Women's Kabaddi League 2023

In recent years, kabaddi, a sport that is rooted in South Asian and Indian culture, has experienced a resurgence in popularity. Kabaddi, which was once thought to be a sport dominated by men, has evolved, shattering gender norms, and women are now beginning to take center stage. 

The Women’s Kabaddi League 2023, comprising exceptional athletes from all around India, is an exhilarating demonstration of strength, skill, and strategy. This league is evidence of how well-liked and respected women are in the kabaddi sport.

The league not only gives these women a stage on which to showcase their abilities, but it also inspires a larger audience to recognize the skill and tenacity of female athletes. The league’s structure, participating teams, competition format, schedule, match times, standout players to watch, fan participation, and overall effects on women’s empowerment and grassroots growth will all be covered in length in this article.

A professional Kabaddi league created just for female players is called the Women’s Kabaddi League 2023. It’s a wonderful stage on which ladies may excel and display their kabaddi abilities. The league aspires to develop and promote women’s kabaddi, significantly enhancing the nation’s general sports culture. The league creates a precedent for gender equality in sports by emphasizing female athletes.

Let’s take a look at the Women’s Kabaddi League 2023

Date MatchTime
October 2, MondayBangladesh vs Nepal08:00:00
October 2, MondayIndia vs Chinese Taipei13:30:00
October 2, MondayThailand vs South Korea14:20:00
October 3, TuesdayNepal vs Iran08:00:00
October 3, TuesdaySouth Korea vs India13:30:00
October 3, TuesdayChinese Taipei vs Thailand14:20:00
October 4, WednesdayIran vs Bangladesh08:00:00
October 4, WednesdayIndia vs Thailand13:30:00
October 4, WednesdaySouth Korea vs Chinese Taipei14:20:00
October 6, FridaySemi-final 1 (Bronze medal match)07:00:00
October 6, FridaySemi-final 2 (Bronze medal match)07:50:00
October 7, SaturdayFinal (Gold Medal match)07:00:00

Women’s Kabaddi’s Rise

There is an ongoing movement in sports to support gender equality and promote female participation in historically male-dominated sports. One of the most strenuous and tactically complex sports, kabaddi is no exception.

Women’s Kabaddi League 2023 has become more popular, and it goes beyond merely playing the game to challenge prejudices and societal standards. The creation of the Women’s Kabaddi League 2023 was crucial in enabling women to follow their love of the game.

It offers a platform where talent, toughness, and tenacity are honored, encouraging the following generation of female athletes to pursue their goals in spite of social expectations.

Tournament Organisation

A planned tournament format is often followed by the Women’s Kabaddi League 2023 to provide fair competition and entertaining games for the audience. The league comprises group stages, elimination stages, semifinals, and the championship match, which is when the winner is declared.

Stages in Groups

Participating teams are separated into groups for the group stages. Each group’s teams compete against one another for points based on how well they do. The goal is to place higher in the group so that you have a better chance of moving on to the knockout stages.

Rounds of TKO

The teams who advance to the semi-finals are decided through the knockout rounds, which constitute an essential component of the competition. The most successful teams from the group stage participate in elimination matches, and the winners advance to the competition.


The top teams from the knockout stages play in dramatic contests in the semi-finals. While the losing teams fight for the bronze medal, the winners progress to the gold medal match.

Gold Medal Match

The Women’s Kabaddi League 2023 championship game is its pinnacle. A spectacular encounter that enthralls fans and onlookers features the two top teams competing for the gold medal while demonstrating their abilities, teamwork, and tenacity.

Schedule & Match Timings

The Women’s Kabaddi League 2023 promises an exciting display of kabaddi skills and talent. Below is the detailed schedule of matches along with their respective timings:

October 2, Monday

Match 1: Bangladesh vs Nepal

Time: 08:00:00

Match 2: India vs Chinese Taipei

Time: 13:30:00

Match 3: Thailand vs South Korea

Time: 14:20:00

October 3, Tuesday

Match 4: Nepal vs Iran

Time: 08:00:00

Match 5: South Korea vs India

Time: 13:30:00

Match 6: Chinese Taipei vs Thailand

Time: 14:20:00

October 4, Wednesday

Match 7: Iran vs Bangladesh

Time: 08:00:00

Match 8: India vs Thailand

Time: 13:30:00

Match 9: South Korea vs Chinese Taipei

Time: 14:20:00

October 6, Friday

Semi-final 1 (Bronze medal match)

Time: 07:00:00

Semi-final 2 (Bronze medal match)

Time: 07:50:00

October 7, Saturday

Final (Gold Medal match)

Time: 07:00:00


The Women’s Kabaddi League 2023, which will take place in October 2023, is anticipated to be an exciting occasion that will highlight the incredible talent and commitment of female Kabaddi players.

As the league develops, supporters and enthusiasts excitedly look forward to the nail-biting games, fierce rivalries, and the declaration of the overall winner. Inspiring the next generation of kabaddi athletes and continuing to advance gender equality in sports, the Women’s Kabaddi League is essential. 

The Women’s Kabaddi League 2023 is a symbol of hope and development in the world of sports, especially for female athletes.

It shatters long-held stereotypes and redefines what women are capable of, exemplifying the shift towards gender inclusion in society and athletics. Beyond serving as a venue for kabaddi fans, it serves as an inspiration for numerous young females to follow their aspirations without reservation.

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