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Discover the top 10 best left-handed Batsmen in India who have contributed to the Indian team with their exceptional talent, batting skills, and achievements.

Many players in cricket are Left-handed in India. Despite the rareness, they are very elegant batters who have the precision and skills to play the shots most beautifully. India had many batsmen who were very talented and knew how to play the shots perfectly. Left-handed batsmen in India have carved their place in cricket and some of them are outstanding. We have gathered the list of the top 10 best left-handed batsmen in India here. Check them out! 

List of 10 Best Left-handed Batsman in India

Sr.noPlayer NameCareer SpanTotal RunsTotal Matches Played50s100sHighest ScoreStrike Rate
1Nari Contractor1955-196216113111110831.58
2Ajit Wadekar1966-197421863915114331.07
3Salim Durani1960-19731202297110425.04
4Woorkeri Raman1988-19971065387111437.86
5Vinod Kambl1991-2000356112117622759.46
6Sourav Ganguly1992-2008185754241073823973.70
7Yuvraj Singh2000-201711778402711716983.74
8Gautam Gambhir2003-201610324242632020668.85
9Suresh Raina2005-2018798832248712092.45
10Shikhar Dhawan2010-202210867269552419088.45
List of 10 Best Left-handed Batsman in India

1. Nari Contractor

Nari Contractor was one of the best left-handed batsmen in India. There was a lot of hype about his gutsy approach in his time and many of his colleagues looked up to him. Nari Contractor was the best batter of his time who focused more on making consistent performances in his career. He was the master of playing good cricket in difficult conditions, pitches, pressure scenarios, and against dangerous bowlers. Nari made 1611 total runs in his career of 1955-1962 for India. Everything was great until Nari Contractor had to retire because of a head injury from cricket. 

2. Ajit Wadekar

Ajit Wadekar was another best left-handed batsman who was very popular for his stylish batting in Indian cricket. He was respected and appreciated by other cricketers from different countries. Ajit was a very classy batsman who knew when to hit the shot and was very quick in responding to every shot that came his way. He has made a total of 2186 runs in his career span of 1966-1974. Ajit Wadekar is also known to have excellent positioning while batting. He has been part of the winning side in the Ranji trophy.

3. Salim Durani

Salim Durani was the best left-hand batsman in India when Tiger Pataudi 

was part of the Indian team. He was highly appreciated by the Tiger Pataudi for his remarkable batting and performances. Salim Durani was a very unique player as he played cricket on his terms. He used to lose his wickets and sometimes played the match-winning knocks for his team. So he was quite unpredictable but it positively helped the team. Salim Durani made a total of 1202 runs in his career span of 1960-1973.

4. Woorkeri Raman

Woorkeri Ramen was a player who had plenty of skills and talent but he failed to live up to his talent and achieve more in his cricketing career. He was one of the best left-hand batsmen of his time. Woorkeri Ramen was always prepared to play good cricket in any condition of pitch, surface, and against the best bowlers. He knew when to attack, defend, and play the shots. He has played some excellent knocks in his career which are memorable and his footwork while batting was the best. Woorkeri Ramen made a total of 1065 runs in his career span of 1988-1997.

5. Vinod Kambl

Vinod Kambl had the best ability and he would have been the greatest left-hand batsman in India. Only if he had performed for a longer time in the field and played sensible shots. He was often compared to Sachin in cricket. However, he did not live up to this comparison. Yet he was the talented batsman of his era. Vinod was often seen losing his wickets very early in the game but whenever he stayed in the game he smashed the bowlers. No doubt he was a very gutsy and brave player and loved to play challenging cricket. Vinod Kambl has made a total of 3561 runs in his career span of 1991-2000.

6. Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly is by far one of the most legendary left-hand batsmen in India. He has been the captain of India and has recorded several wins under his captaincy for the Indian team. Ganguly debuted in 1992 and since then he has been unstoppable with his extraordinary batting and scoring runs for his country. He was one of the aggressive and a player who used to pressurize the opponent team. His ability to play shots was commendable in every direction on the precise ball. Saurav Ganguly scored a total of 18575 runs in his career span of 1992-2008. 

He was the master of playing great cricket in every format.

7. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh was the most special player and best left-hand batsman in India who was also an all-rounder. To date, no other all-rounder has achieved what Yuvraj Singh did in Indian cricket. He knew how to perform in pressure situations and always performed consistently to make his team win crucial matches. Yuvraj Singh was the player whose team and the captain had full trust and he always delivered what they expected. He scored a total of 11778 runs in his career span of 2000-2017. Moreover, Yuvraj also holds many records in which his hitting 6 sixes in an over was the most special and unique one.

8. Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir was the most passionate and confident left-hand batsman in India. He always had a deep passion to contribute to the team’s success by performing excellently and aggressively on the field. He is known to be the match-winner as he contributed two highly important knocks in his career to Indian cricket’s success. Gautam played excellent knocks in the 2007 T20 World Cup final (Johannesburg) and the 2011 World Cup( Mumbai). Moreover, Gautam has scored a total of 10324 runs in his career span from 2003-2016. His achievements and records speak very little of how high quality he was for the Indian cricket team.

9. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is one of the best left-hand batsmen in India and is often regarded as the Mr IPL. He is known to be the best performer in the IPL and has performed at very crucial moments to be on the winning side for his team. Riana’s international debut in the test was excellent and he performed very well against Sri Lanka. Despite the good start, he debuted a bit late for ODIs. Yet he managed to make his place firm in the team with his exceptional batting skills and performance. Suresh Raina has scored 7988 runs in his career span from 2005- 2018. One of his memorable performances was in the 2011 ODI World Cup.

10. Shikhar Dhawan

There is no doubt that Shikhar is one of the best left-hand batsmen in India. He has contributed to the Indian cricket team immensely as the opening batsman. Shikhar Dhawan has made 10867 runs in his career span from 2010 to 2022. Since the time he debuted in international cricket, Shikhar has always performed very well and consistently. One of the most memorable moments of Shikhar’s batting skill was his test debut in 2013 against Australia. He scored 187 runs with several shots in every possible direction which left a great impact on audiences and Australian team performance.

List of Best Left-handed Batswoman in India

Sr.noPlayer NameCareer SpanTotal RunsTotal Matches Played50s100sHighest ScoreStrike Rate
1Deepti Sharma
2Smriti Mandhana2013-2024682621652613583.47
List of Best Left-handed Batswoman in India

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