Virat Kohli Captaincy record

Virat Kohli is currently the world’s best batsman. Nobody has achieved success as a cricketer compared to Virat Kohli. 

Coming to the Virat Kohli captaincy record itself speaks volumes about the kind of captain Kohli was. 

His captaincy period was between 2014 to 2022. Though his captaincy was remarkable in all the formats or franchises he led. Yet the kind of success he got for India in test matches is commendable. 

Virat Kohli announced his retirement as the captain of T20 in 2021 after the T20 World Cup. However, he left captaincy from all formats in 2022 after the test series against South Africa. 

After Dhoni, Virat has been a tremendous asset as a captain for the Indian team. Virat is known for his aggression and it also impacted his captaincy. Which resulted in the Indian team as the number-one team in the world. 

Here in this article, we will explore the Virat Kohli Captaincy Record (Tests, ODIs, T20Is, and IPL) in detail.

FormatDebut DateLast Game Date
Test Cricket9th December 201411th January 2022
ODI Cricket2nd July 201328th March 2021
T20I Cricket26th January 20178th November 2021
IPL11th May 201111th October 2021

Captaincy Transitions in Virat Kohli’s Career

1. T20 Captaincy Step-Down:

After the 2021 T20 World Cup, Kohli decided to retire from his role as the captain of the T20 format. However, the time was not in favour of the Indian team to say goodbye to such an incredible captain.

Yet Kohli took the call to retire from captaincy in the t20 format. Unfortunately, India’s performance in the tournament wasn’t up to expectations, making it an unfortunate farewell for Kohli as the T20 captain.

2. Controversial ODI Captaincy Change:

Just after the announcement Kohli made about the t20 captaincy retirement. The board of cricket took the call to remove him from the captaincy of the ODI format too.

In a somewhat controversial move, Kohli was removed from his position as the captain of the One Day Internationals (ODIs).

The selectors selected Rohit Sharma to take over the ODI leadership, starting with the series against South Africa.

3. Kohli’s Influence on Test Cricket:

Despite not achieving remarkable success as a captain in ICC events, Virat Kohli’s legacy as an Indian captain is closely associated with his incredible commitment to Test cricket.

He played an important role in elevating the status of Test cricket and had a significant impact on the Indian Test team.

Under his leadership, India even made it to the final of the World Test Championship in 2021.

4. Test Captaincy wins:

During his period as Test captain, Kohli’s leadership resulted in historic victories, including India’s first Test series win in Australia in nearly 71 years, dating back to 1948.

India also maintained the top spot in the ICC Test Rankings for an impressive 42 consecutive months, from October 2016 to early March 2020.

Virat Kohli was the key asset as the captain of test cricket of the Indian team. He made sure to tick all the boxes right to gain those humongous wins against strong opponent teams. 

5. Transition to Rohit Sharma:

Kohli eventually stepped down as the Test captain in 2022, with Rohit Sharma taking over as the captain for all formats in February 2022.

These captaincy changes, particularly Kohli’s removal from T20I and ODI leadership roles, created significant discussion and debate in Indian cricket circles.

We are yet to witness historic wins in test matches under the Rohit Sharma captaincy era. 

Virat Kohli Captaincy Record in Test Cricket: 

Virat Kohli Test Match Records 
Number of matches (As captain)68
Last match date (As captain)11 January 2022
Matches won (India)24
Matches won (Internationally) 15
Lost Matches16
Match Win rate58.82%

Virat Kohli took over as the captain of the Indian cricket team in Test matches from MS Dhoni in 2014. Under his leadership, the Indian team performed exceptionally well in the longer format of the game.

Here are some highlights about Virat Kohli captaincy records in Test cricket. They are stated below: 

1. Most Test Matches as Captain: Virat Kohli has led India in 68 Test matches, which is more than any other Indian captain in history. He broke the previous record held by MS Dhoni, who captained in 60 Test matches.

2. Success in the Fourth Batting Position: Kohli has been most successful as a batsman when he batted in the fourth position. He has scored nearly 6542 runs from this position, showing his consistency and ability to perform well.

3. Most Test Wins as Indian Captain: Kohli has 40 Test match wins to his name as the captain of the Indian team, making him the most successful Indian Test captain.

