Women Cricketers with Double Centuries

While the men’s game has long dominated cricket, the world of women’s cricket has steadily made strides, shattering stereotypes and redefining the possibilities. When discussing cricket, the spotlight often shines on the towering sixes and dazzling centuries scored by male cricketers. Today, we are about to dive into a realm where the boundaries are smashed, records are shattered, and double centuries aren’t just reserved for the gentlemen of the game.

In the world of women’s cricket, the storylines are just as thrilling, the battles on the pitch just as intense, and the triumphs equally sweet. Today, we’re spotlighting those remarkable women cricketers who Scored International Double Centuries.

In this game, scoring a century is often considered the pinnacle of batting prowess. It signifies not just skill but endurance, focus, and determination. But what happens when players surpass the century mark, not just reaching 100 runs but doubling it? That’s the game of legends, and in the world of women’s cricket, it’s an achievement that deserves all the spotlight it can get.

List of Women Cricketers Who Scored International Double Centuries

NameDate of BirthInternational Match, where the double century done Social Media
Belinda Clark10 September 1970Icc Women’s World Cup,1997belindaclark114
Amelia Kerr13 October 2000One-day match,2018ameliakerr.48
Ellyse Perry3 November 1990Test match against England at North Sydney,2018ellyseperry
Kiran Baluch23 February 1978Test match against West Indies at the National Stadium in Karachi,2004kiranbaluch
Mithali Raj3 December 1982 against England in the second and final Test at County Ground, Taunton,2002mithaliraj
Karen Rolton21 November 1974Test match, Australia vs.England,2001Not Available 
Michelle Goszko7 October 1977Australia vs.England at Denis Compton Oval, Shenley, 2001gozzy06
Joanne Broadbent29 November 1965England at Woodbridge Road, Guildford, 1998Not Available
Kirsty Flavell20 November 1967 New Zealand vs.England at North Marine Road, Scarborough, in 1996Not Available
Tammy Beaumont11 March 1991England Vs. Australia, Trent Bridge, Nottingham,2023tammybeau
Annabel Sutherland12 October 2001Australia Vs. South Africa,annabel_sutherland

1. Belinda Clark (ICC Women’s World Cup)

Belinda Clark - Female Cricket

Before a famous male batsman reached this milestone, a woman had already achieved it. On December 16, 1997, Belinda Clark, who led the Australian women’s cricket team at the time, scored an incredible 229 runs without getting out. She did this in a match against Denmark in the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup, played at MIG Ground, Mumbai. Australia scored a massive 412 runs for losing just 3 wickets in that match.

It was a total domination by Clark against an inexperienced bowling attack from Denmark.

The Australian team won by a big 363-run margin. She was born on September 10, 1970, in New South Wales, played international cricket from 1991 to 2005. She led the Australian women’s team to victory in two World Cups (1997 and 2005) and one final (2000) after becoming captain in 1994.

On September 16, 2005, Clark retired after playing 118 one-day internationals and 15 Tests.

2. Amelia Kerr (ODI)

Amelia Kerr . Pic Credits: Getty Images

In June 2018, a young cricketer from New Zealand, Amelia Kerr, scored double century in One Day International (ODI) match. She smashed a record that had stood for 21 years, beating Belinda Clark’s score of 229 runs set against Denmark in Mumbai. She is only the second woman to score 200 plus runs in an ODI match. She achieved this incredible feat in just 134 balls, hitting 31 boundaries, the most in women’s cricket history and second only to Rohit Sharma’s 33 boundaries during his innings of 264 runs.

Kerr also became one of the youngest women, at 17 years and 243 days old, to score a century in an ODI match when she was allowed to open the batting for the first time. Additionally, she became the youngest cricketer ever to score more than 200 runs in any format of international cricket.

3. Ellyse Perry (Test)

Ellyse Perry

In 2017, during a Test match against England at North Sydney Oval, Sydney, Australia’s talented all-rounder Ellyse Perry made history by becoming the fourth Australian woman who scored double century in Test cricket. Perry’s remarkable innings saw her score an unbeaten 213 runs, the highest score by an Australian female cricketer in Test matches.

Perry showed incredible patience and skill, facing 374 balls during her marathon innings, which lasted 412 minutes. Her innings were filled with 26 boundaries and a six, showcasing her ability to dominate the opposition’s bowling attack while displaying her endurance and concentration.

This monumental achievement solidified Perry’s status as one of the leading figures in women’s cricket, inspiring future generations with her extraordinary talent and dedication to the sport.

4. Kiran Baluch (Test)

Kiran Baluch

Back in 2004, during a Test match of West Indies at the National Stadium in Karachi, Pakistan’s Kiran Baluch made headlines by scoring a whopping 242 runs in the first innings. This remarkable achievement made her the highest scorer ever in Women’s Test cricket, surpassing India’s Mithali Raj, who scored 214 runs. What’s more, Baluch’s innings of 242 is also the highest-ever score by an opening batswoman in Test cricket.

