Most of the lesbian cricketers who have done same-sex marriage are from England, New Zealand, South Africa or Australia. They were quite high-stature female players in cricket and made same-sex marriage very common.

Earlier it was not very common for people of the same gender to get married easily. However, people like cricketers who have made a great impact on people all over the world are supporting this and taking a step ahead which is marriage makes a huge difference in the mindset of society. However, in India, same-sex marriage is still taboo and very uncommon. 

Female cricketers from outside India have found love and partnership in the same gender and they have married them. We have collected the list of 15 Lesbian Cricketers Involved in Same-Sex Marriage here. Check out their details!

List of married lesbian cricketers involved in same-sex marriage: 

Sr NoLesbian Cricketer NameCareer SpanTeamRoleMarried/UnmarriedPartners name 
1Alex Blackwell2003-2018AustraliaBatterMarriedLynsey Askew
2Sarah Coyte2010-2017AustraliaBowlerMarried Bec Cady
3Maddy Green2012-2024New ZealandBatterMarriedLiz Perry 
4Hayley Jensen2007-2024New ZealandAll-rounderMarried Nicolle Bolton
5Jess Jonassen2012-2024AustraliaBowlerMarriedSarah Wearn
6Marizanne Kapp2009-2024South AfricaAll-rounderMarriedDane Van  Niekerk
7Delissa Kimmince2008-2020AustraliaAll-rounderMarriedLaura Harris
8Lizelle Lee2013-2022South AfricaBatterMarriedTanja Cronje
9Leah Poulton2006-2012AustraliaBatterMarried Rachael  Haynes
10Amy Satterthwaite2007-2022New ZealandBatterMarried Lea Tahuhu
11Megan Schutt2012-2024AustraliaBowlerMarried Jess Hollyoake
12Katherine Sciver-Brunt2013-2023EnglandAll-rounderMarriedNat Sciver Brunt
13Nat Sciver-Brunt2013-2024EnglandAll-rounderMarried Katherine Brunt
14Lea Tahuhu2011-2024New ZealandBowlerMarried Amy Satterthwaite
15Sarah Taylor2006-2019EnglandBatter/WicketkeeperEngagedDiana Main
16Dane van Niekerk2009-2024South AfricaAll-rounderMarried Marizanne Kapp
17Lauren Winfield-Hill2011-2024EnglandBatter/WicketkeeperMarriedCourtney Hill
18Danni Wyatt2010-2024EnglandAll-rounderMarriedGeorgie Hodge
19Racheal Haynes2009-2022AustraliaBatterMarried Leah Poulton
20 Laura Harris2016-2024AustraliaBatterMarriedDelissa Kimmince
21Delissa Kimmince2008-2020AustraliaBowlerMarried Laura Harris

List of unmarried lesbian cricketers: 

Sr.NoLesbian Cricketer NameCareer span TeamRoleStatus
1Amy Jones2013-2024EnglandBatterUnmarried
2Heather Graham2018-2024AustraliaAll-rounderUnmarried
3Emily Smith2008-2017AustraliaBatterUnmarried
4Elyse Villani2009-2024AustraliaBatterUnmarried

List of Women Cricketers involved in same-sex marriage:

1. Alex Blackwell and Lynsey Askew: 

Marriage Date: September 3, 2015

Alex Blackwell is an Australian cricketer who confessed that she was lesbian in the year 2013. She has played cricket from 2003 to 2018 for Australia. She married her longtime partner Lynsey Askew in 2015. They were in a relationship for eight years before getting married. Lynsey Askew is an England cricketer who has played very few international matches. Alex Blackwell has played more than 200 international matches in her career and has also been a captain for Australia a few times. 

Alex Blackwell faced difficulty in marrying her partner who is also a fellow lesbian in Australia as it was illegal to have same-sex marriage in Australia.

Read more about how she feels about it and where they got married.

Social Profiles:

Alex Blackwell 

Lynsey Askew

2. Lea Tahuhu and Amy Satterthwaite:

Marriage Date: March, 2017

Lea Tahuhu and Amy Satteryhwaite are the New Zealand cricketers. They were in a relationship before marriage. The couple decided to get married in 2017. Lea Tahuhu is a great bowler while Amy Satterthwaite is a batter from New Zealand. Both of them have contributed immensely to New Zealand’s Women’s cricket team with their amazing performances. Though Amy Satterthwaite last played in 2022 for New Zealand whereas Lea is still playing for his national team in cricket. The couple also has a child, a daughter Grace Marie Satterthwaite was born on January 13, 2020.

