The Mohali Stadium IPL Records, also known as the Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, is a tribute to the passion for cricket that exists in the Indian state of Punjab.

Since its establishment in 1993, this recognizable location has served as a holy ground for fans of cricket, staging several domestic and international matches.

The stadium, which was renamed in honour of the well-known Indian cricket player IS Bindra, can accommodate around 27,000 people, which makes for an exciting atmosphere during games. 

Its importance increases during the Indian Premier League (IPL) when Mohali’s cricketing heritage serves as a backdrop for the clash of titans in the game. 

Beyond its stunning architecture, Mohali Stadium has left its mark on IPL history with tales of thrilling matches, unforgettable performances, and steadfast fan devotion.

We uncover the stories of towering runs, bowling exploits, and the unbreakable spirit that reverberates within the stands of Mohali Stadium as we delve into the IPL records at this historic site.

List of Mohali Stadium IPL records:

Mean Score in the First Innings

At the IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali, the IPL first innings typically score 166 runs. This implies that the pitch is reasonably balanced and can help bowlers as well as batsmen.

Average Points Earned

Around 179 runs is the typical winning score at the IS Bindra Mohali stadium IPL records during the match. This implies that for chasing teams to have a chance of winning, they must aim for a score higher than 179 runs while batting-first teams must record a total above 179 runs to be competitive.

Average Score for Powerplay

During the IPL, the average powerplay score at Mohali Stadium IPL records is roughly 49 runs. This implies that teams that start strong have a better chance of amassing a larger total and that the first six overs of the innings matter greatly.

Mohali Stadium IPL records

It has witnessed many fights, teams reaching incredible heights, and athletes leaving their marks in history. The ground embodies cricketing drama, from individual batting exploits to soaring team scores.

The stats on team performance and best bowling figures highlight the value of the venue even more. On its pitch, memorable contests have spun tales of tenacity and genius.

The pitch, a crucial component, controls the game’s flow and ebb. These dynamic, ever-changing records document the history of the IS Bindra Stadium as a sacred cricket arena.

Mohali Stadium IPL Records & Reputation

The IPL’s magnetic appeal is intricately woven into its rich tapestry of Mohali stadium IPL records, shaping the league’s formidable reputation.

Dazzling centuries, potent bowling displays, and strategic team dominance are etched in IPL records, contributing to its allure.

Close finishes, decided in nail-biting encounters, define the league’s unpredictability. Individual milestones, from towering run totals to wicket-taking prowess, elevate players to iconic status.

Beyond statistics, the IPL boasts a global star power, attracting the finest cricketing talent from around the world. This amalgamation of records and star-studded performances cements the IPL’s standing as cricket’s premier T20 extravaganza, captivating audiences with its riveting narratives and ever-evolving legacy.

Highest Partnership in IPL history at IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali

At the IS Bindra Stadium in the IPL, Murali Vijay and Mike Hussey shared the greatest partnership for the first wicket against Kings XI Punjab (now known as Punjab Kings).

Their remarkable 139* run partnership with 16 balls remaining and 10 wickets in hand helped Chennai Super Kings to win.

Let’s examine the five IPL innings totals that are highest at this location:


IPL lowest innings total ever at Mohali’s IS Bindra Stadium

The Delhi Daredevils (now the Delhi Capitals) had the lowest IPL innings total at the IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali in 2017 when they were knocked out for just 67 runs by Kings XI Punjab. This is still the lowest score ever recorded by a team in the IPL at this location.

Let’s examine the five IPL innings totals with the lowest innings totals at this location:


Leading IPL run scorers of all time in Mohali’s IS Bindra Stadium

At the IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali, Shaun Marsh is the all-time leading run scorer in the Indian Premier League with 1064 runs in 27 innings at an average of 44.3. 

Here are the top 5 run scorers in the IPL history at this location:

BatsmanTotal Runs
Shaun Marsh1064
David Miller645
Chris Gayle573
KL Rahul448
Murali Vijay447

Leading IPL wicket-takers all-time at Mohali’s IS Bindra Stadium

Piyush Chawla has amassed the most wickets at the Mohali Stadium IPL records, amassing 24 in 28 innings at an economy of 7.69.

Here are the top 5 IPL wicket-takers of all time at this location:

BowlerTotal Wickets
Piyush Chawla24
Sandeep Sharma22
Axar Patel18
Irfan Pathan17
Mohit Sharma17

Mohali Stadium IPL records: Highest Batsman Score in Mohali’s IS Bindra Stadium

When Paul Valthaty hit a career-high 120 not out off 63 balls against the Chennai Super Kings in 2011, it was the highest score ever by a batsman at the Mohali stadium IPL records. His innings, which featured two sixes and 19 fours, made it easy for Kings XI Punjab to chase down a target of 189 runs.

Here are the top five scores achieved by a batsman at this location in the IPL:

Batsman (Team)Score (Balls)OppositionYear
Paul Valthaty (KXIP)120* (63)CSK2011
Michael Hussey (CSK)116* (54)KXIP2008
Shaun Marsh (KXIP)115 (69)RR2008
Hashim Amla (KXIP)104 (60)GL2017
Chris Gayle (KXIP)104* (63)SRH2018

Mohali Stadium IPL records: Top Bowling Stats at Mohali’s IS Bindra Stadium

In 2011, Munaf Patel (MI) had the best bowling stats at the Mohali stadium IPL records. He got 5 wickets for just 21 runs in 4 overs against Kings XI Punjab.

Let’s examine the top five bowlers in the IPL at this location:

Bowler (Team)FiguresOppositionYear
Munaf Patel (MI)5 for 21KXIP2011
Dimitri Mascarenhas (KXIP)5 for 25PW2012
Sam Curran (KXIP)4 for 11DC2019
Sandeep Sharma (KXIP)4 for 20DD2017
Mohammed Siraj (RCB)4 for 21PBKS2023


In conclusion, Within the vast fabric of cricket, Mohali Stadium is not only a physical structure but also a dynamic hub representing the passion, drama, and grandeur of the game.

This stadium has seen cricket tales that have reverberated well beyond its geographical confines since it opened in 1993.

The grounds are filled with memories from the Indian Premier League in particular, whether it’s thrilling high-scoring games or the sound of cheering spectators.

As we come to the end of our investigation into Mohali Stadium IPL records, it is clear that there is more to this story than just numbers.

There is a story of tenacity, talent, and pure excitement for the game. In addition to serving as a playing surface, the stadium serves as a haven for cricket fans to congregate and commemorate the game’s enduring spirit. 

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