Under his leadership, India won 58.8% of the Test matches they played, which is the highest win percentage among all Indian captains.

4. Batting Performance as Captain: Kohli’s batting performance improved when he was the captain.

He averaged 54.80 runs when leading the team, compared to 39.46 runs when he was not the captain. He also scored a double century as captain, which he couldn’t achieve when not in the captaincy role.

5. Most Test Wins at Home: Kohli holds the record for the most Test wins by an Indian captain on home soil. His 24 Test wins at home surpassed MS Dhoni’s record of 21 Test wins as captain in India.

6. Most Test Centuries as Captain: Kohli scored 20 Test centuries while leading the Indian team, which is the second-highest number of centuries by a captain in Test cricket. Graeme Smith of South Africa holds the record with 25 centuries.

7. Unbeaten at Home: India did not lose any of the 11 Test series they played at home during Kohli’s captaincy. His aggressive leadership helped India establish a strong home record.

8. Double Centuries: Kohli has scored seven double centuries in his Test career, and all of them came when he was the captain of the Indian team. This makes him the captain with the most double centuries in Test cricket history.

9. Most Test Runs as Indian Captain: Kohli also holds the record for the most Test runs for India while playing as captain. In 66 Tests, he scored 5703 runs at a remarkable average of 55.36. His highest score was 254* against South Africa.

No wonder, Virat Kohli captaincy record in Test cricket has been very much impressive achievements.

Plus he managed to achieve remarkable milestones during his captaincy period as the leader of the Indian Test cricket team.  

Toss records of Virat Kohli in Test Matches: 

In Test matches as a captain, Virat Kohli captaincy record in winning the toss was as follows:

Toss Win Percentage:

– As the captain, Kohli won the toss in 45% of the matches.

Toss Outcomes:

– Out of the 68 matches he led as captain, Kohli managed to win the toss 31 times.

Toss Losses:

– Unfortunately, in 37 of those matches, he lost the toss.

These statistics reveal that Kohli’s success in winning the toss in Test matches as captain was at a 45% rate, with a fairly even distribution between wins and losses in the toss.

Virat Kohli Captaincy Record in ODIs: 

Virat Kohli ODI Records 
Number of matches (As captain) 95
Last match date (As captain)28 March 2021
Matches won (India) 24
Matches won (Internationally)29
Matches won (Neutral place) 12
Lost Matches27
Match Win rate68.42%

Virat Kohli has captained the Indian cricket team in 95 One Day International (ODI) matches. As the captain, he has achieved immense success in the ODI format. Here are the details of Virat Kohli Captaincy Record in the ODI:

1. 65 ODI Wins: Kohli led India to victory in 65 ODI matches as captain. This achievement places him as the fourth most successful ODI captain for India, with MS Dhoni, Sourav Ganguly, and Mohammed Azharuddin ahead of him in terms of wins.

2. Runs Scored: Kohli scored 5549 runs in ODI cricket while captaining India. This makes him the second-highest run-scorer among Indian ODI captains, with MS Dhoni leading the list with 6641 runs in 200 matches as captain.

3. 21 ODI Centuries: Kohli scored 21 centuries in ODIs while leading India, which is the highest number of centuries by an Indian captain. He’s just one behind Ricky Ponting, who scored 22 centuries as Australia’s ODI captain.

4. Impressive Batting Average: Kohli had a remarkable batting average of 72.65 while captaining the Indian ODI team. This means he consistently scored runs and contributed significantly as a captain.

5. Win Rate: Kohli achieved a win rate of 68.42% in ODIs as captain, which is the highest among ODI captains who have led their teams in more than 20 matches. This shows his leadership and the team’s success under his guidance.

6. World Cup Campaign: Despite his impressive records, Kohli couldn’t lead India to a World Cup victory in 2019. India was knocked out in the semifinals in a close and heartbreaking match against New Zealand.

7. Leading Scorer: Kohli became the second batsman in the world to score the most centuries as an ODI captain, with 21 centuries, just behind Ricky Ponting’s 22 centuries.

8. Captaincy Start: Virat Kohli began his journey as a full-time Indian cricket team captain in the ODI format on January 16, 2017. 

9. Global Success: Kohli not only excelled in leading the Indian team but also had the fourth most successful captaincy record in the world among those who captained in at least 50 matches. 

