Fastest Ball In Women Cricket

In cricket, speed is an unparalleled force that commands attention and reverence. It is the essence of adrenaline, the pulse of excitement, that ignites stadiums and captures the imaginations of millions worldwide. While men’s cricket has long been celebrated for its thunderous deliveries and blistering ball pace, the narrative of women’s cricket is equally captivating yet often overlooked in discussions of raw power and speed.

 We will discuss a few shattering deliveries that tell the story of the fastest ball in women’s cricket history.

Who Holds the record for the fastest ball in women’s cricket history?

Shabnim Ismail recently bowled the fastest ball in women’s cricket when she clocked 132.1km/h for Mumbai Indians in their match against Delhi Capitals at the Arun Jaitley Stadium.

Shabnam Ismail: The fastest ball record holder

Shabnim Ismail, a cricket star from South Africa, played amazingly in women’s cricket! She was playing for Mumbai Indians against Delhi Capitals when she bowled a super-fast ball at a whopping 132.1 kilometres per hour! It was the first time in women’s cricket that someone bowled faster than 130kph!

This incredible moment happened during a Women’s Premier League match in Delhi. Shabnim was bowling to the Delhi Capitals’ captain, Meg Lanning. Even though the ball was super fast, Meg couldn’t hit it properly, and it just hit her leg. Mumbai Indians thought they could get Meg out, but the umpire said no.

When asked about her super-fast ball, Shabnim said she doesn’t watch the big screen while bowling. She likes to focus on her game.

But here’s the thing: this isn’t the first time Shabnim has bowled so fast. Earlier in the tournament, she bowled at 128.3kph against the same team, Delhi Capitals. But she had to sit out for a few games because she got a small injury. Then, she made a strong comeback and bowled even faster!

Even though Shabnim has retired from playing for South Africa, she’s still making waves in cricket. She plays in T20 leagues worldwide, showing off her skills and setting new records!

Even on her record-breaking day, Ismail faced challenges. Despite her incredible speed, her accuracy suffered, resulting in some costly deliveries. Shefali Verma, in particular, punished her with consecutive sixes in one over. However, Ismail claimed a wicket, dismissing Verma for 28 runs before giving her an animated send-off.

While Ismail may have retired from international cricket in 2023 after a stellar 16-year career, her legacy continues to inspire. With 241 international games under her belt and a whopping 317 wickets across formats, she remains a force to be reckoned with. Now, she graces T20 leagues worldwide, showcasing her talent and setting new records.

Few Fastest ball in women’s cricket history 

1. Cathryn Lorraine Fitzpatrick: A former Australian cricketer who played in all formats, Fitzpatrick holds a special title in women’s cricket. She’s known as the fastest bowler ever in women’s cricket! For years, Fitzpatrick was like a superhero for the Australian women’s cricket team. In her career from 1991 to 2007, she did some amazing stuff.

 Back in her playing days, they didn’t have fancy technology to accurately measure how fast she bowled. They thought she bowled at an average speed of 125 kilometres per hour (kph). But guess what? She was bowling much faster! She consistently reached around 132 kph, the fastest recorded speed ever in women’s cricket!

2. Ellyse Perry: In the Women’s Premier League, a league for women’s cricket teams, Ellyse Perry joined the Royal Challengers Bangalore team. They’re one of the most famous teams in the league. In the first-ever season of the league, Perry did something amazing. In a match against UP Warriorz, she bowled super fast, reaching a speed of 130.5 kilometres per hour (kph)! This made her the fastest bowler in women’s cricket!

Usually, Perry bowls at a speed of around 110 to 115 kph, but on that day, she showed her skill by bowling so fast.

3. Jhulan Goswami: from India, she is one of the fastest bowlers in women’s cricket. She used to bowl with her right hand at a medium-fast speed. Jhulan played cricket for a long time—like twenty years! People know her for having one of the fastest throws in women’s cricket.

She’s a big deal in cricket, especially in India, where cricket is very important. Jhulan holds the record for taking the most wickets in Women’s ODI Cricket, which is a huge deal! She has 255 wickets under her belt.

Jhulan and Mithali Raj are important figures in Indian women’s cricket. They’ve done a lot to make women’s cricket more popular in a country where everyone loves cricket. Jhulan has even received a Padma Shri award, a national honour in India. She led the Indian women’s cricket team for four years and won many awards.


Journey through the fastest ball in women’s cricket history! We’ve witnessed these amazing athletes’ incredible talent and determination, from Shabnim Ismail’s lightning-fast delivery to Cathryn Fitzpatrick’s record-breaking pace and Ellyse Perry’s remarkable feat to Jhulan Goswami’s consistent speed.

These women have shattered barriers, rewritten records, and inspired generations with inspiring cricket performances. Their dedication, skill, and passion for the game have propelled women’s cricket to new heights, captivating audiences worldwide and proving that cricket is not just a man’s game.

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