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Learn about the Best umpire in Cricket who has mastered the skills of fair play and accuracy on the pitch.

Umpiring is one of the most crucial and difficult facets of any sport. Additionally, umpires in cricket have the toughest job of any sport. To determine whether the batsman has edged the ball as far as 22 yards or to declare him out by LBW, you need to have some genuine talent. However, considering how challenging their job is, the Best umpire in Cricket is not the most sought-after career. The level of acute focus and decision-making skills required for the umpiring career is uncommon in other occupations. Without further ado, let’s look at the 11 Best Umpires in Cricket.

First, Let’s Look At The Types of Cricket Umpires

There Are Four Types of Cricket Umpires, They Are As Follows-

  1. Straight Umpire: The straight is one of the on-field umpires who mainly takes all the decisions and signals such as out, not out, six, four, wide, no ball, leg byes, review, etc. These Umpires stand near the bowler’s end in the field.  
  2. Square Leg Umpire: This type of umpire is another umpire who is included in the on-field umpires. Their position on the field is parallel straight from the back of the batsmen on strike. Square leg Umpires mainly keep on check on the balls that go the waist-high full-toss ball, above shoulder or above head-high wide balls, and touch, etc
  3. Third Umpire: These Third Umpires are not present on the field. They help the on-field umpires using technology by sitting in front of a screen. The third umpire’s main task is to confirm the decision of run-outs, catch-outs, no balls, or the reviews taken by teams or players. 
  4. Fourth Umpire: These umpires are like a replacement option or reserved ones for the umpires who are not well or injured during the game. They also perform several other tasks related to the field such as pitch conditions, checking on the balls used during the game, and getting drinks for other umpires on the field.

Below is The List of 11 Best Umpires Of All Time In Cricket

Sl NoUmpiresCountrySpanTotal Matches
1Tony HillNew Zealand1998-2014227
2Srinivas VenkatraghavanIndia1993-2004203
3Daryl HarperAustralia1994-2011342
4Rudi KoertzenSouth Africa1992-2010361
5Billy BowdenNew Zealand1995-2015392
6Aleem DarPakistan2000-Present485
7Steve BucknorJamaica1989-2009338
8David ShepherdEngland1983-2005260
9Simon TaufelAustralia1999-2012290
10Dickie BirdEngland1973-1996135
11Marais ErasmusSouth Africa2007-Present355
List of 11 Best Umpires Of All Time In Cricket

1. Tony Hill (New Zealand)

Tony Hills Stats
Format Matches Umpire
Tony Hills stats

Anthony Lloyd Hill, also known as Tony Hill in the cricket community, is a Best umpire in cricket from New Zealand. In 1998, Tony officiated an ODI match between New Zealand and Zimbabwe. And he has advanced significantly since then, officiating more than 150 games across all three forms. In 2001, the New Zealander made his test debut, and in 2005, he made his T20 debut.

2. Srinivas Venkatraghavan ( India)

Srinivas Venkataraghavan Stats
Format Matches Umpire
T2014747 (Referee)
Srinivas Venkataraghavan Stats

One of the Best Umpires in Cricket history is Indian Srinivas Venkataraghavan. Venkat made his debut as an international umpire on January 18, 1993, at the One Day International game between India and England at Jaipur. He started officiating Test matches that month, at the India vs. England game in Kolkata.

3. Daryl Harper (Australia)

Daryl Harper Stats
Format Matches Umpire
Daryl Harper Stats

The first person chosen for the International Cricket Council’s elite panel of the Best Umpire in Cricket was Australian Daryl Harper. He was a member of the ICC Umpires Elite Panel from 2002 until 2011. In January 1994, Harper served as the umpire during an ODI between South Africa and New Zealand in Perth. At the WACA ground in November 1998, he officiated his first test umpiring match during the second Ashes test. Harper not only participated in one of the semi-finals, but he also officiated the opening match of the 2003 Cricket World Cup. On August 31, 2005, in Harare, he presided over his 100th ODI, a match between Zimbabwe and New Zealand.

