Players who played 100 test matches

The Test match format is the ultimate test of a cricketer’s skill, endurance, and mental fortitude. 

It is a format that has been the cornerstone of cricket for over a century. 

In India, a country where cricket is akin to a religion, representing the nation in 100 Test matches is a monumental achievement. 

This article delves into the illustrious list of Indian cricketers who have reached this milestone, examining their contributions and impact on the game.

Here is a list of Indian players who played 100 Test matches:

Sr. No. Name of the PlayerNo. of Test matches RunsWicketsRole
1Sachin Tendulkar2001592146Batsman
2Rahul Dravid163132651Batsman
3VVS Laxman13487812Batsman
4Anil Kumble1322506619Bowler
5Kapil Dev 1315248434All-Rounder
6Sunil Gavaskar125101221Batsman
7Dilip Vengsarkar1166868Batsman
8Sourav Ganguly113721232Batsman
9Virat Kohli1118676Batsman
10Ishant Sharma105785311Bowler
11Harbhajan Singh1032224417Bowler
12Virender Sehwag1038503Batsman
13Cheteshwar Pujara103716840Batsman

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Often referred to as the ‘God of Cricket,’ Sachin Tendulkar is the only cricketer to have played 200 Test matches. 

Among players who played 100 Test matches, he holds the record for the most runs scored in Tests, amassing 15,921 runs. 

When Tendulkar reached his 100th Test match, he already had 31 centuries under his belt, showcasing his consistent brilliance.

2. Rahul Dravid 

Known as ‘The Wall,’ Dravid has played 163 Tests and is a standout among players who played 100 Test matches. 

He holds the record for facing the most number of balls in Test cricket and is currently the head coach of the Indian team. 

Dravid’s 100th Test match was marked by a crucial 93-run knock against England, epitomizing his role as “The Wall” of Indian cricket.

3. VVS Laxman 

Famous for his elegant batting, Laxman has played 134 Tests. 

He is the best known among players who played 100 Test matches for his record 376-run stand with Dravid against Australia in 2001. 

Laxman’s 100th Test against Australia in Nagpur was memorable for his vital 64 in the second innings, a typical crisis-man performance.

4. Anil Kumble 

India’s most successful Test bowler, Kumble, has taken 619 wickets in 132 Tests. He is famous for taking all ten wickets in an innings against Pakistan. 

In his 100th Test, Kumble took seven wickets against Sri Lanka, proving why he was India’s leading spinner.

5. Kapil Dev 

The all-rounder who led India to its first World Cup win in 1983 has played 131 Tests. 

Among players who played 100 Test matches, he is the only cricketer with more than 400 wickets and 5,000 runs in Tests. 

Kapil’s 100th Test match was special as he achieved it at 30, highlighting his fitness and longevity.

6. Sunil Gavaskar

A pioneer in opening batting, Gavaskar played 125 Tests and was the first batter to score 10,000 Test runs. 

Gavaskar scored a century in his 100th Test match, a fitting tribute to his status as one of the finest openers in cricket history.

7. Dilip Vengsarkar 

Known for his consistency, Vengsarkar played 116 Tests and is notable among players who played 100 Test matches for scoring three consecutive centuries at Lord’s. 

His 100th Test match was against Pakistan, and he marked it with a solid 50, showcasing his ability to play well against quality opposition.

8. Sourav Ganguly 

The former Indian captain and current BCCI president played 113 Tests, scoring 7,212 runs. 

Ganguly’s 100th Test match was unique as he was the captain, and he scored a century, encapsulating his leadership and batting skills.

9. Virat Kohli 

The modern-day legend has played 111 Tests and scored 8676 runs. He is the key figure among players who played 100 Test matches. 

He played his 100th Test in March 2022 against Sri Lanka, marking it with a win against England, underlining his impact as a batsman and a leader.

10. Ishant Sharma

The second Indian seamer to play 105 Tests, Ishant has 311 wickets from 105 Tests. 

Sharma’s 100th Test match against England saw him taking crucial wickets, emphasizing his role as a workhorse for the Indian team.

11. Harbhajan Singh 

The off-spinner has 417 wickets in 103 Tests and is the first Indian to take a Test hat-trick. 

In his 100th Test match, Harbhajan contributed with both bat and ball, highlighting his all-round skills.

12. Virender Sehwag 

Known for his explosive batting, Sehwag played 103 Tests and scored 8,503 runs. 

Sehwag’s 100th Test match was memorable for his quick 25 off 21 balls, encapsulating his aggressive approach to batting.

13. Cheteshwar Pujara

The latest entrant to the club, Pujara, played his 100th Test in February 2023 against Australia. 

Pujara’s 100th Test match against Australia was marked by a gritty performance, underlining his importance in the Test format.

The Next Generation: Future Prospects for the 100-Test Club

As we celebrate the illustrious careers of Indian players who played 100 Test matches, it’s crucial to cast an eye toward the future. 

The next generation of Indian cricketers is brimming with talent, and some have already shown signs of promise that they could join this elite list of players who played 100 Test matches.

Rishabh Pant with his explosive batting and agile wicketkeeping, has already made a mark in Test cricket. 

His fearless approach and ability to change the course of a game single-handedly make him a strong contender to be among future players who played 100 Test matches. 

His performances in Australia and England have shown that he has the mettle to perform on the big stage, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him reach the 100-Test milestone in the years to come.

Shubman Gill, another rising star, has showcased his class and technique in the opportunities he’s received. 

Known for his elegant stroke play and solid defence, Gill has the potential to be a long-term opener for India in Tests. 

If he continues his current trajectory, he could be among the esteemed group of players who played 100 Test matches.

Both Pant and Gill have displayed the skills, temperament, and passion for the game that are often the hallmarks of players who go on to have long, successful careers in Test cricket. 

As they continue to grow and gain experience, it will be exciting to see if they can uphold the legacy of Indian players who played 100 Test matches, adding their chapters to this rich history.


Playing 100 Test matches is a remarkable achievement that signifies skill, durability, and mental toughness. 

From Sachin Tendulkar’s unparalleled records to Rahul Dravid’s unbreakable defence and Virat Kohli’s modern-day heroics, these players have etched their names in the annals of cricketing history. 

They have set high standards and serve as inspirations for the next generation of cricketers. 

Their contributions go beyond mere statistics; they have been game-changers, leaders, and masters of their craft. 

Their remarkable achievements show how much India loves cricket and never gives up.

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