10. ICC Events: He led India in two major ICC events: the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017 (India reached the final but lost to Pakistan) and the ICC World Cup in 2019 (India reached the semifinals but lost to New Zealand).

Virat Kohli’s captaincy in ODI cricket was marked by impressive statistics, including a high win rate, a large number of centuries, and being the second-highest run-scorer among Indian ODI captains. However, he couldn’t secure a World Cup win during his captaincy period.

Virat Kohli Captaincy Record: Against Opponents in ODI

Virat Kohli captaincy record in One-Day Internationals (ODIs) against various opponents is quite impressive. Let’s break down his performance against each team:

Against West Indies:

– Kohli was a formidable batting captain against West Indies, scoring a total of 1195 runs in 17 innings.

– His batting average against West Indies was an outstanding 99.

Against South Africa:

– Kohli’s best batting average was recorded against South Africa, where he amassed 652 runs.

– His average against South Africa was an incredible 163, highlighting his exceptional performances.

Against Pakistan:

– In matches against Pakistan as captain, Kohli scored a total of 168 runs across four games.

Against Australia, West Indies, and Sri Lanka:

– India achieved 12 ODI victories against each of these three opponents during Kohli’s captaincy.

Against South Africa and Bangladesh:

– India secured seven ODI wins against South Africa and three against Bangladesh under Kohli’s leadership.

Against England, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe:

– Kohli’s captaincy also saw India win five ODI matches against each of these three teams.

Against Pakistan and Afghanistan:

– India emerged victorious in two ODI matches against both Pakistan and Afghanistan during Kohli’s captaincy.

These statistics showcase Kohli’s exceptional batting prowess and his ability to lead the Indian cricket team to victory against a variety of challenging opponents.

Toss records of Virat Kohli in ODI: 

Virat Kohli captaincy record in ODI tosses provides an interesting insight into his luck as a captain. Let’s break down his toss-related statistics:

Toss Win Percentage:

– In 95 ODI matches, Virat Kohli has won the toss 46% of the time.

Toss Losing Percentage:

– On the flip side, he has lost the toss 52% of the time.

Toss Outcomes:

– Out of these matches, the coin has favoured Kohli and his team on 40 occasions, resulting in him winning the toss.

Toss Losing rate:

– Kohli’s longest rate of losing the toss was a tough period in 2017 during the West Indies tour when he lost the toss 5 times in a row.

Toss Winning rate:

– On the positive side, Kohli experienced a winning rate in tosses as well. He won the toss 4 times in a row on two occasions.

  – The first instance was in 2013-14 when he won the toss three times against Zimbabwe and once against Bangladesh.

  – The second time a good rate occurred against West Indies in 2018, where he managed to win the toss four times in a row.

These toss statistics shed light on the ups and downs Kohli faced when it came to the crucial decision of the toss in ODI matches.

Virat Kohli Captaincy Record in T20: 

Virat Kohli T20 Records 
Number of matches  (As captain)50
Last match date   (As captain)8 November 2021
Matches won  (India) 13
Matches won  (Internationally)14
Matches won   (Neutral place) 3
Lost Matches16
Match Win rate64.58%

Virat Kohli played as the captain of the Indian cricket team in T20 International (T20I) matches, starting from January 26, 2017. Let’s break down Virat Kohli captaincy record in a simpler way:

1. Captaincy Stint: Virat Kohli led India in 50 T20I matches. During this period, India won 30 matches and lost 16.

2. Top Scorer: Kohli scored the most runs as an Indian T20I captain, accumulating 1570 runs. Among all T20I captains worldwide, he ranks fourth in terms of total runs scored.

3. Success in T20Is: Kohli is the second most successful T20I captain for India with 30 wins. MS Dhoni leads this category with 42 wins.

4. Fastest 1000 Runs: He holds the record for being the fastest captain to reach 1000 runs in T20Is, achieving this milestone in just 30 innings. This feat was accomplished one inning faster than South Africa’s Faf du Plessis.

5. Series Wins Abroad: Virat Kohli is the only Indian captain to make the team win in the T20I series in all SENA (South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia) nations. India won important series in New Zealand (5-0 in 2020), Australia (2-1 in 2020), England (2-1 in 2018), and South Africa (2-1 in 2018).

