In this blog, we will talk about 10 most beautiful cricket stadium in the world. Welcome to a captivating journey through the realm of cricket where stunning architecture, electrifying crowds, and breathtaking backdrops converge to create an unforgettable experience.

List of Most Beautiful Cricket Stadium in the World – Top 10

S.noStadium Name Country 
1Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Australia
2The Lords, London England
3Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association  StadiumIndia 
4Newlands, Cape Town South Africa 
5Sydney Cricket GroundAustralia
6The Oval, KensingtonLondon 
7The Wanderers, JohannesburgSouth Africa
8The WACA, PerthAustralia
9Sheikh Zayed StadiumAbu Dhabi
10Old Trafford, ManchesterEngland 

1. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – Australia:

Melbourne Cricket Ground has several more distinctive characteristics in addition to being one of the most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world. The 10th largest stadium in the world overall is the largest cricket stadium in terms of seating capacity.

The World Cup 2015 final venue has recently undergone renovations to give cricket fans from around the world a more picturesque view. In addition to cricket, the stadium, which can hold over 95,000 spectators, is also used for rugby and football matches. ‘The G’ has hosted the finals of the 1992 and 2015 cricket world cups.

2. The Lords, London, England: 

The “Home of Cricket” is England’s answer to Australia’s largest cricket ground. Another masterpiece of human engineering is the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. Four cricket world cup finals have already taken place on one of the prettiest cricket fields in the world. 

The arena, which can accommodate around 28,000 spectators, is not among the top cricket stadiums in the world, but there are plans to improve its capacity.

3. Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium,– India:

‘Christmas in July’ is a phrase you may have heard. You did, without a doubt, but if you want to see this term come to life, you need to go to the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium.  HPCA Stadium, one of the world’s most picturesque cricket venues, is located at a height of 1,457 meters above sea level.

Dharamshala Stadium, the newest addition to India’s sporting venues, is a seasonal location because its higher altitude prohibits sporting events during the winter. The original venue of the eagerly anticipated Pakistan vs. India World Cup 2015 match offers seats for nearly 23,000 spectators.  

4. Newlands, Cape Town (South Africa)

Newlands Cricket Ground, one of the most picturesque cricket grounds in the world due to its setting, is located in Cape Town, South Africa, directly in front of Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak. Newlands Cricket Ground is one of the most scenic locations to watch and play the game. It is one of the few grounds in South Africa that provides some help to spin bowlers.

Recent development projects have focused on the ground, including replacing substantial grass embankments with the pavilion. Any list of sporting stadiums that would be suitable for Instagram would have to include Newlands because of the Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain in the background. Although it still goes by its original name, analysts and fans call it Sahara Park Newlands. 

5. Sydney Cricket Ground – Australia:

Another multi-sport site in the heart of Australia is the SCG, one of the most known cricket grounds in the world. The stadium is the ideal location for all three forms of cricket, rugby, and Australian Rules football. It also provides some of the best facilities to its guests. The recently held ODI world cup semifinal was played in the arena, which has a seating capacity of more than 50000 spectators, and was ultimately won by the hosts Australia.

6. The Oval, Kensington – London: 

The antagonism between England and Australia in cricket, one of the largest sporting rivalries in the world, started at this location. The Kia Oval cricket ground is the location with the honor of staging the first-ever international test match for England.

It is located in the London Borough of Lambeth, South London. Oval hosted the first test match ever played on English soil in September 1880. Furthermore, it was at this location when England’s collapse while pursuing an 85-run goal gave rise to the tale of the most illustrious test series in history, “The Ashes.”

7. The Wanderers, Johannesburg – South Africa:

The Kingdom of Gold is home to one of the most stunning cricket stadiums in the entire globe. One of the most exciting cricket matches in history was played at the Wanderer’s Stadium. The Wanderers have the honor of generating some magical sporting spells, whether it is the pursuit of the biggest ODI totals in history or a last-over thriller T20 final between historical foes India and Pakistan.

The stadium, which was built in 1956, can accommodate 34,000 people. The same pitch also hosted the world cup final in 2003, with the Australians emerging victorious.

8. The WACA, Perth – Australia: 

Perth, Western Australia’s Western Australian Cricket Association stadium is renowned for having the fastest surface in the world. The quick outfield at one end aids batsmen in accumulating runs, while the afternoon breeze at the other end aids the pacers in producing some terrifying swings. Thanks to its incredibly quick outfield, WACA has produced some of the fastest centuries in test matches.

However, more recently, one of the most attractive stadiums has been having financial problems as a result of certain other sporting events being moved to a nearby field, which resulted in a decrease in the stadium’s size and seating capacity.

9. Sheikh Zayed Stadium – Abu Dhabi:

The United Arab Emirates maintains one of the world’s most attractive cricket stadiums despite having a young cricket squad that has just recently entered the international stage.

The arena cost a total of $23 million to construct and is now used by the Pakistan Cricket team as their chosen home ground after the nation banned international cricket. The ground not only hosts Pakistan’s home series but also matches between some of the associate nations, such as Afghanistan and Hong Kong.

10. Old Trafford, Manchester – England: 

The second-oldest test site in England is in Manchester’s Old Trafford. Old Trafford Cricket Stadium is one of the most well-known cricket venues in the world and was the site of the first Ashes series ever played in England.

The stadium, which has witnessed some of the most famous cricket matches in history, including a fight between India and Pakistan in 1999, has recently started to get funding from other sources as well.


Despite the fact that everyone has their own definition of beauty, there are unquestionably several cricket stadiums in the globe that stand out for their magnificent architecture, picturesque surroundings, and energetic atmospheres.

The 10 most stunning cricket stadiums combine historical significance, cutting-edge architecture, and scenic beauty to enthrall both players and spectators. These stadiums, from the famous Lord’s Cricket Ground in London to the lovely Newlands Stadium in Cape Town, serve as both sports arenas and significant cultural sites that honor the game of cricket.

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