Shortest Cricketer of All Time

In the realm of cricket, where towering figures often dominate the field, there exists a remarkable cadre of individuals who have defied expectations and excelled despite their relatively diminutive stature.

These remarkable height-defying athletes have not only showcased their exceptional skills but have also emphatically proven that size is by no means a hindrance in the world of cricket. This testament to their prowess becomes even more evident when considering the top 10 shortest cricketers of all time on the international stage.

While the West Indies is renowned for producing tall and robust players, it is noteworthy that the Indian subcontinent, in particular, has been a fertile ground for nurturing cricketers of more modest height.

This is clearly demonstrated by the significant presence of such remarkable individuals within our top 10 list of shortest cricketers who have made indelible marks in the international cricket arena.

Below is the list of the Top 10 Shortest Cricketers of All Time: 

S.NShortest Cricketer NameCricketer HeightCricketer Team
1Kruger Van Wyk4’9”New Zealand
2Tich Cornford5’0”England
3Mushfiqur Rahim5’3”Bangladesh
4Mominul Haque5’3”Bangladesh
5Gundappa Vishwanath5’3”India
6Parthiv Patel5’3”India
7Sachin Tendulkar5’4”India
8Kedar Jadhav5’4”India
9Temba Bavuma5’4”South Africa
10Sunil Gavaskar5’5”India

Below are the details of the Top 10 Shortest Cricketers of All Time: 

1. Kruger Van Wyk- New Zealand: 4’9″

Kruger Van Wyk holds the distinction of being the shortest cricketer ever to grace the game. Hailing from South Africa and later representing New Zealand, this 5-foot-tall wicketkeeper-batsman made his debut as a replacement for BJ Watling but struggled to secure a permanent spot.

Van Wyk’s international career consisted of just nine Test matches, with his highest score being a modest 71. Although he didn’t leave a lasting mark in international cricket, his unique stature garnered attention.

2. Tich Cornford England: 5’0″

In the world of cricket, where physical stature often takes a back seat to skills and technique, it’s remarkable to see players like Van Wyk make their mark.

His height of around 5 feet might not have made him famous, but it highlights the inclusivity of the sport.

3. Mushfiqur Rahim-Bangladesh: 5’3″

Another short-statured cricketer on our list hails from Bangladesh, with Mushfiqur Rahim standing at a similar height of 1.61 meters.

Despite his compact frame, Rahim has been a dependable and consistent batsman for Bangladesh, also excelling as a wicketkeeper. He even served as the captain of the national team.

4. Mominul Haque-Bangladesh: 5’3″

Mominul Haque, another notable entry from Bangladesh, is one of their premier Test batsmen. With an impressive average of 44, Haque has featured in 33 Test matches and holds the unique record of 11 consecutive Test half-centuries for Bangladesh.

Besides his batting prowess, Haque dabbles in spin bowling.

5. Gundappa Vishwanath-India: 5’3″

Gundappa Vishwanath, an Indian cricketer, also makes the list of shortest cricketers. Standing at a diminutive height, Vishwanath was a prolific batsman in the Indian team, amassing over 6,000 runs in 91 Test matches at an average of 41.

After retiring from the game, he served as an ICC match referee from 1999 to 2004 and received the prestigious Col. C. K. Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009, a testament to his contributions to Indian cricket.

6. Parthiv Patel-India: 5’4″ 

Being born in India with aspirations of becoming a wicketkeeper-batsman during the era of MS Dhoni was an uphill struggle. The emergence of Dhoni marked the decline of numerous cricketing careers, and one such casualty was that of Parthiv Patel.

His journey began in 2002 and concluded in 2018, but it was marked by a relatively limited international presence: 25 Tests, 38 ODIs, and 2 T20Is. Despite this, Patel did find opportunities to showcase his skills in several IPL matches.

7. Sachin Tendulkar-India: 5’4″ 

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, arguably the greatest cricketer ever, was recently honoured as the Greatest Test batsman of the 21st century by a panel of 50 experts. From an early age, his cricketing prowess was evident, and he fulfilled his destiny as one of the sport’s greatest.

Throughout his career spanning decades, Tendulkar shattered numerous batting records. He remains the sole player to amass a staggering 34,000 international runs, a seemingly unbeatable achievement.

Known as the “Little Master” due to his 5.41 ft stature, Tendulkar’s unique height proved advantageous, allowing him to master shots like the uppercut and paddle sweep.

He played a significant role in popularizing cricket in India, showcasing that short height in cricket need not hinder one from reaching extraordinary heights.

8.Kedar Jadhav-India: 5’4″ 

Kedar Jadhav, celebrated for his versatile skills, earned his place in the 2019 World Cup squad. Having debuted in 2014, this cricketer from Maharashtra established himself as a regular in the ODI team.

His remarkable strike rate of 103 in 50-over cricket underscores his capacity to unleash aggressive shots right from the outset. Furthermore, Jadhav has emerged as a valuable bowling option, having secured 27 wickets in 59 ODIs.

However, his future within the team has come into question following a lacklustre ODI series in New Zealand, which saw India suffer a whitewash.

9. Temba Bavuma-South Africa: 5’4”

Temba Bavuma, renowned in South African cricket for his exceptional batting prowess and exceptional fielding skills, has carved out a remarkable niche in international cricket. Despite initial scepticism, Bavuma’s appointment as the captain of South Africa’s white-ball cricket team has proven to be a judicious choice.

Standing at just 5.4 feet, he defies the norm as one of the shortest cricketers ever, yet he has led the side with aplomb and displayed remarkable composure in challenging situations.

10. Sunil Gavaskar-India: 5’5″

Another stalwart Indian cricketer gracing this list is none other than Sunil Gavaskar. He achieved the distinction of being the first batsman to breach the 10,000-run milestone in Test Cricket.

Gavaskar’s feats in the sport earned him the moniker of the ‘Little Master,’ a title that subtly acknowledges his shorter stature. Nevertheless, Gavaskar’s name remains firmly ensconced in the pantheon of the world’s greatest batsmen.


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