Rohit Sharma As Captain Records
Rohit Sharma As a Captain in IPL – Trophies, Stats, Impact, and Future With Mumbai Indians in The Indian Premier League (IPL).

Rohit Sharma has been excellent as the captain of the Indian team. He has been very consistent with his individual and team performances since the time he started captaining the Indian team. After Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma is an important player for the Indian Team as the captain. Over the years Rohit Sharma has shown the skills, determination, passion, team spirit, and high-class performance in the Indian team. In 2023 WC Rohit Sharma did very good captaincy for the Indian Team. As the results were outstanding. India won all the 10 matches played before the WC 2023 Finals. However, India lost the finals. But we can’t deny the good team performances throughout the WC 2023 journey. Half of the credit goes to Rohit Sharma for the kind of performance by the India Team. Moreover, there are a lot of achievements of Rohit Sharma as a captain in international cricket. We will explore them in detail here.

Rohit Sharma As A Captain in International Cricket

Rohit Sharma has been very good as a captain in international cricket. He has made remarkable records and performances. Plus, it helped the team win many games. Also, Rohit Sharma is known as the most successful captain of the Indian cricket team.  Below are some of the key takeaways from Rohit Sharma as a captain in international cricket

  • Rohit has scored nine centuries as the Indian cricket team captain including all three formats.
  • Rohit also has one double-century as the captain against Sri Lanka. He scored 208* runs with 13 fours and 12 sixes.
  • He has played 112 matches as the captain and won 82 matches with a winning percentage of 73.21, combining all the formats.

Rohit Sharma As ODI Captain Record

Rohit Sharma has broken many records since becoming the ODI captain. He first took on the captaincy role in 2017 and has led India to win the 2018 and 2023 Asia Cup titles. He’s captained the national team in 100 matches, mostly excelling in white-ball cricket, specifically in T20Is and ODIs. His win rate in internationals is more than 50%. Rohit Sharma ODI run as captain: Rohit has scored over 2000 runs with 14 fifties, four hundred, and one double hundred in 45 matches.

Matches played as CaptainMatches WonMatches LostNo ResultMatch TiedWin %Total RunsTotal 50sTotal 100s
Captaincy Record of Rohit Sharma in ODIs

Rohit Sharma As T20 Captain Record

Rohit Sharma’s T20 captaincy records are fantastic. He started as a stand-in captain for Virat Kohli in some T20Is before taking captaincy officially in 2021 after the T20 World Cup. Virat Kohli praised Rohit’s skills and fully supported him and Rahul Dravid. Under Rohit’s captaincy, India has won every T20I match played. His first series as T20 captain was against New Zealand, where he won all three matches. He also performed very well with the bat, scoring many runs. India continued to win against the West Indies and Sri Lanka later. They won in both series by 3-0 margins. We look forward to more such performances by the Indian team under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy in the T20.

Matches played as CaptainMatches WonMatches LostNo ResultMatch TiedWin %Total RunsTotal 50sTotal 100s
Rohit Sharma As T20 Captain Record

Rohit Sharma As Test Captain Record

Rohit Sharma took over as the Test captain after Virat Kohli resigned. Virat left the captaincy after the test series lost to South Africa. It was a very important moment for Rohit Sharma. He became the captain across all three formats. In his short career of test captaincy, Rohit has captained India in fifteen Test matches. In a series test match with Sri Lanka. India won both against Sri Lanka. The team recorded victory by an innings and 222 runs in the first test and by 238 runs in the second, resulting in Rohit’s first series win as Test captain. Rohit has a decent record as a Test captain, having won nine matches out of 15 matches he has led in 2 tied results with 4 losses. India’s current position in the World Test Championship table is third, and they need to win at least six out of the remaining seven tests to qualify for the ICC World Test Championship final.

Matches played as CaptainMatches WonMatches LostNo ResultMatch TiedWin %Total RunsTotal 50sTotal 100s
Rohit Sharma As Test Captain Record

Rohit Sharma’s Captaincy Impact on Indian Team

The Indian team has always had captains who have brought their style and impacted the team positively. Similarly, Rohit Sharma’s leadership skills have greatly impacted the Indian Team. He has been a very good captain for his team. Rohit has made certain changes in the team that have led players to play fearlessly and give their best performance. 

In addition, Rohit believes in playing fearlessly and attacking manners. He likes to attack the very first ball. Also, he has credited Rahul Dravid( Head Coach of the Indian Team) for the approach as he has allowed him to play as he wants to. Rohit and Rahul Dravid have focused on one particular thing from the beginning which is to give role clarity to each player in the team. Rohit always supports the players in their respective playing styles and the roles they have been assigned by the team management. It has helped many players to come out and play the way they want to and help the team to victory. 

The cool and friendly atmosphere within the team is another commendable aspect of Rohit’s leadership that has helped the team perform better. The players, especially young players, are very comfortable around Rohit and he instructs them in a very friendly approach. Rohit is the true leader as he involves his team in many critical decisions during matches such as taking reviews, fielding setups, etc. Overall we can say that Rohit Sharma’s captaincy has been phenomenal till now.