4. Rudi Koertzen (South Africa)

Rudi Koertzen Stats
Format Matches Umpire
Rudi Koertzen Stats

Along with making wise choices, Rudi Koertzen was renowned for the deliberate way in which he would raise his finger to strike a batter out. He passed Steve Bucknor to become the second umpire to officiate 100 Test matches when England and Australia played in the second Test of the 2009 Ashes on July 16, 2009, at Lord’s. In the end, he officiated 108 Tests. In addition, he served as one of the Best umpires in Cricket on the pitch during the Champions Trophy finals in 2004 and 2006.

5. Billy Bowden (New Zealand)

Billy Bowden Stats
Format Matches Umpire
Billy Bowden Stats

The “crooked finger of doom” is a famous signal used by New Zealander Billy Bowden as part of his dramatic performance. He presided over his debut One Day International between Sri Lanka and New Zealand in Hamilton in March 1995. In March 2000, he officiated his first Test match as an on-field official, and in 2002, he joined the Emirates Panel of International Cricket Umpires. He was chosen to officiate at the 2003 World Cup and served as the fourth umpire in the Australia vs. India championship match.

6. Aleem Dar (Pakistan)

Aleem Dar Stats
Format Matches Umpire
Aleem Dar Stats

Unquestionably, one of the Best Umpires in Cricket history is Aleem Dar. At the age of 32, he played in his first ODI, and the International Cricket Council (ICC) added him to its panel two years later. He oversaw the World Cup in 2003. When he was promoted to the ICC’s highest panel six months later, nobody was shocked. In addition to three times (from 2009 to 2011) winning the ICC Umpire of the Year Award, Aleem Dar also officiated the most international matches.

7. Steve Bucknor (Jamaica)

Steve Bucknor Stats
Format Matches Umpire
Steve Bucknor Stats

One of the greatest cricket umpires of all time, Steve Bucknor has a unique demeanour. His nickname, “Slow Death,” refers to how long it takes him to raise his finger to indicate that a batsman has been declared out. The only official to have officiated in both the World Cups the best umpire in cricket is Steve Bucknor. As a fully certified referee, Bucknor participated in the 1978 football World Cup qualification as well as five cricket World Cup Finals.

8. David Shepherd (England)

David Shepherd Stats
Format Matches Umpire
David Shepherd Stats

Because he was a popular best umpire in cricket, David Shepherd is recognized as one of the greatest in the history of cricket. In addition to having a very endearing demeanor, he was known for making wise choices when playing cricket. Along with managing players with empathy, he was renowned for his empathetic approach to handling on-field flashpoints. He played 14 years as a middle-order batsman for Gloucestershire, starting his playing career in first-class cricket.

9. Simon Taufel (Australia)

Simon Taufel Stats 
Format Matches Umpire
Simon Taufel Stats 

Australian cricket official Simon Taufel previously served on the ICC Elite umpire panel. Taufel is one of the many names that come to mind when talking about the history of umpires, even though it is unrelated to any well-known controversy. He was recognized as one of the greatest umpires in cricket history after winning the ICC Umpire of the Year Award five times in a row from 2004 to 2008. 

10. Dickie Bird (England)

Dickie Bird Stats 
Format Matches Umpire
Dickie Bird Stats 

The most adored best umpire in cricket of all time is “Dickie” Bird. Alongside writer and broadcaster Michael Parkinson and Geoff Boycott, he had played for Barnsley CC. He made his first appearance as an umpire in a first-class event in 1970, and he made his Test umpiring debut at Headingley in a match between England and New Zealand in 1973.

11. Marais Erasmus (South Africa)

Marais Erasmus Stats 
Format Matches Umpire
Marais Erasmus Stats 

One of the best cricket umpires is known as Marais Erasmus. He stands out because of his excellent on-field judgment, keen awareness of the subtleties of the game, and consistent adherence to the regulations. Erasmus ensures fair play and upholds the spirit of the game thanks to his amazing capacity for remaining calm under pressure. His status as one of the top cricket umpires has been cemented by his skill and professionalism, which have won him the respect of players, officials, and spectators alike.

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