Unsuccessful Team in IPL History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a global cricketing phenomenon that has captivated fans from all corners of the world. 

While it has served as a launchpad for numerous successful teams and players, it has also been a challenging landscape for some. 

This article delves into those teams that have notably struggled, earning them the label of an Unsuccessful Team in IPL despite their potential.

Below is the list of the 5 Most Unsuccessful Team in IPL History:

TeamYears ActiveTotal MatchesWinsLossesWin/Loss Ratio
Punjab Kings2008-2022218981160.844
Delhi Capitals2008-20222241001180.847
Royal Challengers Bangalore2008-20222271071130.946
Kolkata Knight Riders2008-20222231131061.066
Rajasthan Royals2008-20222201011150.878

1. Punjab Kings

  • Years Active: 2008-2022
  • Total Matches: 218
  • Wins: 98
  • Losses: 116
  • Win/Loss Ratio: 0.844

Punjab Kings, an Unsuccessful Team in IPL, has had a rollercoaster journey in the IPL. 

Despite reaching the finals in 2014, the team has often failed to make it to the playoffs. Their overall win percentage stands at a disappointing 44%.

One of the main reasons for the Punjab Kings’ struggles has been their frequent leadership changes. 

The team has seen multiple captains over the years, leading to a lack of stability. 

Additionally, their overseas player selections have often been questionable, leading to an imbalanced squad.

The 2014 IPL final was a defining moment for Punjab Kings. Despite having a good season and reaching the final, they lost to Kolkata Knight Riders.

This loss seemed to have a lasting impact, as the team failed to reach the playoffs in the subsequent years.

2. Delhi Capitals

  • Years Active: 2008-2022
  • Total Matches: 224
  • Wins: 100
  • Losses: 118
  • Win/Loss Ratio: 0.847

Delhi Capitals, previously known as Delhi Daredevils, have been part of the IPL since its inception. 

Despite having star-studded line-ups over the years, they have failed to win a single IPL title, remaining one of the most unsuccessful team in IPL. 

Their best performance came in 2020 when they finished as runners-up, but that has been an exception rather than the norm.

Delhi Capitals have had a history of not retaining their core players, leading to a lack of continuity. 

They have also struggled with their bowling line-up, often lacking a quality spinner or death bowler to close out games.

In the 2012 season, Delhi Capitals finished at the top of the table but were knocked out in the playoffs. 

It was a turning point, as it led to a series of poor performances in the following seasons, raising questions about the team’s ability to handle pressure.

3. Royal Challengers Bangalore

  • Years Active: 2008-2022
  • Total Matches: 227
  • Wins: 107
  • Losses: 113
  • Win/Loss Ratio: 0.946

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is another team that has underperformed, despite having a good squad. 

With players like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers, one would expect titles, but RCB has failed to deliver. 

They have reached the finals three times but have never won the championship, making them one of the most unsuccessful team in IPL history.

RCB’s struggles are due to their over-reliance on star players like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. 

The team has often failed to build a strong supporting cast, particularly in the bowling department, which has cost them crucial matches.

RCB’s loss in the 2016 final against Sunrisers Hyderabad was a critical moment that defined their struggles. 

Despite having a good batting lineup, they failed to chase down a target of 209, highlighting their over-reliance on key players. 

4. Kolkata Knight Riders

  • Years Active: 2008-2022
  • Total Matches: 223
  • Wins: 113
  • Losses: 106
  • Win/Loss Ratio: 1.066

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) have had a mixed bag of performances. 

Despite winning the IPL twice, KKR has been an unsuccessful team in IPL, and they have missed the playoffs on six occasions. 

Their inconsistency is a significant factor in their mediocre performance in the IPL.

KKR’s inconsistency can be traced back to frequent changes in their opening pair and middle order. 

They have also struggled with bowling at the death, often leaking runs in the crucial final overs. The 2015 season was a low point for KKR. 

After winning the title in 2014, they failed to qualify for the playoffs the next year, showing a lack of consistency that has plagued them throughout their IPL journey.

5. Rajasthan Royals

  • Years Active: 2008-2022
  • Total Matches: 220
  • Wins: 101
  • Losses: 115
  • Win/Loss Ratio: 0.878

Rajasthan Royals won the inaugural IPL season in 2008 but have since become an Unsuccessful Team in IPL. 

They have made it to the playoffs only three times since their initial win, and their overall win percentage is just 46%.

The Rajasthan Royals have faced challenges, notably controversies such as match-fixing scandals that resulted in suspensions. 

While their talent scouting efforts have been praiseworthy, retaining and nurturing this talent has proven to be a formidable hurdle.

The 2013 spot-fixing scandal was a significant setback for Rajasthan Royals. Three of their players got arrested, and the team’s reputation took a hit. 

This incident led to a two-year suspension, disrupting the team’s momentum.

What Lies Ahead?

The IPL is a dynamic league where fortunes can change rapidly. 

Teams like Delhi Capitals have shown improvement, while others like Punjab Kings are investing in young talent. 

The upcoming seasons could be a turning point for these unsuccessful team in IPL, and it will be interesting to see if they can turn their fortunes around.


While these teams have had moments of individual brilliance, their overall track record in the IPL has been less than impressive, making them unsuccessful teams in IPL. 

Frequent changes in team composition, lack of consistent performances, and inability to handle pressure situations have been common themes. 

However, the IPL is a league of uncertainties, and there’s always a chance for these teams to turn their fortunes around in the coming seasons.

For fans of these teams, the IPL seasons have been a journey of hope, anticipation, and often, disappointment. 

Yet, the stadiums are always filled with passionate supporters, cheering at every boundary and wicket. 

Their loyalty is a testament to the emotional connection that IPL teams have been able to establish with their fan base. 

Despite the lack of titles, the enthusiasm remains undiminished, proving that when it comes to sports, the journey can be just as rewarding as the destination.

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