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Discover the 4 Controversial Umpiring Decisions In IPL 2024 in detail here. Explore the smallest details of the drama in IPL umpiring controversial decisions.

Over the years, IPL has witnessed many controversial decisions made by the umpires which has led players and teams very upset and furious. However, there are no such incidents where the decision was reversed once it was finalized by the umpires. Likewise, in the IPL 2024 season, there were many controversial decisions taken by umpires. The Virat Kohli wicket in the match between RCB vs KKR led to Virat being very rude to the on-field umpires. Another notable controversial umpire decision was the wide call against Mohit Sharma in the match between RR and GT. To know more about the Controversial Umpiring Decisions In IPL 2024. Check out this article here!

1. Review of Wide Call for Mohit Sharma Delivery (RR vs GT, Match No.24)

A wide ball can be the crucial run that can sometimes turn the match in your favor. However, often wide deliveries are not given much importance, and taking a review for wide deliveries has never been so important until this IPL season 2024. However, one of the incidents on wide call came in match number 24, it was between RR and GT on April 10, 2024. In the batting innings of RR, the last delivery of the 17th over by Mohit Sharma from GT was given wide by the umpire on the field. However, the delivery was not looking wide as per the bowler Mohit Sharma and captain Shubman Gill of GT. They took a review on the same and the Third umpire Ananthapadmanabhan gave the ball as a non-wide call after reviewing it from every angle in the camera. Here the third umpire said to the on-field umpire to stay on the call as a non-wide delivery whereas the on-field umpire gave it a wide. The whole confusion arose there and the third umpire was again asked to check and give his final take on the delivery. After going through the replays the third umpire finally gave his take and said to the on-field umpire to stay with a call of wide for the delivery by Mohit Sharma.

2. Virat Kohli’s Wicket (KKR vs RCB, Match No.36)

Any controversy that involves a great player like Virat Kohli is bound to raise many voices and eyebrows. This controversy came in match number 36 between RCB and KKR. It was the second innings and RCB was chasing the target of 223 runs made by KKR. Virat Kohli scored 18 runs in 7 balls and it was the first ball of the 3rd over by Harshit Rana where he was given out. The delivery was a full toss and Virat Kohli defended it with a leading edge and the bowl went straight back to the bowler. After watching the replay the on-field umpire took the call of out and Virat was dismissed by Harshit Rana. However, the replay clearly showed that  Virat was in the correct position while defending the bowl and he was not out. Moreover, Virat was not at all happy with the decision and he went back after having word of mouth with the on-field umpire. This led him to a fine of 50 percent match fee for unethical behavior towards the umpire.

3. Run Out of Ayush Badoni (MI vs LSG, Match No.48)

Though it is very unusual to have a controversy on a run-out decision by an umpire in IPL. But IPL 2024 has surprises in every match which excites the fans more to watch the matches. One such umpire controversy came in match number 48 between MI and LSG.MI made the target of 144/7 which was looking quite defendable for LSG. Now LSG started the chase very well and when they were 13 runs short to complete the chase with 12 balls. Hardik Pandya was bowling in the 19th over and the first ball was short and wide and Ayush was looking to take two runs out of it. However, when he came back for the second run the wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan threw the ball on the stumps. The on-field umpire was not sure whether Ayush Badoni completed the second run or not. The decision was directed towards the third umpire as the situation demanded the replay and when the replay was played the decision was still not confirmed and it was 50-50 whether Badoni was out or not. However, despite what everyone was expecting the decision was not in favor of Ayush and he was given out. The LSG captain KL Rahul was not happy with the decision but he could not do much in front of the umpire’s decision.

4. Sanju Samson Wickets (DC vs RR, Match No.56)

The latest Controversial Umpiring decision in IPL 2024 came in match number 56 between DC vs RR. During the batting innings of RR, Sanju Samson the captain was batting at a shared score with Jos Buttler (63 runs off 33 balls), (36-run off 31 balls) score with Riyan Parag, and next with Shubham Dubey with a score of (59 runs off 29 balls). Sanju smashed a boundary in the 16th over the 4th ball against the delivery thrown by fast bowler Mukesh Kumar in the long-on direction.  Shai Hope was standing there and he took the catch just near the boundary with a bit of unusual momentum. It looked like his foot touched the boundary while taking the catch of Sanju Samson. However, the on-field umpire took a third umpire’s help and the replay showed that Shai touched his feet while taking the catch. However, what was surprising here was the decision came as Out. Sanju Samson was very furious with the decision and he got into a heated argument with on-field umpires. However, it did not change their decision Sanju had to pay 30 percent of his match fees as a fine for the bad behaviour with the umpires.


All these 4 Controversial Umpiring Decisions In IPL 2024 were all over the place due to the players and IPL fan following. Each of the decisions got many remarks and suggestions. However, these controversies are bound to happen in IPL but this year there have been many wrong umpiring decisions which have led the players and teams furious. Many players and teams have been fined due to the unethical responses to these controversial decisions.

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