Amy Satteryhwaite faced difficulty in managing her career and motherhood together. As she is in a same-sex marriage. She claimed that it would be very difficult to manage both simultaneously.

Read more about her journey below.

Social Profiles:

Amy Satteryhwaite

Lea Tahuhu

3. Dane van Niekerk and Marizanne Kapp

Marriage Date: July 7, 2018

Dane van Niekerk who is also the Captain of the South African Women’s cricket team is an exceptional batter and bowler(allrounder) who debuted in 2009. She is still serving his country with her outstanding performances. She was in a relationship with Marizanne Kapp for many years. The couple got married in 2018.  Marizanne Kapp is also a South African cricketer who debuted in the same year as her partner in 2009. Both of them are great all-rounders and they have played 200 plus international matches in their career till now. 

Dane van Niekerk was once fat-shamed for her body by a journalist and she fired back at him.

Read more about it below.

Social Profiles:

Dane van Niekerk 

Marizanne Kapp

4. Megan Schutt and Jess Holyoake

Marriage Date: March, 2019

Megan Schutt is a lesbian Australian cricketer. She has been dating someone for many years but she is not a cricketer. However, she is still in association with Australian cricket but with other jobs. Her name is Jess Holyoake and she works as a facilities manager for Australia Cricket. They both got married in 2019 and they welcomed their daughter named Rylee Loiuse Schutt in 2021. Megan Schutt debuted in 2012 as a bowler in the Australian team. Since then she has been giving very impactful performances with her bowling and making his team win matches. The Australian team looks up to her as their key player and she has been featured in 150 international matches till now in her career. 

Social Profiles:

Megan Schutt 

5. Jess Jonassen and Sarah Wearn

Marriage Date: April 6, 2023

Jess Jonassen is a lesbian cricketer who belongs to Australia. She played as the bowler and has been playing since 2012. Jess is one of the most important spinners in the Australian Women’s Cricket team. She has featured in 176 plus international matches till now in her career. She also has been an integral part of the World Cup-winning Women’s team of Australia. Jess Jonassen proposed to her longtime partner mames Sarah Wearn in 2018. Sara Wearn does not play cricket and is not associated with cricket in any form. She is from outside of the cricket fraternity. Both Jess and Sara are a happily married couple now in 2023. 

Social Profiles:

Jess Jonassen

Sarah Wearn

6. Natalie Sciver and Katherine Brunt

Marriage Date: May 9, 2022

Wedding Video:

Both Natalie Sciver and Katherine Brunt are England lesbian cricketers. They play as the all-rounders in the England team. The couple first got engaged in 2019, though they were supposed to be engaged by 2018 but Covid restrictions postponed it. Later they got hitched in 2022, May 29. Their wedding was supposed to be in 2020 but again Covid restricted it and they married two years later. Both the cricketers have immensely contributed to England’s women’s team in many matches, especially in winning the 2017 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Social Profiles:

Natalie Sciver 

Katherine Brunt

7. Lizelle Lee and Tanja Cronje

Marriage Date: September, 2020

Lizelle Lee and Tanja Cronje both are Lesbian cricketers from South Africa. They were in a relationship before their wedding. They finally got married to each other in September 2020. Tanja Cronje does not play internationally for South Africa and has been playing provincial cricket in South Africa for a long time. She plays for the North West. Whereas Lizelle Lee plays internationally for her national team South Africa. She debuted in 2013 and is still playing as the bowler. Lee has played 183 international matches in his career till now. 

Social Profiles:

Lizelle Lee

Tanja Cronje

8. Lauren Winfield-Hill and Courtney Hill 

Marriage Date: March, 2020

Lauren-Winfield Hill is an England lesbian cricketer who debuted in 2011 and serves as the wicketkeeper batter in the team. Lauren has been featured in more than 100 international matches. She was in a relationship with a cricketer named Courtney Hill. She was a cricketer from England who played domestic cricket. She has played for Brisbane Heat in WBBL where she met her now-wife Lauren. The couple got hitched in March 2020.  Courtney has now stopped playing cricket and has been playing rugby. 