Baluch’s innings was nothing short of extraordinary. She faced a staggering 488 balls, batting for a marathon of 584 minutes, equivalent to 9 hours and 44 minutes! This incredible feat made her a cricketing sensation and earned her the distinction of being the only Pakistani woman cricketer to join the prestigious double-century club. Her performance remains a shining example of determination and skill in women’s cricket.

5. Mithali Raj (Test)

Mithali Raj

Mithali Raj, the captain of India’s ODI team, made history as the youngest player to score an ODI century at just 16 years and 205 days old against Ireland. Throughout her amazing career of over two decades, Raj has set and broken numerous records.

She became the first Indian woman to score a double-century in Test cricket. At 19, on August 17, 2002, in only her third Test match, Mithali surpassed Karen Rolton’s (from Australia) record for the highest individual Test score. She scored an incredible 214 runs against England in the second and final Test at County Ground, Taunton.

Although her record has been overtaken by Kiran Baluch who scored 242 against the West Indies in March 2004, Mithali Raj’s achievements inspire generations of cricketers worldwide.

6. Karen Rolton

Karen Rolton

 In 2001, during a cricket match between Australia and England in Leeds, Karen Rolton, an Australian player, did something amazing. She hit the ball well and scored 209 runs without getting out. This was a big achievement because only a few players had done it. Karen’s record lasted for a long time until another Australian player named Ellyse Perry broke it in 2017 by scoring 213 runs in a match against England.

Karen played very fast during her innings. She could have used more time and scored runs quickly. She hit the ball to the boundary line 29 times and hit one over the boundary line for six runs. She faced 313 balls during her innings, which lasted about 6 hours. Karen Rolton gave a really good performance.

7. Michelle Goszko 

Michelle Goszko

Back in 2001, during a cricket match between Australia and England, Michelle Goszko, an Australian player, did something really impressive. She scored many runs—204 to be exact—in the second part of the game. This was only the second time an Australian player had done this in Test cricket. Michelle’s innings lasted for a long time, almost 395 minutes, and she faced 345 balls. She hit the ball to the boundary line 24 times during her innings. This was a big deal because, before her, another Australian player, Joanne Broadbent, scored a double century in 1998.

8. Joanne Broadbent 

Joanne Broadbent. PC: Getty

In 1998, during a cricket match against England, Joanne Broadbent from Australia did something special. She became the first woman cricketer to score 200 runs in a Test match. This happened during the second part of the game at Woodbridge Road in Guildford. Joanne faced many balls—476 in total—before reaching her milestone. She hit the ball to the boundary line 25 times. Her innings lasted a really long time, about 517 minutes.

9. Kirsty Flavell 

Kirsty Flavell. PC: Getty

In 1996, Kirsty Flavell from New Zealand made history by becoming the first woman cricketer to score 200 runs in a Test match. She did this during the second part of the game against England in Scarborough. Kirsty faced many balls—504 in total—before reaching her milestone. She hit the ball to the boundary line 24 times. Her innings lasted a really long time, about 555 minutes. Kirsty held the record as the only woman cricketer from New Zealand to achieve this amazing feat until 2018, when Amelia Kerr also scored a double century in a different type of cricket match called One Day International.

10. Tammy Beaumont 

Tammy Beaumont. PC: Getty

In a Women’s Ashes match at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, a 32-year-old player from England made history. She became the first player from England to score 200 runs in a special type of cricket match. Australia’s team scored many runs in their first turn at bat, 473 in total. But England did well, especially Tammy Beaumont, who scored 208 runs. Heather Knight and Nat Sciver-Brunt also played good innings, scoring around 50 runs. Even though England scored many runs, they still lost the match by a big margin of 89 runs.

11. Annabel Sutherland 

Annabel Sutherland scores maiden Test Double Century. PC: Getty

Annabel Sutherland’s amazing performance stole the show in the series between Australia and South Africa. It was their first time playing against each other in a special type of cricket match. Annabel did something remarkable during the game.

She scored a huge 210 runs, becoming only the fifth Australian player to score over 200 runs in this match. What’s more, she did it faster than anyone else in the history of women’s cricket, taking just 248 balls. This broke a record set by Karen Rolton in 2001. Annabel’s achievement is even more impressive, considering she’s only 22. She’s the second youngest player ever to achieve this feat, after Mithali Raj. It was an incredible performance that will be remembered for a long time.


The achievements of women cricketers who have scored international double centuries showcase their immense talent, dedication, and hard work. These remarkable performances demonstrate that women’s cricket is on par with men’s cricket, highlighting the equal capabilities of both genders in the sport. As we celebrate these historic milestones, it’s important to recognise that many more talented and hardworking players will continue to shine in the future. With ongoing support, opportunities, and recognition, the future of women’s cricket looks brighter than ever, promising even more groundbreaking achievements on the global stage. So, let’s continue celebrating and supporting women in cricket as they inspire future generations with their extraordinary skill and passion for the game.

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