The most prosperous IPL team is Mumbai Indians. The only team to accomplish this is theirs, and they have five competition victories to their credit. Also, they have Batsmen With the Most Runs For MI In IPL.

They also have the most final appearances of any second-place team after Chennai Super Kings. As a result, you are aware that they are the top IPL franchise. Because even when they don’t win, they are hard competitors for other teams.

However, excellent players are necessary for a team to succeed in the IPL. So, in this article, we’ll examine the Top 10 Batsmen With the Most Runs For MI In IPL.

Below is the list Top 10 Batsmen With Most Runs For MI In IPL:

Sr.NoPlayer NameMatchesInningsRunsStrike Rate100s50s4s6s
1Rohit Sharma1821784709129.51132423189
2Kieron Pollard1891713412147.32016218223
3Ambati Rayudu1141072416126.1601420579
4Sachin Tendulkar78782334119.8111329529
5Suryakumar Yadav69672036138.3101523063
6Ishan Kishan59551551133.0101113272
7Hardik Pandya92851476153.91049798
8Quinton de Kock43431329131.3201012054
9Krunal Pandya84721143138.540110546
10Lendl Simmons29291079126.6411110944

1. Rohit Sharma

Even though the Mumbai Indians have had some of the best players over the years, none have lasted as long as Rohit Sharma.

As a result, he leads the Mumbai Indians in IPL run scoring. Rohit Sharma has played for the team for 13 seasons and has amassed 5041 runs throughout that time. That too with a strike rate of 129 and an average of 30.

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Rohit Sharma2011-20231945041109*

2. Kieron Pollard

Keiron Pollard is the Mumbai Indians’ second-leading run-scorer. The West Indian has been a member of the squad for more than ten years, during which time he has amassed 3412 runs with a fantastic strike rate of 147. He also hit the most sixes for the Mumbai Indians, according to statistics.

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Kieron Pollard2010-2022171341287*

3. Suryakumar Yadav

Indian right-handed middle-order batsman Suryakumar Yadav is third on the list of the most runs scored by a batsman for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. He amassed 2641 runs in 83 innings, averaging a healthy 33.37 and striking out at a rate of 138.31.

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Suryakumar Yadav2012-2023832641103*

4. Ambati Rayudu

Ambati Rayudu played with MI for almost 8 seasons, scoring 2416 runs. He is no longer a part of the group because he joined Chennai Super Kings for another venture. He has established himself as the franchise’s leading run scorer there as well, leading them to two championships in his brief 5-year tenure.

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Ambati Rayudu2010-2017107241681*

5. Sachin Tendulkar

The most runs scored by a Mumbai Indians batsman in the IPL, veteran right-handed opening batsman Sachin Tendulkar of India is currently in fourth place. He amassed 2334 runs in 78 innings, with a healthy average of 34.83 and a 119.81 strikeout-to-overrun ratio.

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Sachin Tendulkar2008-2013782334100*

6. Ishan Kishan

Ishan Kishan, a left-handed Indian wicketkeeper-batsman, is currently ranked sixth among Mumbai Indians batsmen for most runs scored in IPL. In 70 innings, he scored 2005 runs, with a respectable average of 31.65 and a strike rate of 133.1. Additionally, he has scored 15 half-centuries, with his best IPL total coming in at 99 runs.

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Ishan Kishan2018-202370200599

7. Hardik Pandya

The Indian all-rounder and right-handed batsman for Mumbai Indians is currently ranked seventh on the list of IPL batsmen with the most runs scored for MI. In 92 games (85 innings), he scored 1476 runs, with a respectable average of 27.33 and a strike rate of 153.91.

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Hardik Pandya2015-202185147691

8. Quinton de Kock

Left Hand Wicket Keeper Batsman from South Africa In terms of the most runs scored by a Mumbai Indians batsman in the IPL, Quinton de Kock is currently ranked eighth. In 43 innings, he scored 1329 runs. He was acquired by the LSG team for INR 6.75 Crore at the TATA IPL 2022 auction.

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Quinton de Kock2019-202143132981

9. Krunal Pandya

Indian all-arounder and left-handed batter Krunal Pandya ranked ninth on the list of the most runs scored by a Mumbai Indians batsman in the IPL.

He scored 1143 runs in 72 innings. Krunal excels under pressure, as seen by his performance on the final night in 2017 when Mumbai won their third championship. 

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Krunal Pandya2016-202172114386

10. Lendl Simmons

West Indies Right Hand Top Order Batsman Lendl Simmons is ranked tenth among Mumbai Indians batsmen in terms of runs scored in the IPL. He scored 1079 runs in 29 innings, with a healthy average of 39.96 and a strike rate of 126.64. 

PlayersSpanInningsRunsHigh Score
Lendl Simmons2014-2017291079100*

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