Top wrestlers in wwe

There have been many top wrestlers of WWE who earned great success financially. But some other bunch of wrestlers marked their success with their persona and performances.

They have worked hard to achieve this name and the success they have today. We have gathered the list of 30 top wrestlers in WWE based on their performances, passion, persona, and the records they hold in the wrestling industry. 

Below is the list of 30 top Wrestlers in WWE. 

Sr.NoWrestler NameFull Name
1Stone ColdSteve Austin
2The UndertakerMark William Calaway
3Hulk HoganTerry Eugene Bollea
4Ric FlairRichard Morgan Fliehr
5Randy SavageRandy Mario Poffo
6Shawn MichaelsMichael Shawn Hickenbottom
7The RockDwayne Douglas Johnson
8Triple HPaul Michael Levesque
9Kurt AngleKurt Steven Angle
10John CenaJohn Felix Anthony Cena Jr.
11Dusty RhodesVirgil Riley Runnels Jr.
12Mick FoleyMichael Francis Foley
13Eddie GuerreroEduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes
14Chris BenoitChristopher Michael Benoit
15Bill GoldbergWilliam Scott Goldberg
16Rey MysterioÓscar Gutiérrez
17AJ StylesAllen Neal Jones
18Roman ReignsLeati Joseph Anoaʻi
19Brock LesnarBrock Edward Lesnar
20Braun StrowmanAdam Scherr
21Seth RollinsColby Lopez
22Kevin OwensKevin Yanick Steen
23CM PunkPhillip Jack Brooks
24Drew McIntyreAndrew McLean Galloway
25Bobby LashleyFranklin Roberto Lashley
26Sami ZaynRami Sebei
27Adam PearceAdam John Pearce
29Akira TozawaAkira Tozawa
30Bray WyattWindham Rotunda

Below are the details of the 30 top Wrestlers in WWE:

1.  Stone Cold

Stone Cold is the most deserving candidate to be one of the top wrestlers in WWE. Steve Cold’s real name is Steve Austin. Although Steve Cold has retired from WWE.

But his contribution to WWE made him the top star player. The wrestling industry has seen some of the greatest battles because of him.

He is the one unique player who is incomparable to any other player. Other than wrestling, Steve Austin has done acting, hosting, and has done a podcast show for his YouTube channel. 

2. The Undertaker 

Anyone who is a fan of WWE knows the name The Undertaker. His real name is Mark William Calaway. In wrestling, he was always famous by the name “The Undertaker”.

He started his wrestling career in 1987. The Undertakers used to wear masks while wrestling.

He is someone with innumerable awards and has been the owner of the WWE Championship 4 times. 1991 was the year he came first on the big screen.

Undertaker has an immense fan following. He is seen as a role model to many young wrestlers. No wonder he is one of the top wrestlers in WWE. 

 3. Hulk Hogan 

Hulk Hogan is renowned as not only one of the finest fighters but also the most internationally acclaimed wrestler, arguably one of the most accomplished of the 1980s.

Following his victory over Iron Sheik, he received the WWE championship belt in 1984. Besides his wrestling career, Hogan displayed business acumen by investing in the food industry.

4. Ric Flair  

The full name of this legendary figure is Richard Morgan Fliehr. He dedicated five decades of his life to the wrestling industry. Ric is on the list of top wrestlers in WWE.

On December 26 of last year, Peacock released a documentary titled “Woooooo! Becoming Ric Flair,” which chronicles the life of Ric Flair.

Additionally, Ric has ventured into business, collaborating with well-known personalities like Mike Tyson.

5. Randy Savage 

Randy Savage is often referred to by his nickname “Macho Man,”. Randy was the wrestler who was very quick to show that he wasn’t just capable of holding his ground against WWF heavyweights Rocky; he could even surpass them.

Randy Savage the pro wrestler also secured impressive victories. This claim got him the King of the Ring title and the World Championship belt on six occasions.

6. Shawn Michaels

The wrestler Shawn Michaels is originally from America. He is one of the greatest top wrestlers in WWE. Shawn Michaels is the only wrestler to grace the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stage.

Shawn has won an impressive record. One of them is having the “PWI Match of the Year” award for comprehensive 11 times.

7. Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock.”

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson came into this world on May 2, 1972. He is one of the most loved iconic figures in the wrestling industry. Rock is counted as one of the top wrestlers in WWE.  

