Women's Cricket Double Century In ODI

In the world of sports, cricket holds a special place. It is a game that many people follow with great passion. One of the most exciting moments in cricket is when a player scores a double century, which means they have scored 200 runs in a single match.

A women’s cricket double century in ODIs is a rare and amazing achievement. 

It shows not only skill and talent but also determination and hard work. This blog will explore the incredible stories of the Women cricketers who Scored international double centuries. Their performances have inspired many and have made a significant mark in the history of cricket. So let’s get started inspiring story of women’s cricketers.

Who did women’s cricket double century in ODI?

Though several women’s cricketers who have scored double centuries in the test matches, in a one-day international match(ODI),is  Belinda Clark, captain of the Australian women’s cricket team, scored 229 on December 16, 1997. Another cricketer, Amelia Kerr from New Zealand, made history in women’s cricket by scoring 232 runs, the highest individual score in an ODI match in June 2018.

NameDate of BirthTeamSocial media 
Belinda Clark10th September,1970Australiabelindaclark114
Amelia Kerr13th October,2000Newzealandameliakerr.48

1. Belinda Clark 

Thirteen years before the famous batsman Sachin Tendulkar reached this milestone, a remarkable woman had already done it. On December 16, 1997, Belinda Clark, the captain of the Australian women’s cricket team, scored an unbeaten 229 runs off just 155 balls. 

She achieved this incredible feat against Denmark in a Women’s Cricket World Cup match at MIG Ground in Mumbai. Her outstanding performance helped Australia reach a massive total of 412 runs for 3 wickets.

Belinda Clark’s batting was too powerful for the inexperienced Denmark team to handle, and Australia won the match by a huge margin of 363 runs. Born in New South Wales on September 10, 1970, Belinda Clark played international cricket from 1991 to 2005.

After becoming captain in 1994, she led the Australian women’s team to two World Cup victories in 1997 and 2005 and one final in 2000. On September 16, 2005, Clark retired from cricket after playing 118 One-Day internationals and 15 Test matches.

2. Amelia Kerr

In June 2018, Amelia Kerr from New Zealand made history in women’s cricket by scoring the highest individual score in a One-Day International (ODI) match. She broke a record that had stood for 21 years, surpassing Belinda Clark’s score of 229 runs, which was made in 1997 against Denmark in Mumbai.

Amelia Kerr is the second woman to score a double century in ODIs.Amelia’s double century came quickly, in just 134 balls. During her amazing innings, she hit 31 boundaries, is the most by any woman in cricket, and the second-most overall, just behind Rohit Sharma’s 33 boundaries during his score of 264 runs. 

At 17 years and 243 days, Amelia became the joint third-youngest woman to score an ODI century when she was asked to open the innings for the first time in her career. She is the youngest player ever to score a double century in any format of international cricket.


Scoring a double century in women’s ODI cricket is a remarkable achievement that highlights the talent and determination of these exceptional players. Belinda Clark and Amelia Kerr have set high standards with incredible performances, inspiring many young cricketers worldwide. Their achievements show that women’s cricket is full of excitement and skill. As the sport grows, we can look forward to seeing more amazing feats and new records being set in international women’s cricket. Let’s continue to support and celebrate these incredible women in cricket.

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