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In this blog, we are going to talk about pro kabaddi top defender. In the Kabaddi Pro league, the raider is seen as the most popular and match-winning player. Unfortunately, the defenders don’t get that much limelight. Although the defenders are also core players to score the winning points. If the defender successfully score tackle points then you can win the Kabaddi match efficiently.

The raider or attacker is not the only player to win a kabaddi match. A defender can score one tackle point by successfully holding a raider to reach the midline. Each PKL season has witnessed fantastic defensive performances. Now Let’s look at the top 10 defenders in Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) history.

Below is the list of the top 10 Pro Kabaddi top defenders: 

Name MatchesTackle Points
Fazel Atrachali146424
Manjeet Chillar132391
Sandeep Narwal 156360
Girish Maruti Ernak143359
Surjeet Singh127348
Ravinder Pahal124339
Nitesh Kumar113313
Parvesh Bhainswal122302
Sandeep Dhull102291
Vishal Bhardwaj99288

1.Fazel Atrachali (424 points)

Fazel Atrachali is in the top position in the list of top 10 Pro Kabaddi defenders. He is one of the best defenders PKL has ever seen. Having 424 tackle points with his name no doubt he is in top defenders. Fazel Atrachali plays for the U Mumba team currently and he is remarkable in tackling the Raiders. 

2. Manjeet Chillar (391 Points)

Manjeet Chillar is a renowned star tackler of  Tamil Thalaivaa. He has gained a second position in the comprehensive list of the top 10  Pro Kabaddi league defenders. Manjeet has a total of 391 tackle points besides his name. Before playing for Thalaivas Manjeet the all-rounder played for other teams of PKL too. 

3. Sandeep Narwal (360 Points)

Sandeep Narwal is an Ace all-rounder of team U Mumba. He is known as one of the most excellent tacklers in Pro Kabaddi League history. Earlier Sandeep Narwal played for Patna Pirates during the earlier seasons where he was one of the top all-rounders of the tournament. Sandeep is in the third position in the top 10 Pro Kabaddi defenders having 360 points besides his name. 

4. Girish Maruti Ernak (359 Points)

Girish Maruti Ernak is the ranked fourth-highest player with 359 tackle points in PKL. Ernak began his Pro Kabaddi career with Patna Pirates in season one. Since then he has been one of the best defenders of PKL. Later on with emerging success, he started playing for Puneri Paltan. From PKL season five to season 10. He remained with them only.  

5. PO Surjeet Singh (348 Points)

PO Surjeet Singh, representing Puneri Paltan ranks the fifth player to enter the list of Pro kabaddi top defender. He has a record of a total of 348 tackle points. Surjeet began his PKL stint with U Mumba in 2016. Afterward, he started playing for Bengal Warriors for the next couple of seasons. He is someone who is known to be a master of defensive attacks and blocking raiders. He is believed to be a master of blocking or dashing raiders.

6. Ravinder Pahal (339 Points)

Ravinder Pahal the Dabang Delhi K.C. has scored 339 tackle points in PKL. This is the sixth-highest position in the PKL defenders list. Pahal started his Pro Kabaddi stint with Delhi. But he played for Puneri Paltan and Bengaluru Bulls for a few seasons. In 2018, he again started playing for the Delhi-based team.

7. Nitish Kumar (313 Points)

Representing the UP Yoddha, Nitesh Kumar has impressed with his consistent performances as a defender. Nitish is in the top 10 list of PKL defenders along with 313 tackle points. Nitish’s ability to execute critical tackles under pressure and lead the defence from the front has earned him a place among the league’s elite defenders. 

8. Parvesh Bainswal (302 Points)

A stalwart for the Gujarat Fortune Giants, Parvesh Bhainswal has consistently been a top performer in the defence department. His agility and ability to execute diving ankle hold make him a valuable asset to his team’s defence. Parvesh Bainswal has a total of 302 tackle points which makes him on the list of the top 10 defenders of PKL. 

9. Sandeep Dhull (291 Points)

Sandeep Dhull has consistently been among the top defenders in terms of tackle points scored in multiple seasons of Pro Kabaddi. He has 291 tackle points. He started playing for Jaipur Pink Panthers in PKL. His ability to execute powerful tackles and dashes has earned him a reputation as a formidable opponent for raiders.

10. Vishal Bhardwaj (288 Points) 

Vishal Bhardwaj plays for the team Telugu Titans. He is one of the finest defenders on the team. His remarkable defensive talents made him score 288 tackle points. No wonder he is in the top Pro Kabaddi defenders. The kind of timing and perfection he exhibits to tackle has made him what he is today.  He exactly knows how to read the Raider’s move and make a defensive attack.  


The Pro Kabaddi League must give some credit to all the above outstanding defenders. They have immense credibility which needs to get recognized. All these above top 10 defenders given in this article have set a benchmark for defending in kabaddi. It is their contributions that have made the stature of Pro Kabaddi rise higher all around the world.

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