MS Dhoni IPL Career: Stats, Records, and Achievements
Discover the journey of MS Dhoni IPL career. Explore His Remarkable Cricket Stats and Captaincy Achievements With CSK

MS Dhoni is a former Indian legend and captain who has achieved remarkable feats in Indian cricket. Likewise, Ms Dhoni as the captain of Chennai Super Kings, has achieved many things and won 5 IPL titles under his captaincy. Ms Dhoni is a batsman plus wicketkeeper and started playing in the IPL in 2008.

In the IPL inception year 2008, Ms Dhoni played as the captain of Chennai Super Kings. Since then MS Dhoni has been the captain of CSK. As of present, Ms Dhoni played the IPL 2023 as the captain. Plus if he plays in IPL 2024 he will lead CSK as before. His IPL Auction 2024 prize is 12.00 Cr, he was retained by CSK.

In his IPL career so far, Ms Dhoni has captained 226 matches which is the highest for any player to play as the captain in IPL history. Also, his IPL career has a total of 5082 runs, which is also one of the most remarkable records in Ms Dhoni in IPL history. We will evaluate Ms Dhoni’s IPL career records and stats in detail below. Let’s Start!

Ms Dhoni’s IPL Highest Score

The MS Dhoni IPL’s highest score is 84* runs against Royal Challengers Banglore on 21 April 2019. CSK won the toss and chose to field first. RCB performed well and made a total of 162 runs in the match. CSK lost wickets in the early overs and they were 83 runs off 5 wickets. This is the time when MS Dhoni came and started batting aggressively and was smashing every bowler of RCB. He made a total of 84 runs not out with a strike rate of 175.00, 5 fours, and 7 sixes. Ms Dhoni made 84 runs in just 48 deliveries which is the MS Dhoni IPL highest score in IPL history. Though MS Dhoni gave his best and almost chased the target, unfortunately, CSK lost the match with just 1 run. His efforts were remarkable but he failed to be on the winning side for his team.

MS Dhoni IPL Highest Score in IPL History
Highest ScoreDateOppositionVenueStrike Rate 4s6s
84*21-April 2019RCBBengaluru175.0057
Highest Score of MS Dhoni in His IPL Career

Dhoni IPL Career as Captain

Ms Dhoni is considered the most successful captain in IPL history. He has been the only captain for Chennai Super Kings since the inaugural of the IPL. Chennai Super Kings has always qualified for the playoffs, excluding 2 seasons. It is one of the teams that has performed very consistently in the IPL, and it has a lot to do with Ms Dhoni’s captaincy tactics. He guides and supports the players to perform to the best of their abilities and we can see the team results. It is safe to say that CSK is the brand which is entirely built by the greatest captain, Mahindra Singh Dhoni. 

In addition, Ms Dhoni has always performed individually very well in the IPL. His calm and composed nature has helped him win many matches for CSK. He always stood firm and clear in critical situations of matches that he had to make his team win the match. Talking about his leadership for CSK, every victory, achievement, and record of CSK is followed by Ms Dhoni’s tactics. His input, and decisions and making them comfortable in performing their best in the field have led CSK to break many records in IPL.

Who is The Captain For CSK in IPL 2024?

The captain for CSK in IPL 2024 is Ruturaj Gaikwad. Everyone was expecting Ms Dhoni as the captain as there were no official announcements about Rutursaj being the captain for this season. But Dhoni handed over the captaincy to him just before the day of the IPL captain shoots. It was purely his decision and the team management always respects his decision regarding the team. Hence, Ruturaj Gaikwad became the captain for CSK in IPL 2024.

How Many IPL Has Dhoni Won?

Ms Dhoni has won 5 IPL Titles in his IPL career. He bagged the IPL titles in 2010, 2011, 2018, 2021, and 2023. Dhoni is the most celebrated and successful captain in IPL ever. He shared this remarkable achievement of 5 IPL titles with Rohit Sharma of MI, MI has also won 5 IPL titles. Dhoni has been great with his captaincy in the IPL. Moreover, Chennai Super Kings is the team that has played the maximum number of IPL playoffs.

MS Dhoni IPL Records As Captain

  • Total Matches played: 250
  • Dhoni’s total run in IPL career: 5082
  • Dhoni’s highest score in IPL history: 84* 
  • Total Fifties Scored: 24
  • Total Fours: 349
  • Total Sixes: 239

Below Are The Dhoni IPL Career Stats For Each Year

Below is the Dhoni IPL career stats for each year

MS Dhoni’s Last 10 Innings in IPL

Sr. No.MatchesScore
1Match 13 vs Delhi (2024)37 (16)
2Match 7 vs Gujarat (2024)0 (0)
3Match 1 vs Bangalore (2024)0 (0)
4Final vs Gujarat (2023)0 (1)
5Qualifier 1 vs Gujarat (2023)1 (2)
6Match 67 vs Delhi (2023)5 (4)
7Match 61 vs Kolkata (2023)2 (3)
8Match 55 vs Delhi  (2023)20 (9)
9Match 49 vs Mumbai  (2023)2 (3)
10Match 41 vs Punjab  (2023)13 (4)
MS Dhoni’s Last 10 Innings in IPL

Will MS Dhoni Play in The IPL 2024?

After the IPL 2023 win, MS Dhoni went for knee surgery. Fans and spectators were concerned about his health and being unfit to play in the IPL 2024. However, Dhoni promised to return for the IPL in 2024. Now on 26 November, Sunday which was the last day for the retention. Chennai Super Kings announced the retention of MS Dhoni as the captain for 12. Cr. The CEO Kasi Viswanathan, has stated that Ms Dhoni will get fit and recover before the IPL 2024. And he will be ready to play as the captain of CSK. Fans of Chennai Super Kings are overjoyed with news of him playing in the IPL 2024.

Is IPL 2024 The Last IPL For MS Dhoni?

No CSK and Dhoni fans want this IPL 2024 season as the last one for Dhoni. But it can be the last IPL Dhoni is playing. However, he has not given any hints or statements about his retirement from IPL. Yet we can expect anything from Ms Dhoni as he likes to surprise everyone with his decisions. Dhoni is completely fit now after his knee surgery. He is most likely to play 1 or 2 seasons more in IPL. His childhood friend Paramjit Singh also said the same. We can only hope and pray that Dhoni continues to play IPL in the future.


MS Dhoni has achieved many remarkable records as the captain of Chennai Super Kings. But as he will play in IPL 2024, we will look forward to more excellent match wins, team performance, and his captaincy skills. Also, fans of Chennai Super Kings are overjoyed and waiting to see their favorite team and captain on the field to play IPL 2024. 

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