most expensive sports in the world

Sports are about having fun and showing off your abilities on an even playing ground. While certain sports may be easy to pick up, others need significant financial outlay to participate.

Every single one of us has played sports at some point in our life.

While the majority of sports are not prohibitively expensive, a few luxury sports may be, making it challenging for regular people to participate in them.

However, not all sports are affordable and simple to play. Activities can be a way to unwind or spice up daily life, but certain activities also cost a lot of money to play.

The most expensive sports in the world are those that require a player to invest more time, money, and excellent time into them. The top 15 pricey sports in the world are listed below.

Take a look at the top 15 Most expensive sports in the world:

S.NOSports NameCost Range: 
1Equestrian Sports$2,500 to $100,000+
2Ice Hockey$2,700 to $17,000+
3Fencing$5,000 – $45,000
4Skiing and Snowboarding$1,200 to $5,000+
5Lacrosse$1,510 – $17,500
6Gymnastics$1,200 – $8,000+
7Competitive Cheerleading$2,000 – $10,000
8Competitive Dance$1,000 to $5,000+
9Golf$800 to $6,000+
10Figure Skating$800 to $10,000+
11Tennis$600 to $10,000
12Tackle Football$800 – $9,000
13Soccer$600 – $5,500
14Basketball$500 – $5,000
15Swimming$800 to $1,000+

1. Equestrian Sports:

For obvious reasons, equestrian activities are frequently linked to affluent demographics. The  Most Expensive Sport in the world piece of equipment needed for this activity is a horse.

The price of buying and maintaining a horse is just the beginning. By far the most expensive activity for youngsters (and adults) to participate in is equestrian, which also has the highest costs for other equipment, horse training, riding instruction, and competition expenses.

A horse’s worldwide exhibition might cost more than $200,000 a year. It’s no coincidence that Onassis, Bloomberg, and Springsteen are three of the most well-known names in dressage, eventing, and show jumping.

Beginner and Advanced Annual Costs for Equestrian Sports

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Enrollment/Membership Fees$30 – $50
Competition Fees$220
Initial Cost of a Horse$200 – $5000
Stabling or Boarding Fees$500 – $2,000 per month
Lessons  & Training$500+ per month
Horse Assessment and Vet Care$1500
Horse Insurancevaries, typically 3 percent of a horse’s value per year
Advanced ExpensesCosts
Private Lessons$40 – $80 per lesson
Summer Training Camps and Clinics$500+
Travel and Competition Costs$500 – $6,000
Exhibiting$200 – $3,500+

2. Ice Hockey:

Parents, get your wallets ready because hockey is going to cost you money. No, the cost of this sport is not increased by dental breaks.

You will need to pay for ice time because this sport requires an ice rink, which is typically included in basic expenses.

You should budget about $500 for everything you need for hockey and the Most Expensive Sports in the world, including sticks, bags, skates, jerseys, stick tape, the numerous pads that are necessary, and other safety gear.

While certain equipment can be used repeatedly, skates, which cost between $100 and $400, are a one-time expenditure. Travel expenses are going to start to mount as your player advances.

If these expenditures are not covered by your child’s tuition, don’t forget to budget for them. Examples of these fees include petrol, meals, and hotel stays.

Ice Hockey Annual Fees for Novice and Expert

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Tuition/Ice time costs$1200 – $3,000
EquipmentAnnual Beginner-Stage $300 – $700
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Travel$400 – $1,000

3. Fencing:

Keep going! Fencing might be right up your child’s alley if you want them to get some agility, endurance, and sportsmanship qualities while also dressing like a cool musketeer!

The cost of the specialized equipment, courses, facilities, and competition fees should be considered if your child decides to pursue a career as a swordsman.

How frequently your youngster practices will determine the overall cost of fencing. If your young athlete plans to pursue advanced competitive fencing, be ready to spend a lot of money on tournament fees and travel costs.  

Beginner and Advanced Annual Costs for Fencing

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Equipment$150 – $800
US Fencing Membership fees$15 – $90
Beginners Classes$125 – $259 per month
Facility Fees and Club Dues$70 – $150 per month
Registration and Tournament Fees$20 – $45 per tournament
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Training/Coaching$280 – $600 per month
Tournament Fees$20 – $105 per tournament
Travel Expenses$1,200+

4. Skiing and Snowboarding:

Snow activities for kids are the Most Expensive Sports in the world, even if you do live in a region where mountains are nearby. In addition to passes, academy fees, and insurance, the cost of equipment alone starts at $420.

