A form of tag that has been played in India since ancient times is Famous kho-kho Players, an Indian Famous Kho Kho Players.

One of the earliest categories of outdoor games is this one. Any suitable indoor or outdoor surface is suitable for setting it up.

There are 12 players on each kho-kho squad. However, during a game, only 9 players from each squad are on the field. Two innings make up a match. Each team has seven minutes to attack and seven minutes to defend during an inning.

Groups of three runners enter the chasing area. The chasing team’s eight men are arranged in eight squares in the field’s centre lane, facing opposing directions.

The ninth participant begins his pursuit at either of the posts as the active chaser (sometimes referred to as the attacker). The active chaser “knocks out” an opponent by contacting them with the palm of their hand.

The defenders attempt to finish the seven-minute game without coming into contact with the opposing chaser.

The active chaser can urge any member of the chasing squad crouched in one of the squares in the middle of the field to take over and continue the pursuit by tapping him on the back with his hand and saying “Kho” loudly. 

So, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Famous Kho Kho Players:

The Kho Kho game is gaining popularity, and fans are supporting and promoting it. They have also spoken to the media about the benefits of the plan.

Famous Kho Kho Players are also the most well-known and influential Indian supporters. These Famous Kho Kho Players competed for a very long period and received several medals.

S.NoPlayer Name
1Satish Rai
2Sarika Kale 
3Pankaj Malhotra 
4Mandakini Majhi
5Praveen Kumar

1. Satish Rai 

One of the most well-known Famous kho kho players is Satish Rai. His extraordinary gaming prowess is all that is known about him.

He was a determined, conscientious, tough, and physically fit player. In 2010, a world championship for the sport will be held and will be modelled after the American Baseball World Series, according to the newly founded Top Indian Famous  Kho-Kho Federation.

Kho-Kho enthusiasts made the decision to support the federation and advertise the traditional sport. Satish Rai actively promoted and supported the series while addressing the media about the benefits of the approach.

The most notable and famous kho kho player from India is Satish Rai. He plays a significant role. He was a seasoned athlete who won multiple medals.

2. Sarika Kale

The leader of the Indian women’s kho kho team, Sarika Kale, recently inspired the public team to ensure a gold medal at the 12th South Asian Games (Droop) in Guwahati. Sarika began playing kho-kho when she was ten years old and soon became fascinated by the game. 

She was able to learn the fundamentals of the sport and competed for her state of Maharashtra for 25 years in national tournaments.

The Railways had a men’s Kho-Kho squad in 2016, but they had not yet been able to recruit a female player. In this instance, Devarajan, an Olympian and a recipient of the Arjuna Award, won the bronze medal at the 1994 Boxing World Cup in Bangkok.

Sarika has always thought that when the business world gets involved, sports like kabaddi will grow rapidly.

3. Pankaj Malhotra

A well-known Indian among famous Kho-Kho players, Pankaj Malhotra, is a notable competitor with a long list of accomplishments.

The young man developed an early interest in the sport in Jammu and Kashmir’s Sainik Colony and persisted in following his hobby.

In the 2018 Kho-Kho Series, he served as the team captain for Jammu-Kashmir State and represented either India or Nepal. S. Manmeet Singh, president of the J&K Kho-Kho Association, S. Harjeet Singh, secretary, and BS Tirthi, treasurer, lauded the star player’s efforts and his successes.

They also applauded them for Pankaj’s excellent conditioning and training under the coach.

4. Mandakini Majhi

Odisha girl, also known as Mandakini Majhi, is well-known among the famous Kho Kho players of the game in that state. She was selected to compete in the 12th South Asian Federation (SAF) Games 2016 in Guwahati as a member of the Indian Women’s Kho Kho squad.

Majhi struggled to decide on kho-kho as a sport because she comes from a low-income family. But she persisted, enduring hardship after hardship and scaling the ladder of success.

In 2015, Mandakini competed for Odisha at the National Games.

She became the first Odiya woman to be chosen for the Indian kho-kho squad in 2016 after she and her team brought home a gold medal for the nation. Majhi struggled with the choice to play kho-kho as a sport because of her humble upbringing. 

5. Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar, a well-known player among the famous Kho Kho players, comes from Mysore, Karnataka. He played a significant role in the University of Mysore’s (UoM) triumphs in the All India Inter-University Men’s Kho-Kho Championships and the South Zone of the city in the 2017–18 season.

Praveen started playing Kho-Kho (Biagini Seva Samaj) in middle school. Later, he continued to play football at Sarada Vilas HS to further his passion for the game. Senior athletes encouraged him to take up the sport seriously, including Pioneers SC’s Yogesh.

Additionally, he represented Karnataka three times in the Senior National Kho-Kho Championships. He competed on the Karnataka Senior team that captured the silver medal in 2013–2014.

The team placed third in Telangana’s Senior Nationals in 2015, which were held there. Praveen was a teammate who placed third in the 2016–17 All–India Inter–University level.


In conclusion, remarkable athletes who made an enduring impact on the sport have graced the world of the famous Kho Kho players.

Through their exceptional abilities, commitment, and accomplishments, the famous Kho kho players—Balakrishnan Pillai, Ramesh Chauhan, Nasir Ali, Arti Prasad, and Sarika Kale—have increased Kho Kho’s popularity.

Their contributions not only motivated the following generation but also helped the sport gain international recognition. Their dedication to greatness has left a lasting legacy that solidifies their places as some of Kho Kho’s most renowned people.

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