Women cricket commentators are now entering the limelight since they are not much discussed and acknowledged everywhere. However, with the rise and growth of women’s cricket in the world. Many notable women’s cricket commentators are getting noticed and recognized on and off the field. Moreover, women’s cricket has been playing for so long but they got the recognition and applause very recently from all the worldwide fans. Similarly, now women cricket commentators are making their way in the hearts of cricket fans by doing amazing commentary. Here we have gathered the top 14 women cricket commentators. Check it out!

Below is the list of top 14 Women Cricket Commentators: 

Sr. No.Commentator NameCountry Career SpanSocial Profile LinkNumber of Followers
1Anjum ChopraIndia 2012 – 2024anjum_chopra
2Charlotte EdwardsEngland2017 – 2024c_edwards2333.8K
3Lydia GreenwayEngland2017-2024Lydia Greenway17.8K
4Isa GuhaEngland2012 – 2024isaguha192K
5Marina IqbalPakistan2015 – 202424marinaiqbal66.9K
6Mel JonesAustralia2007-2024meljones7219.1K
7Katey MartinNew Zealand 2022 – 2024kateymartin157.5K
8Sana MirPakistan2020 – 2024mir.sana05131K
9Alison MitchellAustralia 2007 – 2024alison_mitchell0015.1K
10Urooj MumtazPakistan2020-2024uroojmumtazkhan177K
11Kass NaidooSouth Africa 2003 – 2024kass_naidoo22.3K
12Chandra NayuduIndia 1976 – 2021NA
13Ebony Rainford-BrentEngland2011-2024ebonyjewelrainfordbrent23.6K
14Lisa SthalekarAustralia 2013-2024lsthalekar51.2K

1. Anjum Chopra

Anjum Chopra is the former batswoman and captain of the Indian women’s cricket team. She started playing cricket at a very young age of 15 and has been a great player throughout her career in international cricket. 

Likewise, Anjum has been a tremendous women’s cricket commentator and has commented on some top-notch tournaments. One fine example is that she commented on the biggest T20 league in the world, the IPL. Moreover, Anjum Chopra was awarded many awards in her career, which spanned from 1995 to 2012. Now, she is doing great work as a women commentator based on her experience and knowledge of cricket.   

2. Charlotte Edwards

Charlotte Edwards is a former England cricketer who has set many great records in her career. She played international cricket from 1996 to 2016 and made more than 1000 runs. She was the first female cricketer who achieve this amazing record.

After retiring from cricket in 2016 Charlotte Edwards joined commentary in 2017. She has now been a commentator for several tournaments and leagues. Charlotte mainly works for Sky Sports as the female commentator. She has been a cricketing icon and an inspiration for female commentary throughout her career.  

3. Lydia Greenway

Lydia Greenway was one of the best former all-rounder cricketers from England who left a great impact on cricket with her skills. Moreover, Lydia has some excellent records as she has recorded more than 4,000 runs in her international career.

She quit her cricket career in 2016 and announced her retirement. After that, she started a cricket academy named Lydia Greenway’s Cricket for Girls as the coach. Also, she started doing commentary for several tournaments and also works for Sky Sports and BBC as a broadcaster for them. 

4. Isa Guha

Isa Guha was a former cricketer(bowler) of England and she was one of the most inspiring faces of the cricketing world as a player. She was named as the No. 1 bowler in 2008. Plus Isa was in the winning squad of the 2009 Women’s Cricket World Cup. After cricket retirement in 2011, she has also been excellent in the role of commentator.

Isa started her career as a commentator on ITV then she worked as a broadcaster for Sky Sports and Fox Sports. Isa has received many accolades in her commentary career by being one of the first women to do commentary for the Indian Test Series for Star Sports.  In addition, Isa Guha has been ranked as the top female commentator in cricket by ‘Last Word of Sport’ in March 2021. 

5. Marina Iqbal

Marina Iqbal belongs to Pakistan and is a former cricketer who made her name in women’s cricket in the world. Marina was an all-rounder who played more than 60 international matches in her career span of 2009 to 2017. Marina Iqbal was also a part of the gold-winning Pakistan team in the 2010 Asian Games. After retiring from cricket, Marina started doing commentary.

She is now one of the prominent names in the women commentators list. Marina has hosted many important cricket tournaments and leagues in her commentary career and she is still working on many matches as the commentator. PSL is her home league and Marina also does commentary in the league. 

6. Mel Jones

Mel Jones is the former Australian cricketer and is now a commentator. Mel Jones was the batter but she used to bowl sometimes. She has recorded great achievements as a player. She started her career in commentary in 2007. Since then, she has been making her name in commentary by doing some amazing work in every tournament of women’s cricket.

She has mainly done commentary for T20 leagues of other countries in her career. Mel Jones is part of women’s commentary teams in leagues such as the Big Bash League, Pakistan Super League and many other leagues of different countries. 

