Most Runs In Women's Cricket T20

Exploring the journeys of cricketers with the most runs in women’s T20 cricket reveals stories of exceptional talent and consistent performances. 

This article spotlights the top 10 run-scorers in Women’s T20 Cricket, highlighting their journey and contributions to the sport.

From strategic gameplay to mastering varied bowling attacks, these cricketers have showcased remarkable skill and stability, thereby etching their names in cricketing history.

List of Most Runs In Women’s T20 Cricket

Sr. No.PlayerCountryRunsInnings50s100sBest Strike Rate
1.Suzie BatesNew Zealand3953143261124*109.19
2.Meg LanningAustralia3405121152133*116.37
3.Stafanie TaylorWest Indies32351132290100.90
4.Harmanpreet KaurIndia3154140111103106.61
5.Sophie DevineNew Zealand3020119171105121.72
6.Smriti MandhanaIndia29341182287123.07
7.Bismah MaroofPakistan27611291270*92.00
8.Deandra DottinWest Indies2697125122112*122.81
9.Chamari AthapaththuSri Lanka265112081113106.20
10.Charlotte EdwardsEngland2605931292*106.93

1. Suzie Bates

Leading the chart for the most runs in Women’s T20 cricket, Suzie Bates of New Zealand has accumulated a remarkable 3953 runs in 146 matches, boasting an admirable average of 29.94.

Not only has she been a consistent run-scorer, but Bates has also been a valuable all-rounder, contributing 56 wickets to her team. 

Her consistency and ability to balance both batting and bowling have been pivotal in her team’s success in the T20 format.

While Suzie Bates is renowned for her prowess with the bat, her journey in cricket began as a fast bowler. 

Her transition to an opening batter was beneficial for her and New Zealand Women’s Cricket, providing them with a stable start across tournaments. 

2. Meg Lanning

Securing her position with the second-most runs in Women’s T20 cricket, Meg Lanning, the Australian top-order batter, has tallied 3405 runs in 132 matches.

Her impressive average of 36.61 and the ability to smash centuries, with 2 to her name in T20Is, showcase her reliability and prowess as a batter, making her a cornerstone of the Australian women’s cricket team.

Meg Lanning, often referred to as the ‘Megastar’ in Australian cricketing circles, was the youngest Australian (male or female) to score an international century at just 18 years of age. 

Her leadership skills were recognized early on, and she was handed the captaincy of the Australian Women’s team at the age of 21, making her the youngest-ever captain. 

Lanning has been a beacon of consistency and has often been the rock of Australia’s batting line-up in crucial tournaments.

3. Stafanie Taylor

Stafanie Taylor, the stalwart Caribbean captain, has carved her name in the list of players with the most runs in Women’s T20 cricket, clinching the third position in this elite tally.

She has accumulated 3235 runs in 116 matches with an impressive average of 35.54. 

Taylor, with her 22 fifties and being a crucial part of the West Indies Women’s side, has showcased her ability to lead from the front, both as a captain and a top-order batter.

Stafanie Taylor, born in Jamaica, started playing cricket with her brothers using a mango tree branch as a bat. 

Her journey from there to becoming one of the most successful all-rounders in Women’s T20 Cricket is nothing short of inspiring. 

Taylor, who is known for her calm and composed demeanour on the field, has been a guiding force for the young talents emerging from the Caribbean, ensuring that the team maintains a competitive edge in the international circuit.

4. Harmanpreet Kaur

Harmanpreet Kaur, the Indian skipper, has made a mark with 3154 runs in 155 matches, placing her fourth in the list of most runs in Women’s T20 cricket.

Her powerful striking, exemplified by a strike rate of 106.61, an average of 28.16, and a high score of 103, has been instrumental in several of India’s victories in the format.

Harmanpreet Kaur, hailing from Moga, Punjab, took to cricket watching her male counterparts, and aspired to break the norms from a very young age. 

Her aggressive batting style is often compared to Virender Sehwag. 

Kaur made history by becoming the first Indian woman to sign a Big Bash League contract in 2016, paving the way for many more Indian women to participate in overseas leagues.

5. Sophie Devine

Sophie Devine, the Kiwi all-rounder, has showcased consistent performances, amassing 3020 runs in 122 T20 matches, and is celebrated among those with the most runs in Women’s T20 cricket.

Her 17 fifties and valuable all-round contributions have been vital in strengthening New Zealand’s position in the T20 format.

Sophie Devine, a dual-sport athlete, has represented New Zealand in both cricket and hockey. 

Her power-hitting is well-known, but her record of the fastest fifty in Women’s T20 Cricket, off just 18 balls, underscores her ability to change the game within a few overs. 

Devine’s leadership has been crucial in guiding the White Ferns, especially in high-pressure situations, showcasing her ability to lead from the front.

6. Smriti Mandhana

Smriti Mandhana, lighting up the Indian opening, has emerged as a revelation in recent years, tallying 2934 runs in 122 T20I matches, and is recognized for having one of the most runs in Women’s T20 cricket.

Her ability to provide solid starts and build big partnerships has been crucial for the Indian team.

Smriti Mandhana, hailing from a cricketing family, was inspired to take up the sport by watching her brother play. 

Known for her graceful batting and elegant shot-making, Mandhana was the only Indian player to be named in the ICC Women’s Team of the Year 2016. 

