Why Is Dhoni Jersey Number 7? Know The Full Detailed Story, Why MS Dhoni Chooses Number 7 As His Jersey Number.

The number 7 jersey in cricket is the most recognized and loved number in India. This jersey number 7 was worn by one and only MS Dhoni. Fans of Dhoni have loved this number 7 due to the jersey number of the Indian cricket team. Since the time Dhoni started playing for India as a wicketkeeper-batsman, he used to wear jersey number 7 and has contributed so much to the Indian team that it made him loved by millions of fans. Over the years the love for jersey number 7 has only increased and this number of shirts are sold in bulk around India. Whenever Dhoni is in the stadium playing the match, you will see half of the stadium wearing the number 7 jersey.

Now let’s Understand, Why is Dhoni jersey number 7? 

Many people think about the reason behind MS Dhoni’s jersey number. So to answer them, Dhoni has given a statement about his jersey number 7 in the Indian cricket team. Dhoni stated that there is a mathematical logic about the number 7 and he believes in that logic firmly. Hence, Dhoni chose 7 as his jersey number.

He explained further that he was born on July 7, 1981. So 7 was the special day in his life. Plus his birth year is 81 when calculated as 8-1=7. So in both ways, 7 was a highly special number in his life. So when the Indian team management asked for the number he wanted to choose his jersey number. Dhoni was clear that he wanted to go for number 7.

Also, the jersey number of Dhoni in Chennai Super Kings is 7. He has made the number seven jersey world famous and fans who adore him love to wear this number t-shirt on the ground when he plays. Moreover, to honor and to give respect to the contribution of MS Dhoni in  Indian cricket, BCCI has made jersey no 7 retire from Indian cricket. Plus the No 10 which was Sachin Tendulkar’s jersey has been retired too. Now no cricketer can choose the No 7 or No 10 jersey number in the Indian cricket team. 

From his debut in international cricket for India, dhoni used jersey number 7 till the time he retired. He retired in 2020, August 15 from all formats of international cricket. He was the most accomplished captain and wicketkeeper for the Indian Cricket team. He won three great trophies for India: the T20 World Cup 2007, the 2011 World Cup, and the Champions Trophy 2023. 

MS Dhoni retired from international cricket, but he continues to play for Chennai Super Kings in IPL. He had been a very successful captain for CSK. After winning the 2023 IPL title, Dhoni had a problem with his knee and he was very doubtful about his return to IPL. However, he had a very successful knee surgery and he came back to play IPL 2024 as a player and not as the captain of CSK.


For anyone looking for the answer to Why is Dhoni jersey number 7? We hope that it has been solved here completely in this blog. The jersey number 7 will always be remembered and honored in India as the Dhoni jersey in the cricket history of India.

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