Dwayne Johnson is not just a wrestler, but he has also ventured his foot into acting and producing. The Rock has a wrestling family background. And as per his family tradition, he stepped wonderfully to contribute to the wrestling industry.

However, Dwayne was earlier keen to pursue football. However, after getting injured he left football. 1996 was the year in which he started wrestling by using the name “Rocky Maivia.”

Afterwards, he appeared in his acting debut through a television show named “That Wrestling Show.”

8. Triple H 

Triple H is a veteran American professional wrestler. He is renowned for his remarkable career. Not only in the wrestling ring but outside too.

Triple H had immense diversified ventures as a pro wrestler with ample strength and success. Currently, Triple H has dual roles as a corporate executive and an artist.

Triple H gained immense success throughout his pro wrestling journey. He was seen as someone with remarkable portrayals of antagonistic characters.

He became a pro at holding audiences with his villain persona. Which earned him a reputation as one of the most compelling antagonists in the wrestling world.

9. Kurt Angle 

Kurt Angle, born on December 9, 1968, achieved Olympic glory by winning a gold medal. As a professional wrestler, he has since retired, leaving a lasting impact on the sport.

Regarded by many as one of the finest wrestlers in history, he earned a place among the elites in the wrestling world.

Beyond his wrestling career, Kurt Angle has ventured into acting, showcasing his versatility. His remarkable achievements in both sports and entertainment have cemented his status as a legend in the industry.

10. John Cena

Undoubtedly, John Cena stands as one of the most veteran figures in WWE’s history. Unlike many wrestlers, he possesses a unique ability to elevate the performances of underdogs.

John Cena’s outstanding talent for bringing out the best in his opponents has resulted in numerous unforgettable and iconic matches. John Cena is seen as one of the top wrestlers in WWE of all time.

11. Dusty Rhodes 

Dusty Rhodes is number eleven on the list of top wrestlers in WWE. Dusty Rhodes’ well-deserved Hall of Fame induction reflects his successful career in the WWF, WCW, and TNA.

Dusty proved to be a formidable opponent for Ric Flair, winning numerous World Championships and cementing his place in the wrestling world. 

12. Mick Foley 

Mick Foley rose to prominence in the WWE as a massive star and a fan favourite. He was recognized for his adventurous approach, always eager to take risks and go above and beyond.

Eleven times he won the tag team championship and three times he won the WWF crown.

13. Eddie Guerrero 

Eddie Guerrero is undeniably one of the most influential and legendary figures in the history of professional wrestling. He is counted as one of the top wrestlers in WWE history.

The WWE recognizes him as the greatest pro wrestler. Unfortunately, he died due to a sudden heart attack, as declared by the investigation. 

14. Chris Benoit 

Chris Benoit started his training at the young age of 12. He was determined to pursue a career in the wrestling industry. He started his prep very early to master skills in his teens.

Chris began his career in sports entertainment in 1985, and his arrival consisted of a compelling performance.

It was evident that his competitors were scared by his movements. Chris was given the name “Dynamite” because of his incredible strength and agility.

15. Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg has won the WWE Championship 3 times. Before playing with WWE, Bill Goldberg was already a famous wrestler in World Championship Wrestling.

In the very first matches of WWE Bill emerged unbeaten. This made him the longest-reigning unbeaten wrestler in the wrestling industry. Goldberg’s victory against Hulk Hogan in wrestling made him more famous than ever. 

16. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio was known as the ultimate challenger in the wrestling industry. He is also one of the top wrestlers in WWE. Rey has also secured the record for being the shortest ever to win the World Championship in the wrestling field.

Rey Mysterio is a masked wrestling wonder. Rey has a large number of thrilling fans due to his exceptional performance for over twenty years.

17. AJ Styles

It would be an injustice to AJ Styles if he is not on the list of top wrestlers in WWE. Allen Neal Jones who is famously referred to by his name AJ Styles.

He is originally from the U.S. AJ Styles has always performed well to be a huge hit everywhere he has gone. Along with it, AJ Styles possesses remarkable ring savvy. Plus his spectacular acrobatic moves and outstanding self-assurance made him the star wrestler that he is. 

18. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is considered one of the most successful competitors in the history of wrestling. He is often called the Big Dog. Roman has always entered a battle whenever it is given to them, he never said no.

The Big Dog has shown his capability innumerable times that he can handle anyone in the wrestling ring. Along with immense success Roman holds. He secured fifteen championships to his name in WWE. 

19. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is considered the most potent Wrestling Elite player ever in the history of WWE. Brock Lesnar in his whole professional wrestling journey won several World Championships to his name.

In addition, Brock also holds the image of a dominant competitor from the time he first appeared in the wrestling ring. Brock’s wrestling name is  “The Beast Incarnate,” which indicates that he is fearless of his competitors. 

20. Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is widely recognized as a legendary wrestler  He is considered the most famous and influential wrestler in the history of the professional wrestling industry. 

The Fighter Adam Scherr or Braun comes from the United States. Braun Strowman started working for WWE in 2013. Later on, in the year 2022, Scherr re-signed the WWE contract. The champion Braun appeared in his first title defence on January 13, 2023.  

21. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is mostly recognized by his nickname which is “Freakin” Rollins. Seth is widely recognized as one of the top-notch fighters of all time in the wrestling industry. Moreover, his outstanding on-screen persona transformations and on-ring performances made him an excellent wrestler of all time.

Recently he got a knee injury in the wrestling ring. We hope that he comes back stronger with a speedy recovery to compete in wrestling. 

22. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is a top-notch wrestler all around the world. He is also the most famous wrestler globally of all time. Kevin is also the most successful and one of the top wrestlers in WWE. Although, he started his career battling very young which is in the year somewhere 16.

Ever since Kevin has been a consistently committed wrestler for nearly 20 years now. Yet his enthusiasm for the wrestling profession is still high. Maybe the same as when he started his career.

23. CM Punk

CM Punk, known for his inked hands, held the WWE Championship for an impressive 434 days. Despite being visually distinctive as a WWE champion, he never saw himself as a “megastar,” a term commonly used for WWE performers.

24. Drew Mcintyre

Drew McIntyre, the pro wrestler from Scotland, is currently contracted with WWE’s SmackDown. He has earned two WWE Championship victories. In addition, Drew Mcintyre has also won one WWE Intercontinental Championship. Hence, Drew Mcintyre is considered one of the top wrestlers in WWE.

25. Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley, a versatile American athlete, excels in various fields such as pro fighting, MMA, and weightlifting. As a bodybuilder, mixed martial artist, and professional wrestler, he is part of WWE’s Raw franchise. Lashley has a remarkable record of eight world championship wins, and his prowess in martial arts is widely recognized.

26. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn hails from Canada. The Canadian pro wrestler also known as Rami Sebei currently has a contract with WWE. He likes to use the name Sami Zayn in WWE. Sami Zayn wrestles as a part of the tag team The Bloodline.

Sami Zayn started competing as a professional wrestler on March 1, 2022. In this short span of his career, he managed to achieve several titles to his name already.

27. Adam Pearce

Before coming to WWE, Adam Peatrce was already a famous and successful in-ring wrestler in the local ring and worldwide. Once he started his WWE career.

He established himself as one of the top-tier NXT coaches. Within some time Adam was promoted in 2020 as WWE Official for Raw and SmackDown. Adam Pearce recently announced his update to fans on the status of his return to WWE television.

28. Gunther

Gunther was regarded as the top danger to the SmackDown dressing room. He is also one of the deadliest lethal heavyweights in Europe. With time Gunther has now elevated to new heights. Gunther is seen as a supremely talented wrestler of WWE who holds the Intercontinental Championship.

Gunther has impactful dominance across the rings. His competitors felt fear before he arrived in the rings. One of the most iconic shows of Gunther was revived on January 13, 2023. The Intercontinental Champion Gunther defended his belt against Braun Strowman. 

29. Akira Tozawa

Akira Tozawa is famously recognized as an aggressive Champion both inside and outside the ring. Akira Tozawa secured a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on August 14, 2017.

Akira is a courageous competitor who has wrestled against some of the biggest names in the wrestling world such as  Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

30. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt also referred to as Windham Rotunda is a pro wrestler. Rotunda’s family holds a wrestling background and he is from the third generation to serve.

Bray Wyatt’s father and uncle were part of the wrestling industry. Hence, several titles have been awarded to Bray Wyatt. 


The above list includes the top wrestlers in WWE who have success through their passion and hard work. It’s not about the most financially successful athletes in the world. Vince McMahon is one of the highest-paid wrestlers. But he is not on the above list of top wrestlers in WWE.

As mentioned above, it is evident that whether Stone Cold or John Cena, they have marked their place in the wrestling world with their high-end hard work. What we learn here is that not giving up is the key to success in your life. Now we see them as admirable role models.

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