Indian female chess players

A number of female chess players have made it far enough in the game to identify with the Woman FIDE Master title and above.

The top 10 Indian female chess players are included here to encourage more female chess fans to pursue this profitable career and win titles, medals, and a lot of money.

So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Indian Female Chess Players 

S . NoNameTitleState
1Koneru HumpyGMAndhra Pradesh
2Harika DronavalliGMAndhra Pradesh
3Vaishali RameshbabuIM, WGMTamil Nadu
4Savitha Shri BWIMTamil Nadu
5Tania SachdevIM, WGMDelhi
6Padmini RoutIM, WGMOdisha
7Bhakti KulkarniIM, WGMGoa
8Vantika AgrawalWGMDelhi
9Divya DeshmukhWGMMaharashtra
10Eesha KaravadeIM, WGMMaharashtra

1. Koneru Humpy:

Koneru HumpyGMAndhra Pradesh

World No. 2 Koneru Humpy has an endless list of accomplishments. Just two examples: she competed against Hou Yifan for the highest title, and she won the World Rapid Championships in 2019.

She recently also won the strongest tournament in the history of Indian Female chess players – the Cairns Cup 2020. This game played in Abu Dhabi in 2007 helped me to breach the 2600 Elo mark for the first time in my chess career.

2. Harika Dronavalli:

Harika DronavalliGMAndhra Pradesh

Harika is a skilled Grandmaster of Indian female chess players. The Women’s World Junior Chess Championship is one of the many national and international championships that prominent Indian chess player Harika has won.

Harika is a key member of the Indian women’s team and has competed for India in numerous chess Olympiads.

3. Vaishali Rameshbabu:

Vaishali RameshbabuIM, WGMTamil Nadu

One of the Indian Female chess Players of the greatest aspirations. Vaishali Rameshbabu, who is only 18 years old, already has a 2393 rating, the title of WGM, two IM norms, and one GM norm. She has also won the under-12 and under-14 World Youth Championships twice!

I traded my Queen and Rook for three pawns and a bishop for two knights, so I enjoyed my match against Jelinek Michal at the 2016 World U-16 Olympiad!

A lovely game, indeed! I’ve seen a lot of games like this, but none of mine have ever included it. It was a lovely sensation.

4. Savitha Shri B:

Savitha Shri BWIMTamil Nadu

Savitha Shri B is among the best Indian female chess players. She is well-known in both the domestic and international chess circuits thanks to her commitment and shrewdness on the board.

Savitha has developed her skills through rigorous training and competitive experiences. She has been passionate about the game since she was a young child.

She has demonstrated her analytical thinking and capacity to outmanoeuvre opponents in a number of tournaments through her impressive performances.

Savitha, a rising star in the Indian chess community, continues to motivate aspiring Indian Female chess players particularly young women to pursue their interests and establish themselves on the international stage.

5. Tania Sachdev:

Tania SachdevIM, WGMDelhi

Tania is an Indian woman’s grandma( WGM) and international master( IM). She has participated for India in numerous chess Olympiads and won numerous national championships. A well-known among the best Indian female chess players named Tania Sachdeva has made a lasting impression on the world scene.

She has risen to the top of the game thanks to her exceptional abilities and strategic thinking.

Tania has established herself as a role model for aspiring Indian Female chess players, especially women, in India and beyond thanks to her career, which has been characterized by numerous victories and accolades.

She is highly regarded for her commitment to the sport and her skill at navigating challenging board positions.

6. Padmini Rout:

Padmini RoutIM, WGMOdisha

Among the best Indian chess players, Padmini is known as the Woman Grandmaster. She has competed for India at the Chess Olympiads and won a number of national championships.

Padmini has triumphed in a number of international competitions as well. Chess player Padmini Rout, an accomplished Indian woman, has made significant advancements.

Padmini’s success highlights the rising prominence of Indian Female Chess players in the international chess scene and serves as an inspiration for aspiring players, particularly young women in India.

7. Bhakti Kulkarni:

Bhakti KulkarniIM, WGMGoa

The smallest state in India, Goa, is home to Bhakti Kulkarni. She is currently 27 years old, but it appears that her chess skills are improving over time.

She was a former Asian Women’s Champion and the current national champion for the past two years.

Her rating is 2391 and she said “I’m very special about the game you’re about to watch because it was my first victory over a grandmaster. I had a lot of confidence after this victory that I would soon become WGM.”

8. Vantika Agrawal:

Vantika AgrawalWGMDelhi

Among the promising Indian female chess players, named Vantika Agrawal is progressing significantly in the sport. Vantika has demonstrated her abilities in a number of competitions, making an impression with her keen strategic mind and love of the game.

She stands out because of her aptitude for navigating challenging situations and coming up with original solutions.

Her accomplishments highlight the development and potential of Indian chess on a global scale and serve as motivation for aspiring players.

9. Divya Deshmukh:

Divya DeshmukhWGMMaharashtra

Among the remarkable Indian female chess players who have been popularizing the game is Divya Deshmukh. She has made a lasting impression on both the national and international stages with her exceptional strategic insight and tenacity.

Divya’s consistent performance in numerous tournaments demonstrates her tactical adaptability and mastery of challenging chess positions. She represents the developing skill of Indian women in the game of chess as a young, aspirant player.

10. Eesha Karavade:

Eesha KaravadeIM, WGMMaharashtra

For many years, Eesha Karavade has been regarded as one of the best Indian female chess players. She has won the Commonwealth Championship in the past and has represented India at four Chess Olympiads thanks to her extensive opening knowledge and keen sense of positional play. 

“The World Open 2012 game is my favourite.” versus Mesgen Amanov. I had white skin. My games typically end in lengthy positional victories. This sacrifice involved two exchanges. Additionally, even after starting with 1, I had managed to attack. Nf3. “


In conclusion, Indian women’s tennis players have excelled on the international stage with their talent, tenacity, and perseverance.

In addition to raising the profile of Indian tennis, their accomplishments in the past and present have also dismantled barriers and motivated a new generation. These athletes have proven their supremacy in competition, garnering respect and acclaim all over the world.

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