6. Winning Percentage: Virat Kohli captaincy record in T20 had a winning percentage of 64.58%, making him the fourth-most successful T20I captain in terms of wins. He is behind Asghar Afghan, MS Dhoni, and Eoin Morgan in this regard.

7. Batting Performance: While leading the T20I team, Kohli maintained a strong batting record with a strike rate of 140.55. In comparison, his strike rate was slightly lower at 136.35 when he was not the captain.

8. Final T20 World Cup: Kohli’s captaincy tenure in T20Is ended with the T20 World Cup in 2021. Unfortunately, India exited the tournament in the group stage, facing defeats against Pakistan and New Zealand.

Virat Kohli captaincy record in T20I cricket had its highs and lows. He scored excellent records, captained India to a series of wins abroad, and achieved several milestones.

However, his last T20 World Cup campaign did not end as desired, as India couldn’t get the place past the Super 12 stage.

Virat Kohli Captaincy Record in IPL: 

Virat Kohli IPL Records
Number of matches  (As captain)140
Total Matches Won 64
Lost Matches69
No Result7
Match Win Percentage45.71%

Virat Kohli got immense accolades and achieved several victories as the captain of the Indian cricket team in all formats.

However, his leadership in the Indian Premier League (IPL) with the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team has not had the same amount of success.

Kohli has led the RCB side in a total of 140 IPL matches, which is the second-highest number of matches led by any captain in IPL history, with only MS Dhoni having led more matches for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

Virat Kohli took on the role of RCB’s captain at the young age of 22, making him the youngest captain in the history of the IPL.

Despite his impressive individual batting performances during his captaincy, including a season in which he scored four centuries, he was unable to lead RCB to an IPL championship.

In his eight seasons as RCB captain, Kohli was not able to secure an IPL title for the franchise. One notable moment was in IPL 2016 when RCB made it to the final but was defeated by David Warner’s Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Although Virat Kohli captaincy record in the IPL is respectable, with a win rate of 48.16%, it falls short of the impressive win ratios achieved by captains like MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma, both of whom have achieved over a 55% win rate.

Despite not securing an IPL title for RCB, Kohli’s leadership record is still considered decent.

In IPL 2021, Virat Kohli announced that he would step down from the captaincy of RCB but would continue to play for the team. This decision marked the end of his nearly 8-year-long career as RCB’s captain.

Virat Kohli captaincy record: Playoffs history of RCB 

During Virat Kohli captaincy record, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) qualified for the IPL playoffs on four occasions, specifically in the years 2015, 2016, 2020, and 2021. 

In 2015 and 2016, they advanced to the qualifiers, and in the latter year, they managed to win a qualifier match against the Gujarat Lions, earning a spot in the next round.

In three seasons, which include 2015, 2020, and 2021, they reached the Eliminator stage.

In the 2015 IPL season, they even reached the final match but were unfortunately defeated by the Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

It’s worth noting that despite their consistent playoff appearances, the Royal Challengers Bangalore has never clinched the IPL title.

Toss records of Virat Kohli in IPL:

Toss Wins:

– Kohli won the toss in 69 matches, which makes the winning percentage of approximately 49.28%.

Toss Losses:

– On the other hand, he lost the toss in 71 matches, making a losing percentage of around 50.71%.

These numbers show that Virat Kohli captaincy record has a success rate in winning the toss during IPL matches is roughly 49.28%, with a slightly higher percentage of toss losses at around 50.71%.

Virat Kohli Captaincy Record Across All Formats in International Cricket

In his era as captain across all international cricket formats, Virat Kohli led the Indian cricket team in a total of 213 matches.

Out of these, his team grabbed victories in 135 matches, faced defeat in 60 matches, and had 18 matches ending in a draw, no result, or a tie.

Now that Kohli’s captaincy career has ended, he can shift his primary focus to his batting style.

This transition is somewhat similar to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, who chose to step away from captaincy and contribute as a batsman to cricket.

Kohli has the opportunity to follow in those footsteps and excel with the bat.

Virat Kohli captaincy record for the Indian team is commendable. While there were some shortcomings in ICC events, he has undoubtedly elevated Indian cricket to greater heights.

One of his most significant contributions has been his relentless drive to secure victories on international soil, mainly in Test cricket.