Her ability to adapt to different playing conditions has seen her succeed in various global leagues, making her a crucial player in the Indian setup.

7. Bismah Maroof

Bismah Maroof, leading Pakistan with steadiness, has contributed 2761 runs in 135 matches, marking her presence among the cricketers with the most runs in Women’s T20 cricket.

Her leadership and ability to contribute valuable runs have been essential for the Pakistani women’s cricket team in T20Is.

Bismah Maroof, who took up cricket at 7, broke into the Pakistan under-21 team at just 15. 

Her journey from playing street cricket with boys to captaining the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team is a testament to her dedication and commitment to the sport. 

Maroof, known for her tactical approach, has been instrumental in building a competitive women’s team for Pakistan, often leading by example with her performances.

8. Deandra Dottin

Deandra Dottin, the formidable West Indian all-rounder, by scoring 2697 runs and maintaining an average of 25.68, has established herself as a force in the list of most runs in Women’s T20 cricket.

Her power-hitting and ability to change the game with both bat and ball have been crucial for the West Indies. 

Deandra Dottin, known for her explosive batting, was the first woman to score a century in T20Is, achieving the feat in the 2010 T20 World Cup. 

Her all-round abilities have been crucial for the West Indies, providing them with both batting firepower and critical breakthroughs with the ball. 

Dottin’s aggressive approach and never-say-die attitude have been the key to several West Indies’ memorable victories.

9. Chamari Athapaththu

Chamari Athapaththu, wielding her bat for Sri Lanka, has been a pivotal player in the T20 format and holds a respectable position in the tally of most runs in Women’s T20 cricket.

With a flamboyant batting style and the ability to take on any bowling attack, Athapaththu has made a significant impact in Women’s T20 cricket. 

With an average of 22.65 and a strike rate of 106.20, she has been a crucial player for Sri Lanka, often providing them with solid starts and setting up the platform for substantial totals. 

Chamari Athapaththu’s aggressive batting style has often been compared to that of Sanath Jayasuriya. 

Athapaththu has been a beacon for Sri Lanka Women’s Cricket, often single-handedly guiding them to competitive totals with her batting exploits.

10. Charlotte Edwards

Charlotte Edwards, the former English captain, has been a stalwart, significantly contributing with the bat and leading her team with distinction, thereby securing her legacy among those with the most runs in Women’s T20 cricket.

Her average of 32.97 reflects her ability to score runs consistently and play match-winning innings. 

With a strike rate of 106.93, Edwards was known for her ability to find the gaps and keep the scoreboard ticking. 

Her leadership and batting have been instrumental in England’s success in the T20 format, making her one of the legends of the game.

Charlotte Edwards, who made her debut for England at the age of 16, went on to become one of the most successful captains in Women’s Cricket. 

Under her leadership, England won the Women’s World Cup and the T20 World Cup in 2009. 

Edwards, who has played in every edition of the Women’s World Cup from 1997 to 2017, has been a stalwart for England Women’s Cricket, contributing significantly both with the bat and as a leader.

Did You Know?

  1. Suzie Bates was a part of the New Zealand Women’s Basketball team at the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  1. Meg Lanning was named Wisden’s Leading Woman Cricketer in the World in 2015.
  1. Stafanie Taylor was the first person to score 1,000 runs in Women’s T20Is for the West Indies.
  1. Smriti Mandhana was the third Indian woman to score a century in T20Is.
  1. Bismah Maroof is the youngest captain in the history of the Pakistan Women’s Cricket team.
  1. Harmanpreet Kaur played a spectacular inning of 171* runs not out in the 2017 Women’s World Cup semi-final against Australia, which is regarded as one of the greatest ODI innings in women’s cricket.
  1. Sophie Devine holds the record for the fastest fifty in Women’s T20Is, reaching the milestone in just 18 balls against India in 2015.
  1. Deandra Dottin was the first woman to score a century in T20Is and remains the only woman to have scored two T20I centuries.
  1. Chamari Athapaththu scored an unbeaten 178 against Australia in the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup, which is the third-highest score in Women’s World Cup history.
  1. Charlotte Edwards was the youngest woman to play for England when she made her debut in 1996 at the age of 16.


The tales of triumph and determination from the leading run-scorers in Women’s T20 cricket have woven a rich tapestry that showcases the vibrant and dynamic nature of the sport. 

Suzie Bates, Meg Lanning, and their contemporaries have amassed the most runs in Women’s T20 cricket and crafted narratives of perseverance, skill, and an unyielding dedication to the game.

Their journeys, distinct yet similarly inspiring, have elevated the stature of women’s cricket on the global stage, providing a robust platform for aspiring cricketers to build upon.

The stories of these athletes, who have successfully etched their names in the record books for the most runs in Women’s T20 cricket, serve as a testament to their prowess and the growing prominence of the sport.

From Bates’s remarkable consistency to Lanning’s formidable captaincy and from Taylor’s unwavering stability to Edwards’s legendary career, each player has sculpted her unique legacy.

They have accumulated runs and built a foundation that will undoubtedly support and inspire the next generation of cricketers.

These athletes have transcended boundaries, shattered ceilings, and constructed a pathway that future cricketers will tread upon, aspiring to emulate their heroes who once graced the field, scoring the most runs in Women’s T20 cricket.

Their legacies, in both records and spirit, will continue to inspire countless future cricketers to chase their dreams.

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