Captaincy Record of Rohit Sharma in IPL( Indian Premier League )

The current Indian Captain and opener Rohit Sharma is the most celebrated captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL history. He has won the most number of IPL titles. Rohit Sharma has bagged 5 IPL titles under his captaincy for Mumbai Indians. He and Ms Dhoni are the only captains to have won 5 IPL titles. 

Rohit Sharma started as the captain of Mumbai Indians in the year 2013 after Ricky Poinying stepped down from MI captaincy. Ricky Ponting wanted the young player to lead the side. Hence, Rohit Sharma got the MI Captaincy. Since then he has performed very well as the MI captain. He was the first captain in IPL history to win the IPL title in his first year of captaincy. Moreover, Rohit displayed amazing tactics as the captain of MI and he did not disappoint the former captain Ricky Ponting and the management of Mumbai Indians. 

Rohit Sharma’s IPL career has over 6000 runs, with a record of the most sixes by an Indian player, and is on the third position in the list of most capped players in the IPL. We have more such records of Rohit Sharma as a captain in IPL. We have combined them here in this article with details. Let’s have a look at them!

Rohit Sharma as a captain in IPL: Records

Rohit Sharma has amazing records as the captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL. His captaincy tenure of 10 years was full of remarkable performances by the team as well as his performance. Below are the collective individual and team stats of Rohit Sharma as the captain of MI.

Team Stats As Captain-

  • Matches played as Captain: 158
  • Matches Won: 87
  • Matches Lost: 67
  • Matches Tied: 4
  • Match No Result: 0
  • Matches Winning Percentage: 56.33%

Individual Stats As Captain – 

  • Total Runs as Captain: 3986
  • Highest Score as Captain: In 2015, 98 out of 65 balls (not out) against Kolkata Knight Riders.
  • Total Hundreds as Captain: 0
  • Total Fifties as Captain: 25
  • Total Ducks as Captain: 11
  • Total Sixes as Captain: 157
  • Total Fours as Captain: 372
  • Total Catches: 55

Rohit Sharma IPL Captaincy Record against Other IPL teams:

AgainstMatchesWonLostTiedWinning %
Pune Warriors1100100
Gujarat Lions412137.50
Rohit Sharma’s IPL Captaincy Record against Other IPL Teams

How Many Trophies Rohit Sharma Won As Captain

Rohit Sharma has won a total of four trophies as the Indian cricket team captain and five as IPL captain. Below is the detail of the trophies won: 

Sr.NoTrophies NameYear
1Champions League T202013
2IPL Trophy2013
3IPL Trophy2015
4IPL Trophy2017
5Asia Cup2018
6IPL Trophy2019
7IPL Trophy2020
8Asia Cup2023
9Nidhaas Trophy2018
Rohit Sharma Trophies As Captain

How many series have Rohit Sharma won as captain?

Rohit Sharma has played approximately 28 series as the captain of the Indian cricket team. He has won the maximum number of series as the captain. Approx. 24 series have been won by the Indian team under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy.

How many IPL trophies has Rohit Sharma won as a captain?

Rohit Sharma as the captain of Mumbai Indians has won a total of 5 IPL trophies. He has tied the IPL trophies count with MS Dhoni from CSK. They have also won 5 titles under Dhoni’s captaincy. 

Coming to Mumbai Indians’ records of holding 5 titles under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy, they have won titles in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. We can see why Rohit Sharma is considered one of the most successful IPL captains.

Is Rohit Sharma no longer captain?

Yes, Rohit Sharma has been replaced by Hardik Pandya as the new captain of Mumbai Indians. Rohit Sharma has been the captain of MI for a decade. As per the team management, Rohit was informed about the replacement and he was ok with the decision of him being replaced as the captain. However, there was no statement given by Rohit Sharma about this decision to replace the MI captain yet. We can only wait for the IPL 2024 to know his stance on it.

Who is the 2024 MI captain?

The 2024 MI captain is the Indian All-rounder Hardik Pandya. Earlier Hardik Pandya was the captain of another IPL team Gujarat Titans. However, MI requested Gujarat Titans to trade Hardik Pandya. The trade was successful and after a few days of trade. Hardik Pandya was named as the new captain of MI replacing the former captain Rohit Sharma.

Will Rohit Sharma play IPL 2024?

Yes, Rohit Sharma will play IPL 2024. However, the only difference is he will play as the player in the IPL from MI. As he is no longer the captain of Mumbai Indians. Also, there is no official announcement or statement from Rohit Sharma and his team about not playing the IPL 2024. Thus, Rohit Sharma will play in the IPL 2024 as the player.


Rohit Sharma as a captain in international cricket has achieved a lot and made some great records too. Now we look forward to more such performances by the Indian team under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy. Moreover, Rohit Sharma as a captain in IPL has been tremendous whether we talk about the most number of IPL trophies or having the best of players, exceptional captaincy tactics, etc. He has contributed to Mumbai Indians in his 10-year captaincy period. Now as he is replaced as the captain we only wish to see him play as a player in the IPL 2024.

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