Situated in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the Narendra Modi Stadium stands as a testament to India’s passion for cricket.

It is the largest stadium in the world with a seating capacity of 132,000. 

Formerly known as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, it has evolved into a cricketing coliseum and a hub of IPL excitement since its inception.

Let’s delve into the Narendra Modi stadium IPL records, including the highest scores and more. 

Matches Hosted by Narendra Modi Stadium in IPL 

The Narendra Modi Stadium has hosted 26 matches. 

Before becoming the home ground for GT, the Narendra Modi Stadium played host to the Rajasthan Royals for two seasons during the seventh and eighth editions of the IPL, which included the 2022 IPL finalists.

About the Pitch 

The ground has special red soil that helps the ball bounce predictably, making it easy for batters to hit it wherever they want. 

But for spinners, it’s not so good. They often find it hard to bowl well on this pitch.

Origin of Narendra Modi Stadium

Originally established in 1982, the stadium underwent a massive redevelopment in recent years, transforming it into the world’s largest cricket stadium with a huge seating capacity. 

This architectural marvel has become a symbol of India’s commitment to cricketing excellence. It is also known as Ahmedabad Stadium. 

One of the pivotal moments in its history occurred in 2020 when the stadium was renamed Narendra Modi Stadium in honour of the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

The renaming ceremony was a tribute to Modi’s contributions to Indian politics and his association with Gujarat.

Highest Team Scores: Narendra Modi Stadium IPL Records

Gujarat Titans  (GT)233Mumbai Indians (MI)2023
Gujarat Titans (GT)227Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)2023
Kolkata Knight Riders  (KKR)207Gujarat Titans (GT)2023
Gujarat Titans (GT)207Mumbai Indians (MI)2023
Gujarat Titans (GT)204Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)2023

Lowest Team Scores: Narendra Modi Stadium IPL Records


Top 5 Highest Scorers at Narendra Modi Stadium in IPL

BatsmanTotal Runs
Shubman Gill630
AM Rahane308
SV Samson218
DA Miller208
SR Watson191

Top 5 Leading Wicket Takers: Narendra Modi Stadium IPL Records

BowlerWickets Taken
Mohammed Shami20
MM Sharma17
Rashid Khan14
Noor Ahmed 10
Bhuvneshwar Kumar9

Top Innings by Batsmen: Narendra Modi Stadium IPL Records

Shubman Gill129MI2023
J Buttler106RCB2022
Shubman Gill101SRH2023
MA Agarwal99DC2021
Shubman Gill94LSG2023

Outstanding Bowling Performances: Narendra Modi Stadium IPL Records

MM Sharma5 for 10MI2023
B Kumar5 for 30GT2023
Mohammed Shami4 for 11DC2023
B Kumar4 for 14RR2014
Mohammed Shami4 for 21SRH2023

Gujarat Titans Success Rate In Narendra Modi Stadium IPL Records

Gujarat Titans have secured victories in five out of the eight IPL matches they played at the Narendra Modi Stadium this season, boasting a commendable win percentage of 62.5% at the venue.

The typical score in the first innings at the Narendra Modi Stadium stands at 170.8.

Challenges for Bowlers

Bowlers at Narendra Modi Stadium grapple with unique challenges presented by its vast dimensions. 

Finding the right line and length, especially during the middle overs, requires strategic adaptation. 

Spinners and pacers alike must navigate the conditions to make a meaningful impact, showcasing their versatility in overcoming the challenges posed by the stadium’s distinctive pitch.

Fan Engagement and Atmosphere

Despite its size, Narendra Modi Stadium is not immune to the passionate embrace of cricket-loving fans. 

The atmosphere is amplified by the sheer number of spectators, creating a unique ambience during matches. 

Fan traditions, chants echoing through the expansive stands, and the collective energy of the crowd contribute to the stadium’s identity.

Impact of Weather Conditions

The Ahmedabad weather, with its own set of nuances, plays a role in shaping matches at Narendra Modi Stadium. 

Rain interruptions and the impact of dew in the later stages of a game can add an unpredictable element, influencing team strategies and match outcomes.

Comparisons with Other IPL Venues

Narendra Modi Stadium’s unparalleled size and design set it apart from other IPL venues. 

A brief comparison reveals the distinctive pitch and ground conditions, affecting team strategies and player performances. 

The sheer scale of the stadium provides a unique challenge and spectacle that differs from other, more compact, venues.

Team Strategies and Tactics

Teams playing at Narendra Modi Stadium must devise specific strategies to capitalize on its unique characteristics. 

Whether it’s batting first to set a challenging target or bowling with precision to defend in the expansive outfield, the stadium demands strategic adaptability from teams, providing an interesting dimension to matches.

Off-Field Features

The modern amenities and facilities at Narendra Modi Stadium contribute to the overall cricketing experience. 

The stadium’s design and features, including state-of-the-art dressing rooms and spectator facilities, make it a distinct venue in the cricketing landscape.


As the world’s largest cricket stadium, it reshapes the cricketing landscape, presenting teams and players with unique challenges and opportunities. 

The comparisons drawn with other venues highlight its singular atmosphere, fan engagement, and strategic considerations, making it a cricketing experience like no other.

Rooted in historical significance yet adorned with modern innovations, Narendra Modi Stadium IPL records seamlessly integrate tradition with contemporary excellence. 

This grand arena, poised to be a cricketing beacon, encapsulates India’s enduring commitment to sports. 

In the evolving saga of the Indian Premier League, the stadium transcends its role as a mere venue; it stands as a symbol of India’s unwavering passion for cricket and its steadfast contribution to the global cricketing narrative.

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