Shortest ODI Matches

The unpredictable nature of One Day International (ODI) cricket matches, which may result in fierce competition and unexpected outcomes, is one of the sport’s most exciting features.

Sometimes ODI competitions conclude much faster than expected, providing entertaining but fleeting entertainment.

We examine the ten shortest ODI matches in history in this compilation. These contests featured outstanding skill from the teams, flawless performances, or spectacular collapses that ended in a flash.

These records demonstrate the sport’s energy, as even in limited-overs formats, matches may be determined in astonishingly short amounts of time, leaving players and viewers alike amazed by the unpredictable turns and turns of the game.

List of the Top 10 Shortest ODI Matches:

1ZimbabweSri Lanka2001
3CanadaSri Lanka2003
4ZimbabweSri Lanka2004
5BangladeshWest Indies2011
6BangladeshWest Indies2011
9PakistanSri Lanka2002

1. Zimbabwe Vs Sri Lanka 2001

Let’s begin the list of shortest ODI matches with the well-known encounter between Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, which is also remembered for the outstanding bowling display of left-arm fast bowler Chaminda Vass, who became the first player in his nation to record a hat trick during the game.

In contrast, Vass recorded his career-best stats of 8 wickets for 19 runs, which remains the record and is associated with him. Zimbabwe, the West Indies, and host Sri Lanka competed in a triangular event.

In the opening game of the competition, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka faced off in Colombo. The hosts, having won the toss, elected to bowl first rather than waste the captain’s time.

2. Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh 2009

Before the fourth game of the five-game ODI series, the hosts, Bangladesh, had already taken a 2-1 lead. Zimbabwe still had the opportunity to win the series from here, so they elected to bat first after winning the toss.

However, they quickly ran into difficulty when they lost four wickets for eight runs.

In an attempt to worsen matters, they have lost the final six wickets for less than 12 runs after losing Stuart Matsikenyeri’s wicket for 32 runs.

Shakib Al Hasan took three wickets for eight runs as Zimbabwe was all out at 44 runs. This was the second in the list of shortest ODI matches ever.

3. Canada vs Sri Lanka 2003

In the tournament’s eighteenth game, Sri Lanka faced off against Canada in the 2003 World Cup.

The captain of Sri Lanka chose to bowl first after winning the toss, and before anyone could comprehend anything, Canada lost six wickets for 12 runs.

Only 24 runs are scored by Canada’s final 4 wickets, and they are all out at 36 runs.

With nine wickets in hand in 4.4 overs, Sri Lanka quickly knocked down the mark in response. Chaminda Vass’s opening bowling performance yielded three wickets for fifteen runs, once again. This was the third in the list of shortest ODI matches ever.

5. Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka 2004

Once more, the two teams have faced off in a three-match ODI series. Zimbabwe was the destination of Sri Lanka’s test and ODI series, which the country convincingly won.

However, most people remember the third ODI match of the series for having the lowest score in ODI cricket history and the fourth in the list of shortest ODI matches ever.

Without any surprise, the captain of Sri Lanka chose to bowl first after winning the toss.

With a score of 18/1, Zimbabwe appeared to be in control, but then they bowled out 35 runs in the first innings, causing an unbelievable collapse. They are now nine wickets short of the required 17 runs.

5. Bangladesh vs West Indies 2011

The last match of the three-match ODI series was held in Chittagong, with the visitors (the West Indies) having already won 2-0.

Carlos Brathwaite made his West Indies ODI debut in that same match.

After winning the toss and opting to bowl first, Bangladesh’s captain managed to restrict the West Indies to a meagre 61 runs thanks to the outstanding bowling of Shakib Al Hasan, who returned with 4 wickets at 16 runs.

Bangladesh, in response, took eight wickets as they pursued the mark. Because of his finest bowling performance, Shakib Al Hasan was named Man of the Match. This was the fifth in the list of shortest ODI matches ever.

6. Bangladesh vs West Indies 2011

Before Bangladesh’s lowest-scoring humiliation of the West Indies on their soil. Both teams are at odds in match number 19 of the 2011 World Cup.

The captain of Bangladesh won the toss and chose to bat first, but oddly, that was a bad move because they were bowled out for 58 runs.

West Indies responded by chasing the score while holding nine wickets. Kemar Roach was named Man of the Match for his 19 runs attained from 3 wickets. Sulieman Benn, meanwhile, took four wickets for eighteen runs. This was the sixth in the list of shortest ODI matches ever.

7. Kenya vs Canada 2007

The countries that qualified for the 2007 World Cup played in the ICC World Cricket Division One season of 2006.

In the 14th division match, Kenya chose to bat first and Canada (visitors) were bowled out at 92 runs in the second innings despite being set a goal of 251 runs.

Thomas Odoyo was named Man of the Match for his bowling performance, taking four wickets for 39 runs. Peter Ongodo, meanwhile, claimed five wickets at 51 runs. This was the seventh in the list of shortest ODI matches ever.

8. Bermuda vs Canada 2007

Bermuda and Canada play each other again in the same ICC World Cricket Division One. Rain forced the match to be trimmed to 21–21 overs, therefore Bermuda, having won the toss, elected to bowl first.

In their allotted 21 overs, Canada amassed 162 runs while losing 8 wickets.

However, Bermuda failed to pursue the goal and was all out at 106 runs after having been 31/2 at one point. For ten runs, Sunil Dhaniram claimed four wickets. This was the eighth in the list of shortest ODI matches ever.

9. Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2002

It was the triangular competition between New Zealand, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. In the tournament final, Pakistan, the hosts, will face Sri Lanka. After winning the toss, they will choose to bat first.

In the 50 overs allotted to them, Pakistan managed to score 295 runs for six wickets.

Mohammad Yousuf scored an incredible century in 129 balls. Sri Lanka, in response, could only muster 78 runs in the second innings and ultimately lost the match and the series by 217 runs, the ninth in the list of shortest ODI matches ever.

10. Namibia vs Australia 2003

It was the Senwes Park World Cup 2003 match and the shortest ODI matches, between the Australian Predators and Namibia’s minnows.

The captain of Australia chose to bat after winning the toss, and they amassed enormous points on the scoreboard—301 runs in the permitted 50 overs for six wickets.

Darren Lehmann, Andrew Symonds, and Mathew Hayden all made significant contributions with their half-centuries.

The opposition was all out at 45 runs in response, and they lost the game by a score of 251 runs. In 7 overs, Glenn McGrath took 7 wickets for 15 runs, including 4 maidens.

Namibia is humbled by the Australians after only 14 overs of play in the second innings. This was the tenth in the list of shortest ODI matches ever.


In the world of cricket, succinctness frequently conveys a tale of outstanding success, astounding collapses, and the unexpected turns that add so much intrigue to the game.

The shortest ODI matches in history are listed here, demonstrating how quickly cricket matches may be decided.

These fleeting but passionate meetings serve as a reminder that, just like in life, the most memorable moments in cricket may be just as fleeting as they are astounding, making a lasting impression on the extensive history of the game.

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