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Discover the Complete List of New Rules From DRS to Impact Players Rule in IPL 2024. Explore each rule in detail here.

The BCCI and ICC have introduced a few rules and regulations before this IPL 2024 season. The new rules which are added to the IPL are not the new rules in cricket. However, it was never used and introduced in the IPL before this season. The new edition of IPL 2024 has announced the addition of new rules with existing rules before the start of IPL 2024 which was 22 March. Here we will talk about All The New Rules in IPL 2024 in detail. Let’s get started!

Below Are All The New Rules in IPL 2024

1. DRS Method

The DRS method is used to review and change the decisions given by the on-field umpire. While playing the match, the players have the option to use the DRS method if they think the decision given by the umpire is not correct. For example, if the umpire gives a wide or no-ball and you think it’s not correct then you can go ahead and use DRS.

2. No Player Sheet at Toss

This season of IPL 2024 new rules regarding the playing XI and the toss is excellent. The rule is that you can select your playing XI after the toss and the captain doesn’t need to give the player sheet at the toss. Plus the captains can select the players under the toss influenced by adding 5 substitution players too. This rule is very helpful for deciding the best players as per the toss result. Plus you can use your 5 substitutions players as the impact player of the game as per the new rule during the match. The No-player sheet at toss rule allows the team to have more clarity, flexibility, and strength among their team playing XI.

3. Two Bouncers Per Over

This new rule which was introduced in the IPL 2024 edition is about the bowlers. The bowlers are allowed to bowl two bouncers in every over. Earlier seasons of IPL allowed only one bouncer in every over. Bouncers are the deliveries in bowling which are fast, short-pitched, and pass through the batter’s shoulder height. These deliveries are quite difficult to play and they help a lot to get the wickets early in the match. If the bowlers throw the bouncers above the shoulder height of the batter then the umpire declares the delivery as the wide. However, the bowler still has the chance to throw two deliveries per over as the bouncer. In addition, the bowler cannot use more than two bouncers per over and if they do so then the delivery will be declared as the no-ball by the umpire. This can only happen for one time and if the bowler repeats the bouncers then he has to be terminated from the bowling for the rest of the match.

4. The Impact Player Rule

The Impact Player Rule was already in the rulebook of international cricket. However, it was later added to the IPL in 2023. The Impact player rule makes the team announce five substitution players along with their 11 main players right after the toss of the match. So the role of these 5 substitution players is one of them is called the Impact player and anyone can be added to the playing 11 during the match only if the player will make a difference in the betterment of the team winning the match. This rule is very helpful to increase the good performances throughout the match and make the team win matches.

5. The Batter Who is Retired Hurt is Not Allowed to Bat Again in The Second Super Over

This new rule of IPL 2024 is regarding the batter who has been dismissed in a super over. The batter is now not allowed to play for the second super over or to play in the same innings. This rule cannot be changed even after the consent of the on-field captain. Moreover, this new rule was discovered after the T20 match between India and Afghanistan. It was Rohit Sharma who came twice for batting: once for 1st super over and in 2nd super over. However, he was granted permission by the umpires and the opposite captain. But it caused lots of confusion. Hence, this new Batter who is retired is not allowed to bat again in the second Super Over was introduced in IPL.

6. Salary Increment To Uncapped Players

BCCI announced in December 2023 that the players who remain uncapped in IPL will get a salary increment if they appear in the playing XI for India. The salary increment in IPL 2024 for uncapped players is based on the appearances players make for India and based on it they will be provided the salary. A recent example of this new rule is Rajat Patidar of RCB. He played four test matches and achieved four caps for India. Hence, he will earn a salary of 50 lakhs in IPL 2024.

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