Sachin Tendulkar Scores Between 90 and 99
Discover the Sachin Tendulkar Out List Between 90 to 99 in detail here. Explore each of Sachins 90 to 99 scores in ODIs and Tests in his career.

Sachin Tendulkar is the master of having a record of 100 centuries in his career. However, he could have added more to this list if he had not been out on a 90 to 100 score. Sachin has missed many opportunities with few runs to complete centuries both in ODIs and tests. He got out on the 90s score two times in his career. One in ODIs and one time in Tests by getting stumped on both occasions. Talking about Sachin Tendulkar getting out between 90 to 100 scores, he has been out 18 times in ODIs. Whereas Sachin has been out 10 times between 90 to 100 in Test cricket. To know more about Sachin Tendulkar’s 90 to 99 out list, read the below article.

List of Sachin Tendulkar Out List Between 90 to 99 in ODIs

Sachin Tendulkar has been out 18 times in ODIs between 90 to 99 score. Out of 18 times, Sachin Tendulkar has been not out (96*)only once which was against Sri Lanka on 21 Dec 2009 at Cuttack. Moreover, in this Sachin nervous 90 list, he has been out in the match with a runout. This was against South Africa on 26 Jun 2007 in Belfast. Sachin was on 99 when he got out here. He missed his well-deserved century by just one run. Morne Van Wyk and Mark Boucher got Sachin out while he was on to take the second run to complete his century. Other than these two occasions Sachin has been either stumped o bowled in the list of out between 90 to 99  in ODIs.

Sr.noRunsBalls Faced4s6sS.ROutDateOppositionVenue
19084141107.14Stumped27 Feb 1996AustraliaMumbai
2918742104.59Stumped11 Dec 1997EnglandSharjah
3957865121.79Bowled14 Jan 1998PakistanDhaka
49310310090.29Bowled21 Jan 2000PakistanHobart
5938974104.49Caught19 Mar 2000South AfricaNagpur
6939510097.89Caught1 Jun 2000Sri LankaDhaka
79875121130.66Caught1 Mar 2003PakistanCenturion
8971207180.83Caught10 Mar 2003Sri LankaJohannesburg
993969296.87Caught25 Oct 2005Sri LankaNagpur
109510416191.34Caught13 Feb 2006PakistanLahore
119914312069.23Run out26 Jun 2007South AfricaBelfast
129310613287.73Bowled29 Jun 2007South AfricaBelfast
139911215188.39Caught24 Aug 2007EnglandBristol
149481161116.04Caught5 Sep 2007EnglandThe Oval
159991141108.79Caught8 Nov 2007PakistanMohali
169710216095.09Bowled15 Nov 2007PakistanGwalior
17911217075.20Caught4 Mar 2008AustraliaBrisbane
1896*10413092.30Not Out21 Dec 2009Sri LankaCuttack
List of Sachin Tendulkar Out List Between 90 to 99 in ODIs

List of Sachin Tendulkar Out List Between 90 to 99 in Tests

Sachin Tendulkar has been out 10 times in tests between 90 to 99 score. Out of 10 times, Sachin Tendulkar has never been run out in Sachin’s nervous 90 list in the test. Plus he was not unbeaten on any of the occasions in Sachin’s nervous 90 list in the test. Sachin has been given out three times in this list by LBW, four times he was caught and two times he was bowled. However, Sachin was only once stumped in this list of out between 90 to 99. He was on 90 when he got stumped by Ashley Giles. This was against England on 19 Dec 2001 in Bengaluru. 

Sr.noRunsBalls Faced4s6sSROutDateOppositionVenue
1941538261.43Caught 22 Nov 2011West IndiesWankhede
29117211052.90Lbw18 Aug 2011EnglandThe Oval
39818913051.85Lbw1 Oct 2010AustraliaMohali
49716312259.50Caught 24 Feb 2000South AfricaMumbai
59614015068.57Bowled 26 Jan 1994Sri LankaBengaluru
69420211046.53Caught8 March 2005PakistanMohali
79214714162.58Caught27 March 1997West IndiesBarbados
89614015068.57Bowled 26 Jan 1994Sri Lanka Bengaluru
99119712046.19Lbw27 July 2007EnglandNottingham
109019813045.45Stumped 19 Dec 2001EnglandBengaluru
List of Sachin Tendulkar Out List Between 90 to 99 in Tests

How Many Times Sachin Tendulkar Got Out in 99?

Sachin Tendulkar got out in 99 three times in his cricketing career. All the three outs in 99 were in ODIs.

How Many 90 Runs Sachin Tendulkar Has Scored?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored 1 times 90 runs in test cricket. Whereas in Odis Sachin has scored 90 runs 1 time.

How Many Times Did Kohli Got Out in The 90s?

Virat Kohli has got out in the 90s eight times in his career. Out of eight tines, he got out on the 90s six times in ODIs and two times in test cricket.

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