Critics have occasionally questioned Kohli’s team selection choices, but he remained firm in his decisions. He has instilled a strong sense of self-belief in his team and led by example in all aspects of the game, portraying the qualities of a true leader.

His remarkable win percentage of 63.3% across all formats leaves behind a legacy that will be challenging to achieve. Kohli’s captaincy journey has indeed made a profound mark on Indian cricket.

Why Virat Kohli is known as the best captain in Indian Cricket History?

While there are many reasons why Virat Kohli is termed the best captain in Indian cricket history. The reasons are listed below: 

1. Test Cricket Success

– Virat Kohli holds the distinction of being the only Asian captain with the highest number of Test cricket victories, totalling 40 wins.

2. Dominance with Big Margins

– Kohli’s captaincy has been marked by commanding performances, as he is the only captain to achieve 16 Test victories with margins exceeding 200 runs.

3. Home Test Win Percentage

– His leadership has been particularly impressive on home soil, boasting the highest win percentage (77) as a home Test captain, highlighting his ability to excel in familiar conditions.

4. Consistency in Challenging Conditions (SENA)

– Virat Kohli stands out as the only Asian captain to register the top scores (5) in challenging SENA (South Africa, England, New Zealand, and Australia) conditions, indicating his adaptability and prowess in different cricketing environments.

5. Away Victories with Significant Margins

– Under his guidance, the Indian cricket team has achieved the most away wins (12) by a margin of 100+ runs, showcasing their ability to triumph on foreign pitches.

6. Batting Brilliance as Captain

– Virat Kohli’s captaincy hasn’t hindered his batting performance. He scored the most test centuries (20) in the decade spanning from 2010 to 2020, demonstrating his exceptional skill and consistency with the bat.

7. Record-breaking Individual Scores

– Furthermore, Kohli holds the top three individual scores by an Indian captain, with impressive innings of 254*, 243, and 235, emphasizing his ability to lead from the front and deliver outstanding performances as both a captain and a batsman.

Virat Kohli vs. MS Dhoni: Captaincy Comparison

Comparing Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni’s captaincy is a complex task, and each has its own strengths:

MS Dhoni’s ICC Triumphs:

– MS Dhoni stands out with his remarkable feat of winning three ICC trophies for India as captain: the T20 World Cup, ODI World Cup, and Champions Trophy.

ICC Events Under Kohli:

– In contrast, Virat Kohli led India in two ICC events, where the team reached the semi-finals in 2019 and the group stage in 2021, falling short of securing a trophy.

Test Cricket Leadership:

– When it comes to Test cricket, Virat Kohli captaincy record was more successful. He won 40 out of 68 Test matches as captain, while Dhoni managed 27 wins in 60 Tests.

Limited-Overs Formats:

– MS Dhoni was a master in limited-overs formats, winning 42 T20Is and 74 ODIs as India’s captain in 72 and 200 matches, respectively.

– Virat Kohli also excelled in ODIs, winning 65 out of 95 matches as captain. In T20Is, he led India to 30 wins in 50 matches. However, he couldn’t secure an ICC trophy in these formats, unlike Dhoni.

Both Dhoni and Kohli were exceptional captains for India across formats, but Dhoni is often celebrated as the greatest due to his success in winning major ICC trophies for the Men in Blue.


How many matches did Virat Kohli captain for India, and how many did he win?

Virat Kohli captained India in 213 matches across formats, winning 135 of them. His captaincy success rate is one of the best in the history of cricket.

What was Virat Kohli’s win percentage as India’s Test captain?

Virat Kohli had a win percentage of 58.8% as India’s Test captain.

How did Virat Kohli perform as captain against Pakistan?

Virat Kohli won two out of five matches as captain against Pakistan, comprising 4 ODIs and 1 T20I.

Did Virat Kohli have poor captaincy records?

No, Virat Kohli’s captaincy era is considered one of the best in Indian cricket history. Under his leadership, India achieved the number 01 ranking in the ICC Test Rankings, which was an incredible achievement.

Who has the higher batting average in T20 Internationals, Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli? 

Virat Kohli holds the record for the highest batting average in T20 Internationals. He has scored 4008 runs in 115 matches with an impressive average of 52.73 runs.

In which year Virat left the captaincy from all formats?

Virat Kohli retired from captaincy in all formats in the year 2022. 

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