Social Profiles:

Courtney Hill

Lauren-Winfield Hill

9. Hayley Jensen and Nicola Hancock

Marriage Date: April 2019

Hayley Jensen is a lesbian New Zealand cricketer who plays as the all-rounder in the team. She debuted in 2007 and is still playing. Hayley has played more than 70 international matches in her career. She lives in Australia and also plays for the Australian Capital Territory(ACT) in the Women’s National Cricket League(WNCL). While playing for ACT in WNCL she met her now-wife Nicola Hancock. She also played for ACT in WNCL in Australia. Both of them got married in April 2019. Nicola Hancock belongs to Australia while Hayley is from New Zealand.

Social Profiles:

Hayley Jensen

Nicola Hancock

10. Liz Perry and Maddy Green

Marriage Date: April 2019

Liz Perry and Maddy Green are Lesbian New Zealand cricketers. Both of them have contributed with their skill to their national team. Liz Perry has been featured in almost 60 international matches and retired in 2017. Whereas Maddy Green who started playing in 2012 has been featured in 100-plus international matches and is still playing for his team. Both Maddy Green and Liz Perry were in a relationship and the couple finally got hitched in April 2019. 

Social Profiles:

Liz Perry

Maddy Green

11. Rachael Haynes and Leah Poulton

Rachael Haynes and Leah Poulton are Australian Lesbian cricketers. The couple had been dating each other for a very long time. They have been married and have welcomed a baby boy named Hugo Poulton Haynes born in October 2021. Leah Poulton has played international matches for Australia but she quit very early and retired in 2012. Whereas Racheal Hayness still plays for Australia and has been featured in more than 150 international matches.  

Social Profiles:

Rachael Haynes

Leah Poulton

12. Sarah Coyte and Bec Cady 

Marriage Date: February, 2019

Sarah Coyte and Bec Cady are Australian lesbian cricketers. Sarah Coyte is a fast bowler from Australia who has been featured in more than 70 international matches in her career span from 2010-2016. Bec Cady and Sarah Coyte were in a relationship and they finally had their wedding in February 2019. Bec Cady is a plus for domestic cricket in Australian leagues. The couple Sarah and Bec also became a parent (foster) of a boy (eight years old) in July 2019.

Social Profiles:

Sarah Coyte

Bec Cady

13. Danni Wyatt and Georgie Hodge

Marriage Date: March 2023

Danni Wyatt is an England lesbian cricketer.  She plays as the opener and middle-order batter in matches. She has been featured in more than 200 international matches. Danni Wyatt has also been a part of WPL 2024 for UP Warrioz. Danni Wyatt was in a relationship with Georgie Hodge for a few years. The couple got married in March 2023. 

Social Profiles:

Danni Wyatt

Georgie Hodge

14. Sarah Taylor and Diana Main

Sarah Taylor is a former England Lesbian cricketer who played as a wicketkeeper. She has been featured in more than 200 international matches. Sara Taylor has been in a relationship with her partner Diana Main. Her partner is not a cricketer. She recently in February 2023 announced on her social media handles that her partner was pregnant with their first child. The couple Sar and Diana had their first child in July 2023. The couple is engaged to each other. However, there is no information regarding their marriage officially on any platform. 

Social Profiles:

Sarah Taylor 

Diana Main

15. Laura Harris and Delissa Kimmince

Marriage Date: 20th August 2020

Delissa Kimmince and Laura Harris are former Australian lesbian cricketers. They were both in a long-term relationship for 4 years before their wedding. The couple finally got married on 20th August 2020. Delissa Kimmince has been featured as an allrounder for 60 international matches in her career span from 2008 to 2020. She has served immensely with her bat and bowl for her national team Australia. Whereas Laura Harris has played very few international matches and has been part of many domestic cricket leagues in Australia. Also, she is considered one of the finest domestic cricket players in Australia. 

Social Profiles:

Delissa Kimmince 

Laura Harris


All these lesbian cricketers are great achievers in their cricketing careers. Similarly, they have also maintained their personal life alongside and set an example for the young girls out there to take inspiration. Also, it has been pretty normal for lesbian cricketers to have same-sex marriages. Moreover, they have paved the way for many such marriages in future by setting their example. 

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