Among the most important elements of the game is without a doubt the cricket pitch. After all, that’s where all the action happens in a cricket match!

Nevertheless, despite its significance, the size of a cricket pitch is often one of the game’s less well-known facts. Thus we will elucidate the entire measurement of a cricket pitch for you in this piece.

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Although the length of the cricket pitch is known, the length of the ground is not or what is the length of cricket pitch in feet?

In this section, we will provide you with all the information regarding the cricket pitch, including its size and details. 

What Is Pitch In Cricket?

what is the length of cricket pitch in feet During a match, the cricket pitch serves as the main attraction on the cricket pitch. Because the surface is so flat, the ball may bounce when it is tossed to the batsman.

At either end of the playing field are a wicket and a batsman’s ground. It is a no-ball (it is wide if the ball is not thrown near one of them) if the bowler fails to deliver the ball from one end of The batsman’s pitch or the wicket at the opposite end.

Cricket Pitch Measurement and Dimensions

The dimensions of the cricket pitch are 20.12 meters (stump to stump), plus an additional 1.22 meters to accommodate the bowler’s approach area and return crease behind the stumps.

The width of a grass field is 3.05 meters. The overall dimensions of a turf wicket will vary based on the quality of the cricket match being played.

What is the length of cricket pitch in feet the stumps and creases at either end of the cricket pitch’s size are designated in this rectangular area, which is also where the bowler tosses the ball.

Therefore, the majority of the action in a cricket match takes place on the “pitch”. A regulation of the game that hasn’t changed over the years is the consistent size of the cricket pitch.

What Is The Length Of Cricket Pitch?

what is the length of cricket pitch in feet the most significant measurement of a cricket pitch is the length of the cricket pitch itself.

To construct and arrange other elements on the cricket field, like the wickets, crease, and so on, one must be aware of the exact length of the cricket pitch.

You should know that cricket is a colonial game that has historically used antiquated units of measurement like yards. Nonetheless, cricket pitches are also measured using modern techniques, such as the metric system.

What Is The Length of Cricket Pitch In Feet?

Another common unit of measurement for a cricket pitch is feet. what is the length of cricket pitch in feet Compared to the metric system of measuring, it is less commonly employed. Let’s first examine the length of a cricket pitch in feet, though.

Dimension measuredSize
Cricket pitch length from wicket to wicket.20.12 (66 feet)
The separation in creases on a cricket pitch.17.68 (58 feet)
length from edge to edge.22.56 (74 feet)
Size of the cricket field used in the game.3.05 (10 feet).
The total length of the cricket pitch3.66 (12 feet)

How many yards does the cricket pitch measure?

22 yards are separating the two wickets on either end of a cricket ground. Behind the two wickets are the other two. A cricket pitch is approximately 24.6 yards long. 

Distance is measured in yards between each wicket on a cricket ground.22 yards
Cricket pitch length from wicket to wicket.20.12 (66 feet)
Cricket pitch length from crease to crease.19.3 yards
Length measured from edge to edge on a cricket pitch.24.6 yards
The size of the cricket pitch at full play.3.33 yards
Total width of the cricket pitch.4 yards.

What is the cricket pitch length in meters?

Many people still look for dimensions of a cricket pitch using the current metric measuring system because yard measurement is a traditional method that is hard to predict.

The distance in metres between each wicket on a cricket pitch20.12 meters
Cricket pitch length from crease to crease.17.68 meters.
The distance measured from edge to edge of a cricket pitch.22.56 meters.
The breadth of the cricket pitch during play.3.05 meters.
Total width of the pitch.3.66 meters

What is the shape of a cricket pitch?

The cricket field’s “square” designates a distinct area. This is the area directly outside the pitch where prior games have been played.

Anywhere in the square can be designated as a pit, which will remain inactive until utilized. The outfield is situated outside the plaza and stretches to the bounds.

Though they are frequently used, the terms “square” and “outfield” have no actual meaning in the game’s laws. Because it has already been used in a game, the grass is shorter and the ball tends to travel over the square more quickly.

Different Cricket Pitch Areas


Three creases are present on a cricket pitch, and each has a distinct purpose: 

Bowling crease

In a cricket match, the bowling crease is the line where the wickets are situated. The boundary that marks the beginning of the cricket pitch on which the match will take place is aligned perpendicularly with the length of the field.

Popping crease

A popping crease is a line that appears in front of the bowling crease and runs parallel to it. Similar dual purposes are served by the popping crease, such as “front foot no ball, and line of the safe zone for the batsman.”

Return crease

The return crease is indicated by two lines that are parallel to the bowling crease but not perpendicular to it. Two return creases are indicated on either side of the wicket in a cricket pitch. There are two uses for the return crease: “Wide Ball and No Ball.”


Two sets of wickets are needed on the pitch for a cricket match. A wicket in cricket is a grouping of two bails and three stumps.‍


There are six stumps in total, and they are positioned on both sides of the field.


To keep the stump balanced, bails are placed on top of it.

The Measurement of Crease for Cricket Pitch

The length of the cricket crease is 2.64 meters, or 8 feet 8 inches. The bowling crease must be parallel to and 4 feet/1.22 meters away from the popping crease, often known as the rear edge of the crease marking.

How long is the wicket on a cricket pitch?

The pitch is marked to a minimum of 1.83 meters on either side of the two middle stumps, and it is 1.22 meters from the bowling crease. Its length is unlimited.

Why is a cricket pitch twenty-two yards long?

In cricket, a cricket pitch is 22 yards long, or one chain. This type of measurement technique was employed throughout the British Empire.

Since the game was created in Britain, the length of the cricket pitch has been fixed at 1 chain or 22 yards. One might wonder why a single chain was selected.

The chain is the perfect size for a cricket pitch, even though it is not the smallest unit of measurement in the imperial measurement system. A yard is three feet long, while a furlong is two hundred and twenty yards or ten chains.

Does the cricket pitch length change?

Even though the pitch may vary from ground to ground based on the materials used to make the field, the actual pitch specifications remain constant and are independent of any country, stadium, or league.

The size of the U9 cricket pitch aside, everything below conforms to the regulations. For U11/U13 games, however, managers of both sides may agree (before match day) to extend the pitch if the placement of one set of stumps could harm a full-sized pitch (because of batsmen’s footprints).

For children under 15, the cricket pitch is the same length—22 yards—as it is for adults.

  • The Under 13s pitch from 21 yards.
  • The Under 11s pitch from 19 yards.
  • Toss in a 16-yard pitch for under-9s.


There are many different sports, and one of the most popular is what is the length of cricket pitch in feet. It’s important to understand that the field and the pitch are two completely distinct things because this sport has its jargon.

In other words, the bowler and batsman are in direct competition on the pitch while the rest of the fielding side waits for the ball to enter the more noticeable ‘field’. The unofficial fields, often known as the off-leg sides, should not be disregarded. 

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