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In this blog, we will talk about kabaddi raiding tricks & techniques. Kabaddi is an engaging game that originated and played in India for a very long time. Kabaddi was used as a form of exercise in ancient villages. Kabaddi is a game that comprises lots of stamina, strength, strategy, and agility. The format of this game seems simple. But to be a good player you need to master several skills and techniques. 

Earlier kabaddi was played on smaller levels. However, with PKL, kabaddi has been recognized in every part of the country. Kabaddi has gained tons of popularity and bagged heights of success. Now to play this sport you need certain techniques such as kabaddi raids tricks otherwise you won’t be able to play kabaddi as a sport. In addition, there are various tricks and tips regarding the raider and defender. 

In this article, we will evaluate the important tips and tricks of Kabaddi with explanations: 

Kabaddi Raiding Tricks & Techniques: 

What is Raid? 

The definition of a raid can be: It is a move in Kabaddi where a raider goes to the opponent’s half by crossing the centerline on the ground to gain a point by tagging any of the opponent’s team players. In addition, the raider has to continuously chant ‘Kabaddi’ while going to the opponent’s team. Raider has to chant this word until the time he gets back to his team’s halves.


Raiding is the way in Kabaddi to score points for your team. The person who goes for raiding is called a raider. A successful raiding is tagging as many players and escaping from defenders. Lastly, to return to your team half.Also, one more kabaddi raid trick is you can enter from any side to raid. The raider can enter from the right or left side of the opponent’s team.

Below are the kabaddi raid tricks for a raider to get raid points: 

Hand Touch: This is the basic technique to score a raid point. The raider has to touch the defenders with his hand. Though, you may think of it as the simplest task. But it takes days of practice to master these skills. The raider has to be active to get the hand touch of the defender quickly and safely. 

Toe Touch: Toe touch is used by raiders at the time when they try to score a raid point from a distance. In toe touch, the raider tries to tag the defender by using his feet. To achieve a successful toe touch the raider has to work on his lower body flexibility and stretching. 

Kick: At the time when there are lesser defenders on the court then the raider prefers to kick to tag them. The raider can use a back or front kick to tag defenders and score a point. The goal is to attack the defenders successfully with the kick. 

Jump: This technique is used at the time when the raider wants to escape from defenders to land in his half. This is the most exciting view to watch in any kabaddi match. Plus the raider can use jumping over multiple defenders to reach safely to his half. By doing so, the raider is eligible to score multiple points.

Dubki: Dubki is a tricky technique. But useful to score a point in tricky situations. To do dubki, the raider has to bow below under the arm span of defenders to escape safely. If the raider is successful in escaping then he is eligible to score single or multiple points. Raiders must have the agility, power, and speed skills to do this technique.   

Bonus: The raider can only score a bonus point when there are a minimum of 6 defenders on the kabaddi court. The raider has to cross the bonus line by using one foot on the bonus line. The other foot should be in the air. It is important to have the other foot in the air across the bonus line without being touched on the ground. 


One of the coolest kabaddi raid tricks is: 

If a raider wants to score multiple points in a single raid. Then he has to successfully tag as many players as he can from the defenders team.


The team the Raiders go to raid is called the defending team. In addition, the players are referred to as defenders. The role of defenders is to escape from the raider and try to catch the raider restricting him to score a point.Defenders can use different techniques to stop the raider from going back to his half. All the defenders are placed in a certain position on the kabaddi court. 

Positions of Defenders on the ground:  

The mat has a position for all the seven defenders of the match.

Corners: Since this position is in the corner. Hence, the right and left corners are the places where defenders are positioned. It’s the outer area of the mat and hence defenders can tackle raiders from there easily. 

IN: The place beside the corner position is termed IN. Defenders can be placed in the right or left IN position.

Covers: This position is located in the central area of the mat. Covers are termed as the wall of defence. Defenders who are higher in weight and strength are usually on Covers. There are right and left cover positions on the mat. 

Centre: The third or do-or-die raider generally occupies this position called the Center. He is someone who is used as the backup plan for intense situations in the game. Moreover, this position defender is required to play a secondary role in defence.

Below are different techniques used by  defenders for the execution of a tackle: 

Ankle Hold:Usually the defenders who are at the corners attempt to grab the ankle of the raider which is called an Ankle hold. Ankle hold can be a means for defenders to score a bonus point.   

Thigh Hold:This trick is executed by the cover defenders. The defenders at the right time try to hold the raider’s thighs using both their hands. Next, defenders also pin raiders down if they attempt to switch sides on the kabaddi mat. 

Back/Waist Hold: This is one of the hardest techniques for defenders to execute. It requires immense strength and power to successfully execute a Back/Waist Hold. To perform this technique the defender has to grab the raider by his waist or back whichever is easily accessible to grab due to 

the position of the raider. It also disrupts the balance of the raider.

● Block: The Block technique is used when the raider enters the opponent’s half to attack the cover defenders. At this time the defender blocks the raider from the back, unable him to get any way to escape. 

Chain Tackle: The chain tackle consists of a tackle in which multiple defenders come together to make a chain for blocking the path of the raiders. This makes the raider get blocked in the opponent’s half. 


Above are the kabaddi raid tricks plus the defender tip to get through the kabaddi match effectively. One must master these tips and techniques of kabaddi to be a match-winning player. 

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