Sachin Tendulkar's Career Records
Explore Sachin Tendulkar's illustrious cricket journey through a comprehensive list of records, from his unmatched centuries to remarkable milestones.

Sachin Tendulkar is the person in Indian cricket history who has made some brilliant records in his career. He has been the greatest asset of Indian cricket for almost 2 decades. The amount of passion, dedication, and talent Sachin has showcased in cricket is simply irreplaceable. He has been exceptional with his batting skills and making his country win. 

Moreover, he has also made India proud with his remarkable achievements, accolades, and records in crickets. Some of Sachin Tendulkar’s notable records in his career are stated below, let’s quickly have a look at them!

Most Runs in Tests

Sachin was always hungry to score more runs for his country. There is no doubt that he owns the record for most runs in Test cricket. Sachin has a total of 15,921 runs in 200 matches and 329 innings in his career. Till now, nobody has even come close to this record of Sachin. Also, it will be a very tough challenge for any cricketer to break or come close to the record of having the most runs in test cricket.

100 International Centuries And 51 Test Tons

This is the most famous and proudest record of Indian cricket which is made by none other than Sachin Tendulkar. He has 100 international centuries 51 tests and 49 ODI are there. No cricketer will ever dream of even come close to making 100 centuries. However, the only cricketer who is close yet far from his record is Virat Kohli. Virat has 80 centuries under his belt and is still behind by 20 centuries.

Most Man of The Match Awards

Sachin Tendulkar has always played for his country rather than for himself. He has always performed match-winning knocks that landed him the most Man of the Match or Player of the Match awards. In his entire career, Sachin was awarded 63 Man of the Match awards. No cricketer has got this number of Man of the Match awards yet and still tops the chart with most Man of the Match awards.

Most Tests Played

Sachin Tendulkar had a great career in terms of Test format especially. He has the record for most runs in Tests, the most number of test centuries under his name, and this record of playing the most number of Test matches. Sachin has played a total of 200 test matches in his career. He is still the only player in cricket history to do so. Looking at the records of other players who are still playing cricket it is quite impossible to reach the milestone of playing 200 test matches in a career.

Most ODI Played

Another remarkable achievement of Sachin Tendulkar is he has played more ODI matches than any other cricketer in cricket history. Sachin has played 463 ODI matches in his career and he is still on the top of the list to do so. It is highly doubtful that any other cricket player would ever break this record of playing most ODI matches in their career.

Highest Runs In Cricket

Interestingly, Sachin Tendulkar also holds this prestigious record of having the most runs in his career combining both the formats he has played (Test, ODI). He has a total of 30,000+ runs under his name and no other cricketer has surpassed this outstanding record of Sachin. He is on the top in the list of most runs by a player in their career in cricket history.

Most 90s

Other than having the most number of international centuries, Sachin also holds the record of scoring the most 90s runs. Had he not been stuck on these ’90s scores, he would have more number of centuries under his name in international cricket. Sachin holds 18 and 10 times 90s scores in ODIs and Tests respectively. Anyway, with the help of his 90s score, he has made some impactful knocks in his career that led India to win the match.

Most Runs in World Cups

World Cup and Sachin Tendulkar is the most favorite combo to hold a special record of the most special occasion in cricket. Sachin has played in six World Cups from 1992 to 2011 in his career. Plus Sachin has the highest number of runs in the World Cup i.e. 2,278 runs at an average of 56.95.

Though among the six editions of World Cups Sachin has played, he managed to be part of only one winning World Cup in 2011. As of now, no cricketer has scored this many runs in a World Cup edition they have played and we think it’s highly impossible to do so.


Though, there were many records of Sachin Tendulkar. But the above are the most critical and tough records that will not be broken anytime soon. These are the records that not only Sachin Tendulkar is proud of but the whole of India takes pride in. We will always be grateful and proud of Sachin Tendulkar, the most exceptional cricket player ever.

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