most loved foreign cricketer in india

In India, people have a deep passion and love for cricket. Cricket is like a religion, and Indians are crazy followers of this sport.

Not only indian players are celebrated and loved but there are many most loved foreign cricketer in India.

Whether cricket is on the streets, in the stadiums, or in front of their TV screens, cricket is a big part of their lives. They idolize legendary cricketers like Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, and Virat Kohli, etc

But the people of India don’t just love Indian players, they also have a huge craze for foreign players in cricket.

Since the Indian Premier League (IPL) over a decade ago started.

This has made the craze bigger for cricket. Not only cricket but the love for players has also taken a toll. People in India love the Indian cricketers but they also have a huge love for foreign players too.  

In short, the love for cricket and foreign cricketers in India has risen, thanks to the IPL and the passion for the cricket sport.

Here in this article, we will explore the 5 Most Loved Foreign Cricketer in India.

Below is the list of 5 Most Loved Foreign Cricketer in India:

Sr.noPlayers name Country 
1AB de VilliersSouth Africa 
2Chris GayleWest Indies
3Dwayne BravoWest Indies
4Kieron PollardWest Indies
5David WarnerAustralia 

1. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers, often called the wizard of cricket, is a beloved foreign cricketer in India. Even though he retired from international cricket, he will be playing in the next IPL for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team.

De Villiers is famous for his unique batting style and extraordinary cricket shots. People even gave him the nickname “Mr. 360” because he can hit the ball all over the field.

He used to give a tough time to the best bowlers of his time and sometimes even won matches for his team all by himself. Indian fans really adore him because of his down-to-earth nature. 

Once during the match between India and South Africa in India, fans were chanting ‘AB, AB’ more than any Indian player’s name.

This shows the level of love and respect AB de Villiers has got from Indian fans. 

In the IPL, he scored 3953 runs with an average of 39.53 and a strike rate of 150.93. He also made an impressive 87 catches due to his excellent fielding skills.

This is why he’s considered the most loved foreign cricketer in India.

2. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle, a real powerhouse in T20 cricket, is adored by Indian fans and is considered the most loved foreign cricketer in India.

He’s famous for smashing long sixes whenever he is batting on the ground. Chris Gayle is also often called the ‘Universe Boss’ of cricket. 

Apart from his cricket skills, Chris Gayle is also well-liked for his cheerful and friendly personality, which connects with the Indian audience.

To put it simply, his batting is a showstopper, and even Virender Sehwag, a cricket legend, once said, “Nobody entertains like him.”

In the IPL, he has scored 3994 runs in 112 matches with an average of 41.17, hitting a remarkable 292 sixes and 324 boundaries. This is why he’s cherished by Indian cricket fans as one of their favourite foreign cricketers.

3. Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo is like a cricket superstar who can do it all. He bowls brilliantly, bats with skill, and is a fantastic fielder.

Indian fans really appreciate him because he’s helped win many matches, making him one of their most cherished foreign cricketers.

Bravo is known for his clever moves on the field, doing things with the ball and bat that seem impossible. He’s not just a cricket talent; he’s also an entertainer, famous for his dancing and singing skills.

Fans enjoy his Caribbean style of having fun both on and off the field. 

In the IPL, he scored 1379 runs in 122 matches with a strike rate of 128.39. He also took 136 wickets at an average of 23.9.

He also has a record of 67 catches which is commendable. These impressive stats are why he’s considered the most loved foreign cricketer in India.

4. Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard is a dynamic all-rounder who can smash big shots and send the ball flying across cricket grounds worldwide.

He’s not just a cricket star; he’s also known for being fun-loving, friendly with teammates, and even friendly with players from the opposing teams.

People in India adore him not just for his cricket skills but also for his charming personality and how easily he connects with the audience. That’s why he’s considered one of the most loved foreign cricketers in India.

In the IPL, he scored 2476 runs in 132 matches with an average of 28.13. He’s hit an impressive 154 sixes and 167 boundaries.

Additionally, he’s taken 56 wickets with the ball. These stats make him a favourite among Indian cricket fans.

5. David Warner

David Warner, a powerful left-handed batsman, has the ability to turn the game around at any moment, and that’s why Indian fans admire him. They appreciate his never-give-up attitude. 

Warner is also quite active on social media and often shares pictures of his family having a good time when he’s playing in India.

He has immense adoration for indian culture, songs and movies. Warner often shares his dance videos on indian songs Instagram. This really connects with Indian fans and makes them fond of him.

In the IPL, he scored 4014 runs in 114 matches with an average of 40.54. He’s also an excellent fielder, having a record of 52 catches. All these factors contribute to him being the most loved foreign cricketer in India.


All the above 5 most loved foreign cricketer in India are still the favourites of Indian fans despite some of them having retired from IPL. They continue to be in the hearts of millions of fans across India. 

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