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Explore the remarkable career of Virat Kohli through a detailed list of his centuries in international cricket across Test, One Day International (ODI), and T20 formats.

Virat Kohli the master of mankind runs for his country. He has been a consistent player for India and has always performed very well. He has broken many records and continues to do so. Virat Kohli has scored 80 centuries across all three international formats. All his centuries are extraordinary and will be the highlights of his career. Yet there are some memorable innings from his centuries, they are stated below. Let’s check them out! 

7 Memorable Innings of Virat Kohli From All Formats

1. First ODI century (107 against Sri Lanka)

First is always special, likewise, Virat Kohli’s first ODI century against Sri Lanka with 107 runs was a memorable feat in his career. This century came right after his debut year 2008. Kohli recorded his first-ever internal ODI century on 24 December 2009.

2. First Test century (116 against Australia)

The first test century of Virat Kohli was against the mighty team Australia. He smashed 116 runs on 24 January 2012 at Adelaide marking the 1st test century of his career.

3. First T20 century (122 against Afghanistan)

Virat Kohli has only one century in the T20 came against Afghanistan with a score of 122 runs. He has scored many runs in T20 but failed to make them into the three-figure score. Let’s wait for more T20 century by Virat Kohli in the future.

4.  26th Test century (254* against South Africa)

This is the most memorable inning in Virat Kohli’s test career. On 10th October 2019, Virat Kohli registered his highest score in tests. He smashed 254* runs against South Africa in Pune. It is still the highest score of Virat Kohli in test cricket and one of the best highlights in his career.

5.  Asia Cup 2012 (183 against Pakistan)

In Asia Cup 2012, Virat Kohli smashed 183 runs off 148 deliveries against Pakistan. It was the highest individual score in the Asia Cup. The innings were more special as India won the match due to the 183 score of Virat Kohli.

6. 49th ODI century (101* against South Africa)

During the World Cup 2023, Virat scored a century of 101 runs against South Africa on 5th November. This inning was extra special as he equalled the record of Sachin Tendulkar’s 49 centuries.

7. 50th ODI century (117 against New Zealand)

In the 2023 World Cup semifinals, Virat Kohli recorded his 50th ODI century of 117 runs against New Zealand. He broke the Sachin Tendulkar 49 ODI century record. It is the most highlighted inning and memorable match of his career.

Virat Kohli T2O International Century

Though Virat Kohli has only one T2O century as of now in his career, we can see more coming in future. His impact on the game is always greater than the milestones he has achieved. Below is the detail of his T20 century, take a look!

Sl NoDateScoreOppositionVenueInnings ( 1st, 2nd or chasing)4s6s
Virat Kohli T2O International Century

Virat Kohli’s ODI Centuries

Virat Kohli has a total of 50 ODI centuries in his career and he is still playing for India. We can expect more ODI centuries from him. However, what’s more special about his 50 ODI century is he has surpassed the record of Sachin tendulkar of 49 centuries. Let’s take a closer look at each of his 50 ODI centuries in the table below

Sl NoDateScoreOpposition VenueInnings ( 1st, 2nd or chasing)4s6s
124-Dec-09107Sri LankaKolkata1st111
428-Nov-10105New ZealandGuwahati1st10
802-Dec-11117West IndiesVisakhapatnam2nd14
928-Feb-12133*Sri LankaHobart2nd162
1013-Mar-12108Sri LankaDhaka1st7
1221-Jul-12106Sri LankaHambantota1st9
1331-Jul-12128*Sri LankaColombo2nd121
1405-Jul-13102West IndiesPort of Spain1st132
1819-Jan-14123New ZealandNapier2nd112
2017-Oct-14127West IndiesDharamshala1st133
2116-Nov-14139*Sri LankaRanchi2nd123
2322-Oct-15138South AfricaChennai1st65
2623-Oct-16154*New ZealandMohali2nd161
2806-Jul-17111*West IndiesKingston2nd122
2931-Aug-17131Sri LankaColombo1st172
3003-Sep-17110*Sri LankaColombo2nd9
3122-Oct-17121New ZealandMumbai1st92
3229-Oct-17113New ZealandKanpur1st91
3301-Feb-18112South AfricaDurban2nd10
3407-Feb-18160*South AfricaCape Town1st122
3516-Feb-18129*South AfricaCenturion2nd192
3621-Oct-18140West IndiesGuwahati2nd212
3724-Oct-18157*West IndiesVisakhapatnam1st134
3827-Oct-18107West IndiesPune2nd101
4211-Aug-19120West IndiesPort of Spain1st141
4314-Aug-19114*West IndiesPort of Spain1st14
4510-Jan-2023113Sri LankaGuwahati1st121
4615-Jan-2023166*Sri LankaThiruvananthapuram1st138
4711- Sep- 2023122*PakistanColombo1st93
4905-Nov-2023101*South AfricaKolkata1st10
5015-Nov-2023117New ZealandMumbai1st 92
Virat Kohli’s ODI Centuries

Kohli’s Test Centuries

Virat Kohli has a fantastic record in terms of test centuries, he has recorded a total of 29 centuries in Test till now. Each of his centuries is very crucial as he always performed to make his country win. Below is the list of all his 29 test centuries in the table:  

Sl NoDateScoreOppositionVenueInnings4s6s
231-Aug-12103New ZealandBangalore2nd141
313-Dec-12103EnglandVidarbha Cricket Association Stadium2nd11
518-Dec-13119South AfricaJohannesburg1st18
614-Feb-14105*New ZealandWellington4th151
1112-Aug-15103Sri LankaGalle2nd11
1221-Jul-16200West IndiesNorth Sound1st24
1308-Oct-16211New ZealandIndore1st20
1726-Jul-17103*Sri LankaGalle3rd51
1816-Nov-17104*Sri LankaKolkata3rd122
1924-Nov-17213Sri LankaVidarbha Cricket Association Stadium2nd172
2002-Dec-17243Sri LankaDelhi1st25
2113-Jan-18153South AfricaCenturion2nd15
2404-Oct-18139West IndiesRajkot1st10
2610-Oct-19254*South AfricaPune1st332
2921-Jul-23121West IndiesTrinidad1st151
Kohli’s Test Centuries

Final Discussion

Looking at the 7 highlight innings of Virat Kohli and his total centuries list, we can clearly say he has fantastic records in his career. Moreover, he is one of the best batsmen India has ever produced. As he continues to play for India with remarkable fitness we will only see more records and achievements from him for Indian cricket.

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