Indian Hockey Players

Given that every player has strengths and weaknesses, it is incredibly tough to select and name the finest hockey players in India.

Therefore, we cannot compare them to one another or say that Dhyanchand is better than Roop Singh, but we can contrast them based on their achievements.

The top 10 Indian Hockey Players are listed here, ranked according to their achievements. These athletes are some of the most well-known hockey players in India and each has a sizable fan base.

So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Indian Hockey Players

S.NoPlayer Name 
1Major Dhyanchand
2Roop Singh
3Balbir Singh
4Mohammed Shahid
5Udham Singh
6Dhanraj Pillay
7Leslie Claudius
8K.D Singh
9P.R Sreejesh
10Ajit Pal Singh

1. Major Dhyanchand:

Dhyan Chand is without a doubt one of the greatest Indian hockey players in history and the greatest Indian to ever play for his country.

He is referred to as “The Wizard” and has broken a great deal of records. Chand led India to three Olympic titles in 1928, 1932, and 1936.

He was known for his exceptional ball-handling abilities and goal-scoring prowess. In the three competitions, the centre striker scored 33 goals, including a hat-trick against Germany in the 1936 Olympic final in Berlin.

Over the course of 185 international contests, “The Wizard” scored 570 goals for India.

2. Roop Singh:

Among the best Indian hockey players, the second-ranked player is Roop Singh. In the year 1908, he was born in Jabalpur. He is arguably the greatest I-player in the history of hockey.

One street in Germany bears his name in honour of his amazing display. People in Germany treat him as if he were the hockey universe.

After scoring three goals against Japan and ten goals against the USA in the 1932 Olympics, he gained notoriety. In 1932 and 1936, he received numerous awards in the gold category.

He dazzled the globe in the 1936 Olympics with his extraordinary skills.

3. Balbir Singh:

In our ranking of the top Indian hockey players, Balbir Singh takes third place.

Punjab was the place of his birth in 1923. He passed away in Mohali at the age of 96 in the previous year, 2020. People refer to him as Balbir Singh Senior since several distinct members of the Indian tribe bear the name Balbir Singh.

He is referred to be cutting-edge Dhyanchand by the public. Balbir played after freedom, but Dhyanchand played before autonomy.

He won the gold prize three times in Melbourne, London, and Helsinki. People refer to him as one of India’s greatest Indian Hockey Players because of his amazing skills. 

4. Mohammed Shahid:

Indian hockey was looking for its next hero when the Olympics were reinstated in 1948 after being postponed for two seasons in 1940 and 1944 owing to World War II.

He is widely regarded as one of the best centre-forwards in hockey history and goes by the name Balbir Singh Sr. In 1948, he overcame internal politics to win the Olympic hockey gold medal once more with eight goals in two games.

In the years that followed, Balbir Singh Sr. would develop into India’s most important hockey player. as he helped the team earn a second hat-trick of Olympic gold medals by setting a modern-day record by scoring five goals in the Helsinki 1952 final. 

5. Udham Singh:

Among the best Indian hockey players fifth is Udham Singh. He had previously participated in the Punjab police squad. But later in 1949, he delivered his speech against Afghanistan to the entire globe. Singh is one of the best Indian hockey players.

In Udham Singh’s participation, India won three gold and one silver medal at the Olympics in 1952, 1956, 1960, and 1964. He had also served as a coach for the Indian hockey team. After leaving international hockey, he decided to train young players.

6. Dhanraj Pillay:

Dhanraj Pillay, a name that has become synonymous with Indian hockey players, was one of the last true superstars.

In the following few years after making his hockey debut for the Indian team in 1989, Pillay succeeded Mohammad Shahid as the top player.

In the 1990s, Pillay rose to prominence as one of the top strikers in international hockey thanks to his lightning-quick bursts of speed that left opponents in his wake and his ability to select the ideal pass. In 1995, he received the Arjuna Award, which honours athletic achievement.

7. Leslie Claudius:

Among the best significant Indian hockey players’ is Claudius. In the Chattisgarh city of Bilaspur, he was born into the world. He had been interested in football in the past, but he had switched to hockey at the urging of his more experienced teammates.

Claudius is the only person on earth who has amassed 100 victories. He is the first Indian athlete to have won four Olympic medals. In 1948, 1952, and 1956, he received the gold prize. moreover, silver decoration in 1960 for leading the Indian team while playing.

After earning four Olympic medals, he was also listed in the Guinness World Records.

8. K.D. Singh:

The most popular nickname for K.D. Singh is “Babu”. Among the other Indian hockey players, he stood out. His playing abilities are frequently compared to those of Major Dhyan Chand. Singh was the best dribbler of all time.

Nobody else on the planet has Singh’s level of leakage. Started when I was 15 years old, He was regarded by many as being superior to Dhyan Chand.

The information unequivocally backs up the assertion that he had scored more goals than Dhyan Chand in different international contests.

9. P.R. Sreejesh:

P.R. Sreejesh is the ninth-best hockey player in India. He once served as captain of the Indian hockey team. Sreejesh was born in a small village close to Kerela into an agricultural family.

He started playing in interschool competitions at a young age. He didn’t begin playing professionally, though, until Jayakumar, his coach, extended the invitation.

He earned his senior international debut in 2006. He was awarded the trophy for the best goalie in the 2008 competition. During a senior team match in 2014, he won the tournament’s second-best keeper award. Indian Sreejesh was one of the team’s physically fittest players. 

10. Ajit Pal Singh:

The tenth-best hockey player in India is Ajit Pal Singh. In the little Punjabi village of Sansarpur, he was born in 1947. He served as the team’s previous captain for India.

Ajit participated as a center-half in various hockey games. Ajit Pal Singh was a member of the 1975 India team that won the World Cup.

In a competition held in Mumbai in 1960, he made his debut on the world stage. His outstanding performance in games propelled him into the top 10 Indian hockey players in India.

In addition, he received the Padma Shri Award in 1992 and the Arjuna Award in 1970.


Indian hockey players have had a big influence on the world stage and added to the heritage and illustrious history of the sport.

Their accomplishments, commitment, and talent not only brought honour to their country but also served as an example for future generations of athletes and fans.

Indian hockey players have proven their talent and tenacity by dominating numerous international competitions and winning multiple Olympic gold medals.

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