7. Katey Martin

Katey Martin is a former cricketer from New Zealand who was the wicketkeeper batswoman. She has appeared in almost 200  international matches (199) in her career span from 2003 to 2022. Katey Martin has recorded over 1,00 runs in ODIs. Also, after retiring from cricket in 2022, Katey started doing commentary for women’s international and domestic matches.

In addition, Katey is now doing commentary for leagues, and tournaments of women’s cricket matches in her country and for other countries as well. No wonder Katey Martin is one of the big names in women’s cricket commentators due to her outstanding work.

8. Sana Mir

Sana Mir is a former bowler from Pakistan who had a fantastic career from 2005 to 2020. Also, she is one of the few female cricketers to have played more than 200 international matches and also took 100 wickets in her career.

Sana announced her retirement from international cricket in 2020 and then joined commentary as her career. She is one of the most influential cricketers and commentators from Pakistan. Moreover, Sana Mir also works as a commentator and broadcaster in her home country T20 league PSL. 

 9. Alison Mitchell

Alison Mitchell is one of the inspirations in women’s cricket commentators. She has been doing commentary since 2007 in women’s and men’s cricket as well. She is the first woman who has been appointed as the regular spot for the BBC Test Match Special ball by the ball commentary team in international cricket matches of both men and women cricket. 

Not only this, Alison was the first women commentator to be part of the Mens Ashes series in 2017 for the commentary job. She is one of the talented commentators of the sport who has inspired many young girls out there. Alison Mitchell also does commentary for other sports apart from cricket. She has done commentary on sports such as Tennis, the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, etc

10. Urooj Mumtaz

Urooj Mumtaz is the next most influential personality in cricket who belongs to Pakistan. She was the all-rounder who was also the former captain of the Pakistani women’s team. She retired in 2010 from all forms of international matches.

Later she was also included in the selection committee of Pakistan. In 2020, Urooj was the first women commentator who did the commentary for not only women’s matches but also for Men’s ODI matches.

11. Kass Naidoo

Kass Naidoo is another big name among women cricket commentators. She has been part of the cricket fraternity since 2003. Kass started as the host of the national TV coverage of the 2003 ICC World Cup for South Africa. Then she was officially hired for the commentary in 2005 from South Africa. She was the first female commentator from South Africa in the commentary box.

Since then, Kass Naidoo has been part of commentary for many big tournaments of cricket. She was in the commentary team for the 2023 World Cup. Moreover, Kass has hosted several T20, ODI and test series and tournaments till now in her career. Hence, we can take notes for commentary inspiration especially women from the journey of this amazing commentator Kass Naidoo. 

12. Chandra Nayudu

Chandra Nayudu was the former legendary first women’s cricket commentator from India. 

She is one of the oldest and most legendary women commentators. Chandra was into playing domestic cricket before joining the commentary job in 1970. She is the daughter of a legendary former cricketer of India C K Nayudu. Moreover, Chandra Nayudu started her commentary on the big stage in 1976-76.

The season for Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Vs Bombay. Since then she has consistently worked in commentary for both domestic and international cricket matches. She used to do commentary in two languages, English and Hindi. Chandra made a significant mark on the world women’s commentator and has inspired many generations. She died on 4th April 2021 and is still remembered as one of the legendary figures to look up to in women commentators. 

13. Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ebony was one of the former players of England who was also the first black women cricketer. She was part of the winning 2009 Women’s Cricket World Cup team and Women’s Ashes series. After cricket, Ebony joined commentary as her career. She has been doing a great job in this field too. Ebony Rainford Brent has been awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours for her excellent contributions to cricket and charity. 

Plus, Ebony was the first few women commentators for the BBC Test Match special. Ebony has worked for Sky Sports as a regular commentator since 2017. No wonder Ebony Rainford Brent has been a great example of women empowerment especially for black women to achieve their goals in life. 

14. Lisa Sthalekar

Lisa Stgalekar was born in India but she represented Australia in her cricketing career.  

Not only was she a great player but she was also a fantastic former captain of Australia. Lisa was an all-rounder who excelled in both batting and bowling. She has recorded more than 1,000 runs and 100 wickets in ODI and she was the first women cricketer of Australia to do so.  Lisa retired from cricket in 2013 and joined the commentary. She has been the most famous personality among women commentators since then. In 2020, Lisa was included in the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.  


All these women cricket commentators have been a great example for young girls to have a career in male dominating career. They can also shine and make their way in any field without giving up. One can see and take inspiration from each of the female commentators from their journey and achievements.  Moreover, women have been working very hard to mark their names in every field and job to ensure that future young girls take up any career freely and not thinking that they won’t be able to make a career.  These women commentators are very few now but we hope to see many women in future representing women’s commentary. 

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