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In this blog, we will talk about the top 10 Indian wrestlers in WWE. The WWE has made an effort to reach as many nations as it can since it was founded. The organization, which was established in Massachusetts, USA, is today likely one of the most popular sports entertainment programs in the entire world. And there are numerous lessons to be learned from WWE’s brutal approach to expanding its brand internationally. Explore the top 10 Indian wrestlers in WWE that have made a lasting impression.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Indian Wrestlers in WWE

S.No Player Name Joining Date
1Rinku Singh Rajput 2018
2Saurav Gurjar2018
3Kavita Devi 2017
4The Singh Brothers2016
5Dilsher Shanky2016
7Jinder Mahal2011
8The Great Khali 2006
9Tiger Ali Singh1997
10Gama Singh/ Gardowar Singh1980

1. Rinku Singh Rajput (2018): 

Player Name Joining Date
Rinku Singh Rajput 2018

Rinku Singh Rajput Known as Rinku Singh Rajput, Among the Indian wrestlers currently on the WWE roster, Veer has one of the most promising prospects. He made his NXT debut in 2018 and later worked alongside Jinder Mahal and Sourav Gurjar. 

2. Saurav Gurjar (2018):

Player Name Joining Date
Saurav Gurjar2018

Previously, Saurav Gurjar competed in kickboxing. He joined WWE in 2018 and is now competing in NXT as Sanga. He formerly portrayed Bheem in the well-known television series Mahabharat. 

3. Kavita Devi (2017):

Player Name Joining Date
Kavita Devi 2017

Kavita Devi competed in The Great Khali’s Indian Wrestling Promotion before being signed by WWE. She became the first Indian woman to ever compete in the WWE. Sadly, she suffered an injury in 2019 and hasn’t returned to WWE since. 

4. The Singh Brothers (2016): 

Player Name Joining Date
The Singh Brothers2016

The Singh Brothers made their WWE debut as Jinder Mahal’s understudy team. However, they were known as the Bollywood Boyz before then. In the WWE, the two brothers Gurv and Hurv are Tag Team partners and go by the names Sunil Singh and Samir Singh. The cruiserweight division was where they competed. 

5. Dilsher Shanky (2016):

Player Name Joining Date
Dilsher Shanky2016

Another wrestler who was signed by WWE is Dilsher Shanky, who competes for the Great Khali’s Indian Wrestling promotion business. He will appear at the special WWE Superstar Spectacle India event. In the Raw, he has previously been paired with Veer and Jinder Mahal. He is a current member of the Smackdown roster. 

6. Akam (2014): 

Player Name Joining Date

In the WWE’s NXT, Adam was one of the most successful Indian wrestlers. He made his NXT debut in 2015, and Rezar was his partner in 2016. He has won the RAW Tag Team Championship, the NXT Tag Team Championship, and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classics. 

7.  Jinder Mahal (2011):

Player Name Joining Date
Jinder Mahal2011

The most successful Indian WWE wrestler this decade is Jinder Mahal. After the Great Khali, he is likely the most accomplished of the Top 10 Indian WWE Wrestlers. He has won the World Championship and the United States Championship.

The first few days Jinder Mahal spent with the WWE weren’t all that wonderful. In 2014, WWE dropped him after he served as comedy relief. They did, however, let him go in 2016, and since then, his career has been booming. He defeated Randy Orton to claim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the 2017 Backlash event. He captured the United States Championship at Wrestlemania 34 (2018).

8. The Great Khali (2006): 

Player Name Joining Date
The Great Khali 2006

The Great Khali is without a doubt the best Indian WWE wrestler in the organization’s history. He absolutely dismantled The Undertaker, who at the time was regarded as the strongest WWE star, to make his debut in 2006 with a boom.

Over the years, he has engaged in a lot of entertaining feuds with numerous other well-known WWE stars, but he only holds one WWE championship. Later, Khali was utilized as a humorous persona in the WWE, which eventually damaged his reputation. 

9. Tiger Ali Singh (1997):

Player Name Joining Date
Tiger Ali Singh1997

Long before the Great Khali, Tiger Ali Singh was one of the first Indian wrestlers to enter a WWE ring. He is actually the second WWE wrestler of Indian descent after Gama, according to statistics. In 1997, Ali made his WWE debut. He was an Indian-Canadian actor who was portraying a wealthy character in WWE.  Unfortunately, his professional life was brief.

His last chance to become famous was a brief Royal Rumble performance in Royal Rumble 1999 since he was unable to capture the audience. He was transferred to Puerto Rico to hone his skills, but after suffering a devastating injury, it regrettably signaled the end of his career. 

10. Gama Singh/Gardowar Singh (1980): 

Player Name Joining Date
Gama Singh/ Gardowar Singh1980

The first Top 10  Indian wrestler in the WWE was Gama Singh, also known as Gardowar Singh Sahota. He was born on December 8, 1954, in East Punjab, however, he did not spend a lot of time there. He relocated to Canada and became a citizen there.  The uncle of former WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal is Garwodhar Singh, and his son has also turned to professional wrestling under the name Gama Singh Jr. 

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