This winter sport may eat into your money, especially if you factor in travel expenses. Brrrr! In fact, according to a recent poll, a junior ski racing career can cost as much as $500,000.

The cost varies greatly depending on the level of competition and the quality of the ski school a youngster attends. Kids’ advanced skiing is a completely different game.

Ski season for the majority of sportsmen occurs in the winter, hence expert skiers frequently leave class to train for their sport.

Depending on the location and level of the program, the price of additional classes, clinics, and camps varies greatly. Pay rates can reach $80 per hour, and weekend training camps can cost up to $300.

Skiing and Snowboarding Annual Costs for Novice and Expert

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Equipment$420 – $800
Ski Passes$120 – $400
Meal Plans$100
Annual Advanced Costs:Costs
Lessons/Camps$150 – $300+ per lesson
Travel Costs$400+

5. Lacrosse:

Most Expensive Sport in the world and Fast-moving, dynamic lacrosse has become more and more well-liked in recent years.

This sport is the more expensive Sports than others due to several considerations. Lacrosse is a full-contact sport, hence the cost of the equipment is the main offender.

Because it is a highly technical sport with few specialized coaches, the cost of training and lessons is higher than for other sports. Keep in mind that specific roles (like goalie) will demand more equipment and cost more money.

Beginner and Advanced Annual Costs for Lacross

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Annual Fees$1,520
Equipment$330 – $500
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Training/Coaching$80+ per season
Travel Expenses$280+

6. Gymnastics:

Gymnastics is a fun and difficult sport that helps kids develop their flexibility, strength, and coordination. For several reasons, this sport can be pricey.

First off, the gym facilities and equipment needed for training can be expensive. Hence it can be one of the most expensive sports in the world.

In addition, funding for sports in high schools and colleges has been less prevalent in recent years. Second, gymnastics instructors are highly qualified and seasoned professionals who need fair pay for their time and knowledge.  

Beginner and Advanced Annual Costs for Gymnastics

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Lessons$450 – $500
Camp$120 – $300
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Training/Coaching$25 – $50 per hour
Travel Expenses$800+

7. Competitive Cheerleading:

Cheerleading is a special blend of athleticism and spirit, but those pom-poms can be rather expensive. As accommodation, transport, and food costs are high, attending tournaments and events can quickly add up in cost.

Although cheerleading programs are offered at high schools, keep in mind that they might not be as competitive as those in private institutions. Private training and coaching can be very expensive. It takes a lot of time.

Beginner and Advanced Annual Costs for Competitive Cheerleading

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Registration$50 – $100
Program Tuition$2,000 – $3,000
Equipment$250 – $500
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Competition Fees$850+ annually

8. Competitive Dance:

Do you consider yourself to be qualified to serve as a dance mom? Children who participate in competitive dancing have the chance to express their creativity while gaining physical fitness, self-discipline, and collaboration.

The characteristic of competitive youth dance is team fundraising. However, enrolling your child in dance is an expensive activity due to the tuition costs, costumes, competition registration fees, and travel costs.

Competitive Dance Annual Fees for Beginners and Advanced

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Registration$25 – $70
Lessons$500 – $1,000
Equipment$300 – $500
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Classes$15 – $100 per hour
Costumes$50 – $500
Competition Fees$20 – $70 per competition
Travel Expenses$1,500 – $7,000

9. Golf:

Golf is one of the most expensive sports in the world, but while is a lifelong activity that teaches sportsmanship, coordination, and patience. The initial investment of buying equipment including clubs, balls, and appropriate clothing is included in the costs of golf.

There are also continuous charges for training and course fees. Depending on where you play and how well-maintained the course is, golf course green fees can change.

Some elite courses charge upwards of $100 or even $1,000 a round. However, some clubs provide reduced charges for children, and buying old equipment can help you save money.

Beginner and Advanced Annual Costs for Golf

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Club Membership Fees$1,000+
Equipment$400 – $500
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Travel Expenses$1,000+
Tournament Fees$200 – $500 per day

10. Figure Skating:

A superb sport that combines endurance, coordination, and performance is figure skating. But there is a cost to mastering those spins.

As a youngster improves, competitive figure skating frequently necessitates private lessons. Lesson costs can add up quickly, especially when added to the price of ice time and travel expenditures.

