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Explore the remarkable record of Sachin Tendulkar centuries! This comprehensive list showcases every century scored by the Master Blaster in detail.

Sachin Tendulkar is the God of cricket. You don’t need a detailed introduction about the accomplishments, record, and impact he has left on cricket history.  Especially when we talk about the record of centuries, Sachin is the first person that comes to everyone’s mind. Nobody has come close to Sachin’s record of 100 centuries combining ODIs and Tests. Sachin has a total of 49 centuries under his name in the ODIs. In Test cricket, he has a record of 51 centuries in his career. Each century has a unique story and achievement made by him. Sachin is undoubtedly the best batsman in the Indian cricket history. Here we will evaluate the details of Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 centuries. Let’s have a look at them!

Below is the Total 100 Centuries List Scored By Sachin Tendulkar in His Career in ODIs and Test Cricket

Sr. No.DateScoreOpposition  team VenueGroundS.R4s6s
19 Aug 1990119*EnglandManchesterAway62.9610
22 Jan 1992148*AustraliaSydneyAway69.48140
31 Feb 1992114AustraliaPerthAway70.80160
426 Nov 1992111South AfricaJohannesburgAway41.11190
511 Feb 1993165EnglandChennaiHome55.74241
627 July 1993104*Sri LankaColomboAway64.59111
718 Jan 1994142Sri LankaLucknowHome63.39220
81 Dec 1994179West IndiesNagpurHome55.59241
96 June 1996122EnglandBirminghamAway68.92191
104 July 1996177EnglandNottinghamAway49.16260
112 Jan 1997169South AfricaCape TownAway66.53260
122 Aug 1997143Sri LankaColomboAway57.89200
139 Aug 1997139Sri LankaColomboAway52.25160
143 Dec 1997148Sri LankaMumbaiHome60.65203
156 March 1998155*AustraliaChennaiHome81.15144
1625 March 1998177AustraliaBangaloreHome85.50293
1726 Dec 1998113New ZealandWellingtonAway74.83132
1828 Jan 1999136PakistanChennaiHome49.81180
1924 Feb 1999124*Sri LankaColomboAway52.76101
2010 Oct 1999126*New ZealandMohaliHome50.80140
2129 Oct 1999217New ZealandAhmedabadHome63.08290
2226 Dec 1999116AustraliaMelbourneAway60.7391
2318 Nov 2000122ZimbabweNew DelhiHome52.36190
2425 Nov 2000201*ZimbabweNagpurHome71.53270
2518 March 2001126AustraliaChennaiHome54.78152
263 Nov 2001155South AfricaBloemfonteinAway84.23231
2711 Dec 2001103EnglandAhmedabadHome52.28121
2821 Feb 2002176ZimbabweNagpurHome55.69230
2919 April 2002117West IndiesPort of SpainAway45.00140
3022 Aug 2002193EnglandLeedsAway58.48193
3130 Oct 2002176West IndiesKolkataHome59.06260
322 Jan 2004241*AustraliaSydneyAway55.27330
3328 March 2004194*PakistanMultanAway55.74210
3410 Dec 2004248*BangladeshDhakaAway65.43350
3510 Dec 2005109Sri LankaNew DelhiHome55.61141
3618 May 2007101BangladeshChittagongAway59.7690
3725 May 2007122*BangladeshMirpurAway53.9881
382 Jan 2008154*AustraliaSydneyAway63.37141
3924 Jan 2008153AustraliaAdelaideAway74.63133
406 Nov 2008109AustraliaNagpurHome57.97120
4111 Dec 2008103*EnglandChennaiHome52.5590
4218 March 2009160New ZealandHamiltonAway61.53260
4316 Nov 2009100*Sri LankaAhmedabadHome47.39110
4417 Jan 2010105*BangladeshChittagongAway63.25112
4524 Jan 2010143BangladeshMirpurAway78.57131
466 Feb 2010100South AfricaNagpurHome55.86130
4714 Feb 2010106South AfricaKolkataHome51.45120
4826 July 2010203Sri LankaColomboAway58.50231
499 Oct 2010214AustraliaBangaloreHome58.95222
5016 Dec 2010111*South AfricaCenturionAway46.05131
512 Jan 2011146South AfricaCape TownAway46.49172
ODIs Centuries:
529 Sep 1994110AustraliaColomboNeutral84.6182
5328 Oct 1994115New ZealandVadodaraHome84.5593
5411 Nov 1994105West IndiesJaipurHome78.35100
559 Apr 1995112*Sri LankaSharjahNeutral104.67151
5618 Feb 1996127*KenyaCuttackHome92.02151
572 March 1996137Sri LankaNew DelhiHome100.0085
585 Apr 1996100PakistanSingaporeNeutral90.0991
5915 Apr 1996118PakistanSharjahNeutral84.2882
6028 August 1996110Sri LankaColomboAway79.7151
6114 December 1996114South AfricaMumbaiHome90.47140
629 Feb 1997104ZimbabweBenoniNeutral107.2181
6314 Mar 1997117New ZealandBangaloreHome85.40132
647 Apr 1998100AustraliaKanpurHome112.3557
6522 Apr 1998143AustraliaSharjahNeutral109.1695
6624 April 1998134AustraliaSharjahNeutral102.29123
6731 May 1998100*KenyaKolkataHome97.08130
687 Jul 1998128Sri LankaColomboAway97.7082
6926 Sep 1998127*ZimbabweBulawayoAway97.69131
7028 Oct 1998141AustraliaDhakaNeutral110.15133
718 Nov 1998118*ZimbabweSharjahNeutral105.35142
7213 Nov 1998124*ZimbabweSharjahNeutral134.78126
7323 May 1999140*KenyaBristolNeutral138.61163
7429 Aug 1999120Sri LankaColomboAway85.10112
758 Nov 1999186*New ZealandHyderabadHome124.00203
7617 March 2000122South AfricaVadodaraHome88.40120
7720 Oct 2000101Sri LankaSharjahNeutral72.1431
788 Dec 2000146ZimbabweJodhpurHome95.42152
7931 Mar 2001139AustraliaIndoreHome111.20190
804 July 2001122*West IndiesHarareNeutral93.12121
815 Oct 2001101South AfricaJohannesburgAway78.2990
8224 Oct 2001146KenyaPaarlNeutral110.60170
834 Jul 2002105*EnglandChester-Le-StreetAway97.2281
8411 July 2002113Sri LankaBristolNeutral110.78121
8523 Feb 2003152NamibiaPietermaritzburgNeutral100.66180
8626 Oct 2003100AustraliaGwaliorHome84.0391
8715 November 2003102New ZealandHyderabadHome112.08121
8816 March 2004141PakistanRawalpindiAway104.44171
8912 Apr 2005123PakistanAhmedabadHome94.61122
906 Feb 2006100PakistanPeshawarAway88.49101
9114 Sep 2006141West IndiesKuala LumpurNeutral95.27135
9231 Jan 2007100*West IndiesVadodaraHome131.57101
932 March 2008117*AustraliaSydneyAway97.50100
948 Mar 2009163*New ZealandChristchurchAway122.55165
9514 Sep 2009138Sri LankaColomboAway103.76101
965 Nov 2009175AustraliaHyderabadHome124.11194
9724 Feb 2010200*South AfricaGwaliorHome136.05253
9827 Feb 2011120EnglandBangaloreHome104.35105
9912 March 2011111South AfricaNagpurHome109.9083
10016 Mar 2012114BangladeshMirpurAway77.55121
All 100 Centuries List Scored By Sachin Tendulkar

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