 39 raid points while competing for Bengaluru Bulls over Haryana Steelers in Match 118 of Season 7.

Sehrawat was particularly effective that evening, trying 38 raids and finishing the game as his team’s lone raid point scorer.

He directed the Bulls to a comfortable 23-point victory. It was one of his greatest performances of the season, and with 346 raid points, Sehrawat was the only player with the highest raid points in single match of Season 7. 

2. Pardeep Narwal | Pro Kabaddi Season 7

The Patna Pirates’ final encounter of Season 7 was encounter 124, where the record-breaking Pardeep Narwal lit up the pitch with his incredible raiding prowess to defeat the Bengal Warriors and win 34 points.

With less than four minutes remaining and a 45-35 deficit, the Warriors were still in the game.

Pardeep Narwal, however, prevented the opposing defence from participating in the game and pulled off two Super Raids in the dying seconds of the game to lead the Pirates to a resounding 28-point victory.

Pardeep Narwal finished the season as the second-best raider with 302 Highest Raid Points in Single Match, even though the Pirates and he weren’t able to advance to the playoffs.

3. Pardeep Narwal | Pro Kabaddi Season 5

The only raider to achieve 30-plus raid points twice in a Pro Kabaddi game is Pardeep Narwal.

He has shown his brilliance in Season 5 against Haryana Steelers in a match that Patna Pirates had to win before getting 34 raid points in Season 7.

He gave his absolute best effort in Eliminator 2 and was at the top of his game. Pardeep Narwal’s incredible dubki-earned 8-point raid in this game will also be recalled.

The Dubki King had a fantastic season, setting the record for the Highest Raid Points in Single Match in a season with 369 raid points while also serving as the individual captain of the champion squad.    

4. Rohit Kumar | Pro Kabaddi Season 5

Rohit Kumar, the captain of the Bengaluru Bulls in Pro Kabaddi Season 5, led his team by example in Match 51. He had a standout performance against the U.P. Yoddhas, contributing 30 raid points to his team’s comfortable 64-24 victory.

Rohit maintained his great raiding form throughout the season, and with 219 raid points, he finished as the Second-Highest Raid Points in Single Match earner in Season 5.

Additionally, he had the joint-second-highest Super 10 score (12) in the fifth Pro Kabaddi season.

5. Rishank Devadiga | Pro Kabaddi Season 5

In Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, Rishank Devadiga gave UP Yoddha his greatest performance and earned a game-winning 28 raid points against the Jaipur Pink Panthers. Just once during the entire game was Devadiga out due to Jaipur’s defenders failing to contain him.

In addition to scoring five bonus points, he concluded the game with 23 touchpoints. The raider was unsuccessful in only one raid. One of the players with the highest raid points in single match.

With the outstanding play of Rishank Devadiga, UP Yodha defeated the Jaipur Pink Panthers 53-32 in a very one-sided contest. He has only participated in one game with the Bengal Warriors in Season 8.


The pursuit of the highest raid points in single match is the pinnacle of talent, stamina, and pure willpower in the captivating Pro Kabaddi League. It is a monument to the creativity and strategy that go into playing kabaddi, a game with a rich cultural history in India.

The achievement represents a raider’s capability to outwit opponents with dexterity, fortitude, and calculated risks, demonstrating their ability to seize the initiative and rack up a significant number of raid points in a single encounter.

Every Pro Kabaddi League season features breath-taking games when raiders, driven by tenacity and talent, shatter records and push the boundaries of the sport.

The highest raid points in single match capture the thrill, strategy, and competitiveness of Kabaddi, leaving a lasting impression and motivating the upcoming raiders to push themselves and aim for greatness.

Additionally, this record serves as an example of how the sport has developed, demonstrating how raiding tactics have advanced and become more sophisticated through time.

It highlights the players’ unwavering determination and the constantly changing tactics that make kabaddi a dynamic and thrilling spectacle.

The highest raid points in single match will surely remain a coveted accomplishment as the quest for greatness continues, inspiring generations of kabaddi fans to take up the sport and strive for unmatched greatness.

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