Figure skating is typically not a high school-funded sport, like other of the most expensive sports in the world on this list. Consequently, the full expense of the child’s training and transportation will be borne by the parents.

Beginner and Advanced Annual Figure Skating

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Registration$45 – $75
Group Lessons$100 – $200
Equipment$75 – $100
Facilities Fees$300 – $500
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Private Coaching$25 – $40 per hour
Membership fees$60+
Equipment$100 – $300
Travel Expenses$10,000 – $20,000

11. Tennis:

A tennis player has no concept of love, but your little tennis player has no concept of money either! Tennis requires a racquet and court shoes, among other specialized gear.

Remember that tennis balls start to lose their quality after two to three hours of play. Remember that tennis is an extremely technical sport.

Because of this, your child will require more than just practice in the most expensive sports in the world and advance and compete at a high level.

Tennis clinics and group classes can be more cheap options than private lessons, but they can still add up. Tennis is fortunately a team sport that many high schools support. As a result, parents may spend less on training.

Beginner and Advanced Annual Tennis

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Lessons$1,400 – $4,000
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Private Coaching$3,500+
Clinics$500 – $1,500
Equipment$300 – $600
Travel Expenses$800+

12. Tackle Football:

The physically taxing and thrilling game of tackle football may teach your child sportsmanship, discipline, and teamwork. It is one of the most expensive sports in the world among kid sports, though.

It can cost several hundred dollars just for the equipment, which includes studs, shoulder pads, and helmets. League dues, travel, and team gear are not included in these additional costs.

Oh, and since tackle football is one of the most injury-prone sports, remember to keep an eye out for medical expenditures.

If your child plays football well, there may be a lot of scholarship opportunities. Beware that recruiting and promoting your athlete come with their costs if your youngster decides to participate in college athletics.

Beginner and Advanced Annual Tackle Football

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Equipment$95- $120
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Travel Expenses$90+
Recruiting Cost$235 – $500

13. Soccer:

One of the most expensive sports in the world is football. Youth football offers young people important life lessons including collaboration, communication, and how to deal with disappointment after a poor call by the referee.

It’s also a fantastic aerobic workout! Soccer-related gear is generally inexpensive.

Travel costs can add up quickly, and the price of this activity varies significantly depending on the venue and level of play. Football registration costs about $500 in some places while it starts at $1,500 in others.

Beginner and Advanced Annual Soccer

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Registration$120 -$180
Lessons$60 – $100
Equipment$50 – $150
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Advanced Training/Coaching$1,000+
Travel Expenses$120+

14. Basketball:

Even if you don’t anticipate your youngster developing into the next Steph Curry any time soon. The fast-paced, thrilling and one of the most expensive sports in the world Basketball is still worth checking out.

Your youngster will at the very least need a uniform and basketball shoes to participate in this activity. Unless you purchase the most expensive basketball sneakers ever, it’s not that pricey.

Then there are the costs associated with joining a club or league, which depend greatly on your location and the toughness of the competition.

Basketball is frequently given through middle and high schools, both public and private, and can be reasonably priced. Otherwise, playing club basketball may become very costly, especially when you take travel expenses into account.  

Beginner and Advanced Annual Basketball

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Lessons/Camps$70 – $100
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Training/Coaching$200 – $600+
Travel Expenses$130+

15. Swimming:

Now let’s go swimming! Let’s get started straight away, okay? Swimming is a fundamental life skill, and participating in competitive swimming is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and get a tonne of exercise.

If you’re on a tight budget, swimming accessories like goggles, swim caps and bikinis can be a little pricy. However, the true culprit here is the price of swimming lessons and pool subscriptions, which will differ greatly depending on where you live. Swimming is also among the most expensive sports in the world.

Beginner and Advanced Annual Swimming

Annual Beginner-Stage ExpensesCosts
Travel$200 – $400
Annual Advanced CostsCosts
Travel Expenses$400+


In conclusion, sports are much more than just competitiveness and athletic prowess. The top 15 most expensive sports in the world present an out-of-the-ordinary level of richness, exclusivity, and extravagance.

These sports, which range from the resonant boom of Formula 1 engines to the peaceful beauty of polo grounds, represent a lifestyle of luxury that goes beyond the confines of the playing field.

The combination of top-notch performers, cutting-edge technology, and stunning settings results in an extravaganza of extravagance that captures the imagination. 

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