Indian Taekwondo Players

One of the most well-liked and practised martial arts in India is taekwondo. Punching and kicking techniques, with a focus on head-height kicks, jumping spin kicks, and quick kicking techniques, are what define it.

Taekwon do is translated as “kicking,” “punching,” and the art or way of.

In India, interest in taekwondo as a martial art and sport is growing gradually.

Although there aren’t many Indian Taekwondo players fans in India, the country does have some extremely talented practitioners who have won medals for their country.

Here, we examine a few of these Indian Taekwondo athletes

So, let’s take a look at the top 7 Indian Taekwondo Players

S.NoPlayer Name
1Latika Bhandari
2Rodali Barua
3Kashish Malik
4Aman Kumar Kadyan
5Navjeet Mann
6Danish Manzoor
7Atul Raghav

1. Latika Bhandari

Without a doubt, Latika Bhandari is one of the top Indian Taekwondo players in India right now. The now 26-year-old Uttarakhand native started practising martial arts when she was barely 10 years old.

Surendra Bhandari, who has also represented India in the past, taught her the fundamentals of the sport. Latika’s first taste of international success came at the 2014 Asian Championships in Tashkent when she won a bronze medal.

Since then, she has won two gold medals at the South Asian Games (in 2016 and 2019), a bronze at the Fajr Open (in 2019), a silver at the Malaysia Open, a third gold at the Fujairah Open, a silver at the Commonwealth Championships (2017), and a silver at the President Cup (2017).

When Latika is not working out on her own, she coaches young children with the help of the GoSports Foundation.

2. Rodali Barua

One of the best Indian taekwondo players, Rodali Barua is from the state of Assam in the country’s northeast. When she was in eighth grade, she began training in martial arts, and she hasn’t stopped since.

In the +73kg weight class, Rodali often represents the nation and has won numerous medals for it. She won gold at the 35th National Senior Kyorugi and 8th National Senior Pumche Taekwondo Championships held in Visakhapatnam.

Additionally, in June 2017, she represented India at the World Taekwondo Championships in Korea.

3. Kashish Malik

Kashish Malik, who is only nineteen years old, is one of the Indian Taekwondo players scene’s quickest emerging stars.

Her initiation to martial arts is a fascinating tale in and of itself. She was bullied by a male friend when she was 14 years old, but Kashish stood up for herself and beat the bully.

Her school’s taekwondo coach had to step in to break up the fight because it was so bad. She began her career with the sport when the coach later urged her to channel all of her rage into Taekwondo.

At the 2018 Asian Games, Kashish competed for India but lost in the quarterfinals.

She has won medals in numerous international competitions, including the President Cup, the Fujairah Open 2018, the Israel Open 2018, the Malaysia Open G1 Tournament, and the Asian Games Invitation Tournament.

4. Aman Kumar Kadyan

Aman Kadyan, who receives help from the Gosports Foundation, began learning Taekwondo at the age of just fourteen.

Aman joined the Peace Taekwondo Academy about a year after starting the sport, and he has since been practising under Mr. Sayed Hassan Rezai’s cautious supervision.

He has won several international medals, including a silver at the Oceania Region WT President Cup in 2019, a gold at the Indian Open International in 2019, and a bronze at the Asian Region WT President Cup and the Israel Open in 2018.

5. Navjeet Mann

Navjeet Mann is a Bangalore-based, one of the top Indian Taekwondo players and practitioner who has competed internationally at several competitions, including the Asian Games 2018, World Championships 2017, and Asian Championships 2016 and 2018.

However, Navjeet’s greatest achievement occurred in 2016, when he won a gold medal at the South Asian Games.

6. Danish Manzoor

Athlete Danish Manzoor is another one of the top Indian Taekwondo Players and is from Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir. In the Open G2 Olympic grade Taekwondo Championship 2022, he represented India in Israel.

Danish was appointed Fit India Ambassador in 2022. Danish Manzoor is a skilled Indian taekwondo player who has achieved distinction in the martial arts community.

He has established himself as a leading figure in the Indian sports scene via hard work and talent. Taekwondo practitioner Manzoor got started with a love for the sport and a dedication to perfection.

He has achieved notoriety both domestically and internationally for his outstanding results in many tournaments through hard work and perseverance.

7. Atul Raghav

Atul Raghav is a Ghaziabad-based Taekwondo practitioner who has represented India at numerous regional, national, and international competitions.

Atul’s greatest achievement, however, occurred at the 2020 G-2 Fujairah Dubai, where he won a bronze medal. He currently serves as the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation’s brand ambassador.


Indian Taekwondo players athletes have advanced significantly on the world stage, displaying their talent, tenacity, and commitment to the game.

They have endured difficulties throughout the years, but they have also accomplished tremendous achievements, helping to advance and popularise Indian taekwondo Players. Their accomplishments in different competitions and championships bear witness to their tenacity and diligence.

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